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Published : July 23, 2013 | Author : vikyath
Category : Company Law | Total Views : 2559 | Rating :

student at KSLU ,hubli

IT Sector's Corporate Social Responsibility towards Public Infrastructure in India

This paper /writing studies about the IT Sector‘s corporate social responsibilitytowards public infrastructure in India .In India the IT Sector is ascertaining itself .the IT sector has grown and also been blamed for affecting the environment and habitat ,the IT sector introduced a new concept to contradict the blame that they had on them.The Corporate Social Responsibilityis a new concept started in 1990 has been implemented in India , the IT sector are giving a new dimension in social responsibility .The term social responsibility is a brilliant one it is something but not always the same thing to every body. people have their own way of representing their views towards responsibility .In India ,there are many IT sectors involved in CSR that is done to convey themselves to the society towards social responsibility.The rapid growth and change in the industrialization and globalization have led the IT sector to a corporate standing in the global market .The CSR activities are more concentrated upon creation of employable population in the society and retaining them, like any successful management the CSR process needs both vision & support .

What is CSR? Why is it required?
CSR a concept has undergone drastic change in the orientation and evolutionary development in the orientation and evolution development The practice of CSR lands within various fields of study like sociology or social work ,economics ,administration, environment and academics or education .these contributions from the various fields has not only enriched but also led to conraversies and confusion .The term CSR has been defined differently and variedly over and period of time .thus CSR lacks any definitive and proper definition primarily because it has a variance in existence of business activity .

The term CSR has become a part of the business amongst commercial circles .business activity in the development nations across the globe has realized the need for business to respond to the needs of the environment in which it operates .

The prime reason for involvement of CSR in business is to the developmental causes beyond economics is that business is a multi operational activity with various agencies as stake holders .government through polices implemented effective rules on consumers and an ethical product suppliers who are in faith in their companies social projects /responsible investors.The deteriorating position of resources is both human and nature –based on raw materials .

The research traces the history and presents a detailed account of the involvement of business activity in India against the economic ,social political and cultural development in the country .Even though the foreign business have had a major presence in India ,their main aim was profit maximization rather than development of the country

The exception that have been present in India over a longer period of time and which have become more or less Indianized .In this rising and variable economy.India has contributed a lot to the boom of IT and Information and Technology Enabled Services (ITES) Sector.The country has witnessed this, since the government has opened doors of the economy to the forces of globalization after reducing government regulations in the country and reducing barriers to foreign investment in the early 90’s the government targeted the export oriented IT sector for growth, giving it special subsides .India thus became a hub of IT services when a fewmajor companies like WIPRO, INFOSYS , TCS , HCL, SATYAM , etc established themselves on the global stage as key players in the ITES segment thus IT sector in India has been super heading the economic development process.

The Indian companies are now expected to discharge responsibility of their stake holders and societal obligations .All leading corporate sector in India are involved in corporate social responsibility in fields of education ,health , livelihood ,infrastructure and empowerment of the weaker sections of the society. Significant efforts have come from TATA groups, Infosys, Barthi enterprise, ITC etc.As we look upon the current practices of the leading Indian corporate companies involved in CSR towards development .most companies have their own foundation or contribute to other initiatives that directly support the upliftment of society notably in health, education & agriculture .Some major companies are also involved in environmental management by conducting environment awareness programs and have also implemented in their business . In the field of development the main stream come towards the development of Infrastructure some companies are also involved in infrastructure development .

There are some strategy used by the companies for the growth of business through CSR activities. The CSR is the main key for business growth ,for example :If we have a look in the environment sector ,IT sector are concerned with waste management and this gives an environmental credential for the IT company and awareness programs organized by the company towards environment and towards global warning .It is observed that in the field of education the IT sector has contributed more ,the main key players or the IT giants’ the leading companies have started free education programs for the needy and the government is supporting it

Myths and Reality
The responsibility, commitments and social activity clearly explains a sectors or company’s ethical behavior towards society.With respect to elements such as Health ,Environment protection ,Human rights, Resource management ,community development, business ethics and stake holder rights .The myth is that the corporate sector is setting an identity of itself to the society by introducing many schemes which is beyond focus and influencing in political,economical sphere of government and it’s a dangerous sign for capitalistic state.

Initiatives to be taken by the Government sector towards CSR
In this new era of technology which has emerge ,the world has changed with advent and proliferation of information technology and communication. Business and government must work together to manage the tremendous change the IT are brining to society today .

There are some initiatives which are to be taken by the government they are:
· Government needs to match the pace of the changes which are currently occurring in the world of IT . The government sector hinders in the management and lead change of long term strategies where Government and business can help each other managing the social transformation. politicians should openly embrace the changes and use information to empower people .

· Government can bring about a societal break through incorporating with the IT sector in dealing with crucial and complex issues like market ,trade , taxes .

Challenges encountered by business in the developing world:
The major challenges faced by IT sector towards reducing the “digital shift” existent within and amongst the countries of the developing world, including India can be identified as follows:
• Governmental barriers: Arising from differences in forms of government and types of regime marked by excessive regulation in important spheres highlights the crucial issues.

Financial barriers: Dependent on the level of economic development due to lack of adequate resources and the failure to gain of cost-effective technologies.

Technological barriers: Stemming from the non-availability of adequate infrastructural facilities.

Social barriers: That are a result of the economic and cultural disparities between the top minority and the vast majority.

Cultural barriers due to educational disparities raises the crucial issue of how to make the educational significance of Internet and the consequent access to plethora of information relevant to the majority of the world public.

An analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility taken by IT sector in India.

Company Budget Allocation in crores(INR) Area of Focus
(Report from 2009-2012)
INFOSYS 14 crore Education, health, community, Social rehabilitation and rural upliftment
TCS 16 corers education, environment
Employers management
Children future
SATYAM 7 corers Education, IT , Investing in Society Transforming lives
WIPRO 15 crores education ,The Olcott Memorial Memorial School in Besantnagar, Makkala Jagriti -Wipro Cares Learning centre Summer Camp for Children Providing Basic Infrastructure At the school

Conclusion & Suggestion:
· CSR should be followed by all the companies in India and the annual profits reports should be submitted to the ROC (Registrar of Companies )
· The CSR program conducted by the company should submit its profit and percentage of profit depending upon the basis of the turn over to ROC.
· Mandating the Companies especially the IT sector like ITC, etc some which are involved in manufacturing products should spend their profits towards CSR program
· Companies should also look after the weaker people of the society or the backward class in developing infrastructural facilities like constructing roads,schools,hospitals etc.
· Companies should create more job opportunities for unemployed youths and also establishing job oriented courses in the rural areas and avoiding seasonal employment towards agricultural sector.

Bibliography :
Books, Newspapers and Websites
· http://www.rpi.edu/dept/economics/www/workingpapers/
· Society, Routledge, London and New York 2000.
· Banking and Finance Systems, Asia Pvt Ltd,
· Electronic Commerce: Law and Practice, Sweet and Maxwell, London.
•  The Statesman, 12and 13 November 2002.
• The Telegraph, 12 and 13 November 2002
·  Mcmillan book on Corporate Social responsibility. News paper articles THE TIMES OF INDIA 2010

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Posted by Samir Goradia on August 18, 2013
Would like to discuss the formation of a venture fund.

Samir Goradia

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