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Published : July 10, 2017 | Author : semlovelysharma
Category : family law | Total Views : 3674 | Rating :

Lovely is Tax law expert

How to Apply for Non -Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC)

What if the person has no such birth proof? What if it was never withdrawn within 21 days of the birth? What if it was not officially recorded? What if that proof has caught up fire or tattered? It’s obvious that the life would become a hell. Taking admission in school or colleges indeed becomes a nightmare. You can’t even think of getting a PAN card, Aadhaar Card, voter ID card, passport or visa. Why? It’s so because you don’t have birth proof.

Non-availability of birth certificate (NABC) can fulfill its requirement. However, it’s not an alternative of birth certificate but pivotal to get the birth certificate.

As its name suggests, this certificate is withdrawn when there is no proof of birth. Perhaps, the parents might not be aware of its value then. And it might be torn or tattered or damaged accidentally. To come out of such odd situations, this certificate is issued.

Which authority issues it?
In urban regions: This document falls under the category of civil rights. To address birth and death related problems, each zone of the urban regions has designated Municipal Corporation (MC). The Deputy Health Officer in MC is the competent authority to issue this certificate. Also, there are vaccinators of vaccination centres which are run by the state government. The para-medical staff of this health centres/ sub-centres emerges in the role of sub-registrar. It can also issue this certificate in the absence of Deputy Health Officer.

In villages: The para-medical staffis setup in every village also to vaccinate as well as register the birth. It can also issue this certificate if the petitioner seeks.

How to identify the appropriate zone of birth to get NABC?
It’s mandatory that the birth should be registered with the MC in the nearest location. Therefore, the same authority holds the right to issue non-availability of birth certificate. But the birth place can be any location, for example, the delivery taken place in the moving vehicle. So, it’s puzzling to decide which zone is to be selected.

Circumstances-based centres to seek NABC:
·If the birth occurred in hospital:In case, the petitioner was born in any hospital or nursing home, the zonal MC office is an appropriate destination to withdraw it.
·If the birth occurred in vehicle:If the petitioner took birth in the vehicle, he should apply for NABC in the registration centre of the area where the vehicle was stopped first.
·If the birth occurred at home:The vaccination centre nearby the home where the petitioner was born would be appropriate destination to seek this certificate.

Apart from these authorities, no other person is deputed with the right of issuing any birth proof.

How to apply?
1.Direct method: It’s an old yet very popular method of withdrawing birth proof. The person can directly visit the respective zone that he/she can select by following the aforesaid instructions.
Make a request: The person should make a request to the Health Officer or Registrar at the registration office. The registrar may provide a prescribed printed application form to fill. Alternatively, he/she may issue an affidavit on his/her letterhead.

This replica of Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s affidavit would give you the exact idea of how it looks. Although its format and content may differ in looks yet all affidavits iterate the similar meaning.

Tips to keep in mind while drafting the affidavit:
·The affidavit should be drafted on the stamp paper worth INR 20 or more.
·It must be drafted under the observation of the Gazette officer who can be any magistrate, commissioner of oath or justice of peace or any other one.
·Mention the name of the petitioner as the ‘beneficiary’.
·Mention the name of signing affiants as the ‘deponent’. He/she would be the person who is the witness of the petitioner’s birth.
·Check the format of the date that should be in this sequence-“MM/DD/YYYY”. If dilemma cages, spell out the name of the month while suffixing the date and year of the birth, like November 25, 2011.
·Get it notarized or attested.
·If the affidavit is drafted in any European country, the surname should be prefix while the actual name of the petitioner should be the suffix.

Enclose the supporting documents:The petitioner is requisite to annex the valid proofs of his/her birth. If the petitioner has primary evidences, then the issuance of this certificate would be a walkover.

1.Primary evidences: The enlisted documents are categorized into primary evidences:
·Damaged copy of original birth certificate.
2.Secondary evidences: A few proofs are titled as ‘secondary evidences’ because the primary proofs (i.e. the birth certificate) would be presumed as unavailable. Therefore, the presented documents should have concrete evidence of petitioner’s eligibility to claim unavailability certificate of birth.

Here is the list of these evidences:
·Letter issued by the ‘Jail Incharge’, if he/she was born in the jail.
·Letter issued by the head of the Dharmashala/ Boarding house, if he/she took birth there years ago.
·Letter issued by the vehicle incharge, if the birth occurred in the vehicle.
·Letter issued by the headman of the village/incharge of the local police station, if he/she was found deserted in a public place.
·Letter issued by the authorized medical officer of the hospital/ nursing home/maternity ward where the petitioner was born.
·School records, like school leaving certificate, mark sheets, matriculation certificate, degree certificate, 12thor 10thclass certificate having the name & date of birth of the petitioner.
·State of federal Census record, like ration card, with the name of the child and parents that it generally shows.
·Church record where he/she took baptism within two months of birth. It should state the date of birth, date of religious ceremony and the name of his/her parents.
·Adoption decree, if adopted child & other legal records of judicial proceedings
·Voter card
·Driving licence
·PAN card
·Passport (current and surrendered)
·Statement of two witnesses (that can be mother and father, relative, friend, neighbor or sibling who would be 10 years old or more at the time of petitioner’s birth).

Their statement should apparently read their full name, address, date & place of birth, relationship with the petitioner and the complete information of the birth event. Those witnesses should have direct personal knowledge of this event.

It’s noteworthy that the petitioner cannot be the petitioner. His/her statement would be rejected if submitted.

Other documents required for it:
·A cover letter stating that the appropriate government authority searched and found no birth record with reasons. It should also mention that the secondary evidences are available.

The government does not charge for the issuance of birth certificate if it is gotten within 21 days of the birth. It implies that its first original copy is absolutely free.
But the issuance of NABC is chargeable. Its cost is variable as per norms of the state government. The payment is made through a draft or in cash. If it is applied online, the option online payment is open for the applicant. He/she can use debit or credit card to pay off.

However, police verification is essential for passport, jobs and visa services. But if the petitioner encloses school certificate as its supporting document, this step of verification would be skipped from its procedure.

Online method:
This method can help in applying the same document like a piece of pie. The petitioners can save on time and money via this method.
·Access the official website of MC of the state:The petitioner can access the official website of the government. For example, if he/she hails from Delhi, he can access this official link of Delhi government: http://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in/in/en/Public/ApplicationForm.html
This is an example of MCD’s official site particularly. Likewise, diverse states have their own website to enable the petitioner download this form and apply for it online.
·Get registered:To access online services, the petitioner should register himself/herself first. For it, he/she should have voter ID card or Adhaar card to register. Once registered, login to access the services.
·Download the form: With the title “Issuance of delayed birth order”, an icon to download this form would be available with downturn arrow. Click & save as a doc file in the system.
·Fill the form: As this link-http://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in/Downloads/ApplicationForm/Input_9063.pdf is clicked, a new page will pop-up displaying the form to fill. Fill it while providing authentic information.
·Scan the supporting documents:he/she should keep the address proof, identity proof and birth proof handy. Then, upload their scanned copy to submit.
·Pay & submit: Once the form and its supporting documents are submitted, the browser will ask for the online payment. Pay online if feasible.
·Get the receipt number: After successful submission, the reference number against your application is auto-generated. Keep it safe to check the status later.

Procedure time:
The validity of enclosed documents is scrutinized through various steps. This enquiry can stretch from a week to a month or more. Therefore, the petitioner should have patience to get it delivered.

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