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Bangladesh Law
law Articles Governing Bangladesh is listed in this category

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Protect Rights of Justice Seekers: A Critical Analysis of Legal Aid Laws of Bangladesh
Published : August 27, 2017 | Author : Md. Saleh Akram | Rating :
Total Views : 571
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The most two important weapons for the purpose of preventing social violence and development of societies are equality before law and ensuring social justice. Legal aid signifies the very spirit of equality and equity protected in the modern notions of constitutional law, as so in the Constitution of Bangladesh. Both national and international arena the doctrines of equal treatment of law and fair judicial trial have found as one of the foundations of fundamental human rights.
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Dissolution of Muslim Marriage in the Context of Bangladesh
Published : August 19, 2017 | Author : Md. Saleh Akram | Rating :
Total Views : 872
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Where the husband and wife are not in a position to live peacefully on personal reason, Islam allows the discontinuation of marriage. Initially no marriage is contracted to be dissolved but in unfortunate circumstances the matrimonial contract is broken. One of the ways of such dissolution is by way of divorce. The core topic of this study is to discuss the way to establish an equal and equitable divorce law for man and women. It will also discuss the drawbacks of existing personal and statutory laws enacted for met up those drawbacks. The study runs with rudimentary discussion relating to divorce and its effect on relationship. Different religious laws have different says about the nature of divorce, its effect, power to divorce. These laws have also different says regarding procedure to dissolve the marriage. Here the provisions provided by the Muslim law are discussed. There exist critical situation under these provision which are scrutinized by documentary analysis. The study tries to find out answer of mostly debating issues regarding divorce law.
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