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Published : November 08, 2017 | Author : Vaibhav27
Category : Miscellaneous | Total Views : 148 | Unrated

BBA LL.B. Indore

Report on 20th Sri SC Javali Memorial Moot Court Competition

The 20thSri SC Javali Memorial Moot Court Competition was held at theKarnataka University’s Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College, Dharwad, Karnatakafrom 14 to 15 October 2017.
Sri SC Javali Memorial Moot Court Competitionis one of the biggest gathering of students, academics and judges around the theme of Moot Court Competition. This annual event brings together all law studentsof India, whose top students argue a hypothetical case as if they were before the Supreme Court of India. The Competition aims to prepare a new generation of lawyers to argue cases of violations before the Supreme Court of India. It is conducted for 20 years, the Moot Court Competition has brought together so many colleges, universities of Law from whole Country, In 2017, the 20th edition of the Moot Court Competition was co-organized by and hosted at theKarnataka University’s Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College, Dharwad.. In 2017, the themes explored at the Moot Competition include Tort Law, Code of Civil Procedure and Constitutional Law. One of the highlights of this year’s Moot was the presence of Former Honb’le Chief Justice of India Mr. T.S. Thakur.

The Events
Registration and opening ceremony
Students and lecturers undertook registration formalities at the Centre on 14 October at 10:30 A.M., where they submitted their memorials (written heads of argument) and received the leading publications, bags, Note Book and Pen.

The opening ceremony was held at Auditorium of,Karnataka University’s Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College.Mr. Vishwanath M., Coordinatorof the Moot Court Competition welcomed all participants and guests. He encouraged Moot participants to take full advantage of the Moot Competition and the opportunities it creates for personal growth, urging them to be persistent and determined in working.Mr. Vishwanath M.dedicated the 20th Sri SC Javali MemorialMoot Court Competition in recognition of a life lived for education, youth development.
They warmly welcomed participants on behalf of the University of Karnataka.
The keynote address was delivered by Former Chief Justice of India Mr. T.S. Thakur.
Total 42 teams participated in this Moot Court Competition.
Then By Draw of lots, the chit that had our name was picked up last that is after 42 teams.

Preliminary Rounds -
Held on 14 October at theSir Siddappa Kambali Law College, the preliminary rounds involved all participating teams arguing the hypothetical case: as Applicant and as Respondent. The rounds are held separately in English and panels of judges made up of Advocate or JudgesAward scores based on the following criteria:
·Knowledge of facts
·Articulation and correct analysis of issues
·Familiarity with Constitutional law, Tort Law with preference for Ad authorities
·Ability to respond to questions
The results of the preliminary rounds were announced where, in accordance with the rules of the Competition, six teams of Respondent and six team of Appellant proceeded to the Quarter Final round.
On Second Day that is on 15thOctober Three Teams of each proceed to Semi Final Roundsthen finally One team of Respondent and one team of Appellant side proceed to Final Round in front of Former Chief Justice T.S. Thakur.

The Results-
The results of the Moot Competition are verified by Former Chief Justice of India T.S. Thakur. The following results are a summary of the top achievers.
1. Winning team
National Law School of India University, Bangalore

2. Runners-up
Government Law College, Kerala
3. Best memorials
Sharda University, Noida

Experience And Learning-
Our Experience was very good, we went to Bhopal and from there we took our train at 2’O clock AM to Dharwad, Karnataka. In Train we met with so many people and we became friends then we enjoyed a lot in train. On 13thOct. 2017 at 6:30 AM we reached Dharwad, where 2 coordinators came to pick us up to Hotel then we took Breakfast at nearby restaurant and whole day we practiced for Moot Court Competition.The main problem with us was the food available in Dharwad as the main staple was Rice and not Chapati.

Along with this we learned a lot there like,
·How to behave during such Competition
·What are etiquettes to present ourselves before Honb’le Supreme Court.
·How to give answer to Honb’le Judges.

·During prayer we should stand up.
·Always refer Books and apply Flags on books.
·Noting down the points of opposite side Counsel.

The main reason for not selecting us for Quarter Final Rounds was that, Our Issue was wrong, our Prayer was wrong our Etiquettes was wrong.
But then also we were able to secure 8thRank out of 21 Teams of Respondent Side.

We can proudly say that we are better than some of the teams which was selected for Quarter Final Rounds as we were able to answer all those question which was asked to the Teams during Quarter Final Rounds.
Then we heard full Final Rounds before Former Chief Justice of India T.S. Thakur which was really amazing.

Then we got certificate from him and we took pictures.

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