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Case Laws
Review on various case laws...

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Critical Appraisal on Yedurappa
Published : April 03, 2012 | Author : akshay.goel10 | Unrated
Total Views : 6870
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this is a critical appraisal to the supreme court's judgment in Balchandra L. Jarkiholi & Ors. v.B.S. Yedurappa & Ors....
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Scope of Part I of Arbitration & Conciliation Act
Published : March 22, 2012 | Author : shikhar.sinha | Rating :
Total Views : 54512
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It is an article discussing the Amendment to Arbitration Act vis-à-vis UNICITRAL Model Law, validity of Bhatia International Case judgment, its effect and consequences and developments subsequent to Bhatia judgment....
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Vodafone Case
Published : November 30, 2011 | Author : suyash.upes | Rating :
Total Views : 23575
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This recent case which has come to the limelight deals with transfer of shares of an Indian Company held by a foreign company to another foreign company. Transfer of Capital Assets in India and Chargeability of transaction to tax under Income Tax Act Section 9 (1) of Income Tax Act, 1961...
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Post Decisional Hearing: Development through Judicial Pronouncement and case study of Canara Bank v. V.K.Awasthi, 2005 (6) SCC 231
Published : October 27, 2011 | Author : hitesh050991 | Rating :
Total Views : 18608
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this article states about post decisional hearing, the concept and its development so far with the help of case laws....
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Gagan Kanojia And Anr. Vs. State Of Punjab
Published : September 13, 2011 | Author : tanya.das | Unrated
Total Views : 6345
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This case comment will highlight to us the value of circumstantial evidence in a criminal case. In today's times where crime has become so flawless and where witnesses are bought, circumstantial evidence has become the most common resort to prove the guilt of the offender, though its not always accepted by the court. Hence its an important aspect of the law of evidence in our country...
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Workmen Of Dimakuchi Tea Estate V. The Management of Dimakuchi Tea Estate
Published : September 13, 2011 | Author : tanya.das | Rating :
Total Views : 16113
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This case comment helps us understand the scope as to who is a workmen and what is the nature of an industrial dispute. In a country like ours, where labour is the most abundant resource, judgments regarding various aspects of labour by the Supreme Court has great worth. It helps us interpret and improve the existing labour legislations in the country.
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Open Texture of Law & Hard Cases
Published : August 29, 2011 | Author : amol.rml | Rating :
Total Views : 7802
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Law is a set of rules which governs and guides human conduct. Law is said to have an Open texture. By referring law to have an Open texture, it is meant that law is indeterminate and vague....
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His Holiness Keshvananda Bharti vs State Of Kerala with reference to Agrarian Reforms in India
Published : June 22, 2011 | Author : sujay_ilnu | Rating :
Total Views : 16301
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this is about the case of His Holiness Keshvananda Bharti vs State Of Kerala and hoew ot led to agrarian reforms in India...
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A Misinterpretation & Un-Called Construction Of Section 114 Of Evidence Act: Live-In-Relationship
Published : June 21, 2011 | Author : inb1989 | Rating :
Total Views : 19107
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This Article discusses the judgments of the Honourable Supreme Court of India whereby it has been mandated that a presumption in favour of marriage can be raised when the relationship is in existence since a long time and how the raising of such presumption would result into obliteration of burden of proof and raising of a presumption contrary to the basic and settled principles required to raise a presumption under Section 114 of the Evidence Act...
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LML Piaggio Case
Published : June 12, 2011 | Author : ankit.rajgarhia | Rating :
Total Views : 10945
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The case study focuses on the breakup of the joint venture agreement between LML Ltd., and the Italian automobile major, Piaggio. The case deals with the various developments that led to the break-up...
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Case Comment on Priyadarshini Matoo case
Published : April 21, 2011 | Author : richasrivastav09 | Rating :
Total Views : 25903
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This article thrusts on the review of the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court in Priyadarshini Matoo case in October 2010...
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ONGC v Saw Pipes
Published : March 10, 2011 | Author : uditakanwar | Rating :
Total Views : 39990
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The dispute arose out of the failure of the Respondent in supplying the said equipment as per schedule, due to labour problems in Europe. This led to the Applicant extending the time for delivery with the specific caveat that liquidated damages would be recovered. Liquidated damages...
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Bangalore Water Supply Case
Published : February 09, 2011 | Author : gadhre | Rating :
Total Views : 49113
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The Court is discussing about the definition of Industry in context of the Labour Laws in India...
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H.L.A Hart
Published : February 05, 2011 | Author : prachishah | Rating :
Total Views : 36774
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Jurisprudence is a name given to a certain type of investigation into law, an investigation of an abstract, general and theoretical nature which seeks to lay bare the essential principles of law and legal systems...
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Wilt Chamberlain Argument of Nozick
Published : February 04, 2011 | Author : gadhre | Rating :
Total Views : 8682
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Bob Nozick’s “famous Wilt Chamberlain argument” was an attempt to argue against the type of government system he described as “distributive justice.” The famous argument appears in Nozick’s first book, Anarchy, State and Utopia in 1974—the book which made the young professor a major star...
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A Case Study on R. Rajagopal alias R.R. Gopal and Another Vs. State of Tamil Nadu
Published : November 16, 2010 | Author : kumar sumit | Rating :
Total Views : 15858
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In the present case the author examines the proposition which is raised is concerning the freedom of press vis-a-vis the right to privacy of the citizens of this country. It also follows the discussion as to the parameters of the right of the press to criticize and comment on the acts and conduct of public officials...
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Snehlata Gupte Vs. UOI & Others
Published : September 05, 2010 | Author : davidbhatt | Unrated
Total Views : 5716
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In the backdrop of some recent cases where the observance was that the time gap between the grant of patent and subsequent acts like recordal of entry in the register and issuance of patent certificate on account of administrative delay on part of Patent Office opened flood gates for pre grant opposers to file more and more representations, it became highly necessary for the Court to plug this loophole.
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Burkina Faso V. Mali
Published : June 10, 2010 | Author : pushkarthakur | Rating :
Total Views : 9712
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Subject is the case of frontier dispute between Burkina Faso v. Mali. What is of importance here is the fact that frontier disputes are a major reason for the Public International Law to exist...
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Neha Bhasin v/s.Raj Anand Raj & Performer
Published : June 06, 2010 | Author : Anna Alphonsa | Rating :
Total Views : 28884
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Section 57 of the copyright Act provides author of a copyright, a right to claim authorship of the work and also rights of integrity. But Copyright in the music vests in the composer and the copyright in the music recorded vests in the producer of the sound recording. The singer can claim only performer’s right in the song. Under section 2 (gg) of the Copyright Act, “performer” includes a singer. “Performance” in relation to performers’ right means any visual or acoustic presentation made Section 57 of the copyright Act provides author of a copyright, a right to claim authorship of the work and also rights of integrity....
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