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Right to marry
Published : January 27, 2012 | Author : anisa11 | Rating :
Total Views : 28680
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Marriage is one of the universal social institution. It is established by the human society to control and regulate the life of man. It is a corner stone of a society...
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Need of Special legislation on live-in-relationship
Published : January 27, 2012 | Author : anisa11 | Rating :
Total Views : 17886
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he court said even Lord Krishna and Radha lived together according to mythology. The apex court said there was no law which prohibits live-in relationship or pre-marital sex...
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Corporate social responsibility
Published : January 26, 2012 | Author : akrita | Unrated
Total Views : 8182
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The much debated clause in Company bill 2009 in India aimed at making Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives mandatory on the corporate sector, the companies clearly rejected the idea stating that it should remain voluntary...
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The Dehradun Valley Litigation
Published : January 23, 2012 | Author : suchi11 | Rating :
Total Views : 18391
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cases are discussed related to the environment with the aspect of mining.
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Consumer Protection Act, An analysis of Branch Office
Published : January 22, 2012 | Author : prateekhanda | Rating :
Total Views : 7674
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This Article deals with the meaning of Branch Office as given in Section 11 and Section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act...
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Independence of Independent Directors in India
Published : January 22, 2012 | Author : kelivakil | Rating :
Total Views : 8765
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A major wave of economic reforms was initiated in India in the year 1991. A thrust towards economic liberalization162 led to a new era in Indian corporate governance. The year 1992 witnessed the establishment of SEBI as the Indian securities markets regulator. SEBI rapidly began ushering in securities market reforms that gradually led to corporate governance reforms as well. Curiously, the first corporate governance initiative was sponsored by industry. In 1998, a National Task force constituted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) recommended a code for “Desirable Corporate Governance,” which was voluntarily adopted by a few companies. Thereafter, a committee chaired by Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla submitted a report to SEBI “to promote and raise the standard of Corporate Governance in respect of listed companies.” Based on the recommendations of the Kumar Mangalam Birla committee the Equity Listing Agreement that was applicable to all listed companies of a certain size. India’s corporate governance norms therefore came to be governed through a clause in the listing agreement popularly referred to as “Clause 49.” Although both the CII Code as well as the Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee Report expressly cautioned against mechanically importing forms of corporate governance from the developed world, several concepts introduced by them were indeed those that emerged in countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. These include the concepts such as an independent board and audit committee. Now-a-days the role of the independent directors is drawing wide attention especially in the context of public companies. This class of directors is actually elected directors who are not executive directors and who not participate in day-tot-day activities of the company. The Kumarmangalam Birla Committee has defined an independent director as an entity who does not have a “material pecuniary relationship or transactions with the company, its promoter, its managements or its subsidiaries, which in judgment of the Board, may effect the independence of the judgment”. Three years later the Naresh Chandra committee gave governance more thought. Finally, in 2004 the Narayanmurthy committee affected changes to clause 49 of the listing agreement.
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Decision of Apex Court on Ecology & Air Pollution
Published : January 16, 2012 | Author : rrtehra | Rating :
Total Views : 25968
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In present article various decisions of Hon'ble Supreme Court on environment and air pollution are discussed...
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The Irony of Taxing the Environment to Protect It - A UK Perspective
Published : January 13, 2012 | Author : mini.anshuman | Unrated
Total Views : 4590
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In this Article the ironical nature of environmental taxes, that of taxing the environment in order to protect it is discussed with the UK system used as a reference....
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Cyber Forensics & Electronic Evidences: Challenges In Enforcement & Their Admissibility
Published : January 12, 2012 | Author : samarth | Rating :
Total Views : 15019
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Proliferation of Information technology has brought with itself a chequered scenario in society. The upcoming challenges in cyber forensics has brought it with itself problem of admissibility of electronic evidence as well...
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Will Inadequate Environmental Legislation And Judicial Slumber Allow Future Union Carbides To Get Away With Murder?
Published : January 12, 2012 | Author : snehakarle | Rating :
Total Views : 10552
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Analysis of current environmental laws on the backdrop of the Bhopal gas tragedy and the road ahead.
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Efficacy of alternative methods of administration of justice & accessibility to judicial system
Published : January 12, 2012 | Author : snehakarle | Rating :
Total Views : 5400
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The growing importance of alternative dispute resolution in India and prevailing problems of judicial accessibility....
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Looking Back on Recession
Published : January 11, 2012 | Author : mini.anshuman | Unrated
Total Views : 4279
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Four years have passed away since Lehman Brothers did something which can be regarded as the financial equivalent of the 50 megaton Tsar Bomba. The soviet plane that dropped the bomb barely escaped the fireball. The seismic shock went thrice around the earth...
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Originality Under Copyright Law-Is There Any Definite Standard?
Published : January 10, 2012 | Author : mini.anshuman | Rating :
Total Views : 18966
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Originality in copyright works is the sine qua non of all the copyright regimes of the world. The common conception of the meaning of ‘original’ is something that is new, not done before. Originality...
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Exercise of Legislative Powers by the Executive under Art.356
Published : January 09, 2012 | Author : suyash.upes | Unrated
Total Views : 8459
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Article 356 of the Indian Constitution has acquired quite some notoriety due to its alleged misuse. The essence of the Article is that upon the breach of certain defined state of affairs, as ascertained and reported by the Governor...
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Cross Border Mergers: Implications under the Competition Act, 2002
Published : January 08, 2012 | Author : Shalin | Rating :
Total Views : 7862
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The regulatory framework dealing with mergers in India is primarily governed by the Companies Act, 1956. However, as it stands today, it does not deal with the effects of merger on competition. To this end, the Indian Parliament in 2002 enacted the Competition Act...
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Reinventing India
Published : January 07, 2012 | Author : ankita singh | Rating :
Total Views : 35448
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Reinventing India as an arbitration friendly nation is an arduous but not an impossible mission to aver. The Indian judiciary has begun to take initiative to recuperate the arbitral regime of India. Amidst the string of unfriendly judgment as that of Saw pipes and others, an era of reform has been set in motion....
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Contract- II: Bailment
Published : January 06, 2012 | Author : nazneenfkr@gmail.com | Rating :
Total Views : 26394
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Bailment- Duties Of The Bailor: Contracts of Bailment are a special class of contract. These are dealt within Chap. IX from S.148 to 181 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Bailment implies a sort of one person temporarily goes into the possession of another....
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New Lease of Life to Corporate Entity-Mergers And Acquisitions
Published : January 05, 2012 | Author : k jayshri | Unrated
Total Views : 3689
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A business activity always carries inherent risk. It the risk of competition which affects the survival of the business. There are various ways in which business activities are carried out but with risks of its own...
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Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement
Published : January 04, 2012 | Author : saarth1989 | Unrated
Total Views : 22286
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The basic criterion on which the whole Listing Agreement based is Corporate Governance. Currently there are 54 Clauses in the Listing Agreement and all of them based on this very concept. Further, there is a clause which specifically deals with Corporate Governance i.e. Clause 49....
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Women Education and Media
Published : January 04, 2012 | Author : ishitachatterjee | Unrated
Total Views : 6550
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As per Article 26, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to education’. ‘Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights...
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