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Civil Laws
Civil law is the legal tradition that derives from Roman law. The civil‐law tradition developed on the continent of Europe and spread throughout the world as a byproduct of the European expansion that took place from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries.

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Effect of not Duly Stamped Instrument
Published : October 11, 2012 | Author : Akash Shah | Rating :
Total Views : 40040
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My topic is penalty imposed on not duly stamped instrument. Their various provision in the Indian stamp Act regarding the penalty. The penalty is imposed by the collector as he is executive magistrate. When any instrument is not duly stamped penalty is imposed as per rules of law....
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Procedure to Investigate suits by or against Government
Published : October 07, 2012 | Author : tripti | Rating :
Total Views : 9517
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Section 79 to 82 and Order XXVII of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 deal with procedure for investigation of suits by or against the government and public officers...
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laws related to rent control
Published : September 24, 2012 | Author : akansha.gehlot@yahoo.in | Rating :
Total Views : 6288
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its about laws which are related to rent control & rent control act.
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Compensation on Acquisition of Agricultural and Non- Agricultural Land
Published : September 18, 2012 | Author : sid201291 | Rating :
Total Views : 17183
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the article deals with the position of law over the acquisition of agricultural and non agricultural land. it also dealt with manner of calculating the amount of compensation on acquisition...
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Suits by indigent person
Published : September 14, 2012 | Author : sid201291 | Rating :
Total Views : 28240
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The article thoroughly dealt with order 33 of CPC, 1908 and provides the benefits which are available to an indigent person under the CPC...
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The Deed of Mortgage
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 13409
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In India, section 55 of the Transfer of Property Act,1882 explains for the relevant convenants and under section sub section 2 of section 55 of the Transfer of Property Act,1882, the benefit of the covenants run with the land and can be enforced by the transferees for time to time...
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Succession Certificate
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 58876
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A succession certificate, strictly speaking, does not effect adjudication of title of the deceased far less than that of the holder as regards the debts and securities covered thereunder. Yet, simply to afford protection to the parties paying the debts...
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Disposal of Civil Cases: Perestroika
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 6967
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According to recent reports over three million cases are pending in India's 21 high courts, and an astounding 26.3 million cases are pending in subordinate courts across the country. In subordinate courts, Uttar Pradesh again topped the number of pending cases...
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Framing of Issues
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 32097
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When one party affirms and other party denies a material proposition of fact or law, then only issues arise. If there is no specific denial, the question of framing issue does not, generally, arise. Material propositions are those propositions of law or fact...
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The Law Relating To Injunctions
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 63321
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The granting of perpetual Injunctions is regulated by the Specific Relief Act, while temporary or, as they are sometimes called, interlocutory Injunctions, which are simply intended to preserve the status quo pending the decision, and which may be granted at any period of a suit, are treated as of the nature of procedure and are therefore regulated by the Code...
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Guiding Principles for Appointment of a Receiver
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 14012
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Receiver , chancery practice. A person appointed by a court possessing chancery jurisdiction to receive the rents and profits of land, or the profits or produce of other property in dispute. The power of appointing a receiver is a discretionary power exercised by the court. the appointment is provisional...
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The Deed Of Gift
Published : June 01, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 59557
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A voluntary transfer of personal property without consideration. A parting by owner with property without pecuniary consideration. A voluntary conveyance of land, or transfer of goods, from one person to another, made gratuitously, and not upon any consideration of blood or money . Section 122 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 defines 'GIFT...
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Execution of A Will
Published : June 01, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 49547
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The process by which a testator's Will is made legally valid is known as Execution of Will. A Will is a legal document, signed in compliance with the various formalities covered by the legislation. It is the expression of the testator's wishes concerning how his/her property is to be distributed. It is the only way one can ensure his/her assets will be distributed according to his/her wishes after his/her death. It should be in written, however it may be either handwritten, or printed, or typed. The testator must sign at the end of the Will. It must be witnessed by at least two persons present at the time of signing by the testator....
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What Deeds Are To Be Registered Compulsorily
Published : May 31, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 43743
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The real purpose to register a deed is secure every person dealing with any property against fraud and to maintain a public register. It is very essential to see that the officer is duly competent to register a document and that the document is not presented to unqualified or a wrong registration circle, as otherwise such registration would be of no use or validity....
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The Outlook of Land Acquisition Bill
Published : May 25, 2012 | Author : ranganathvg@legalserviceindia.com | Rating :
Total Views : 3879
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Land acquisition refers to the process by which government forcibly acquires private property for public purpose. The Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (1894 Act) governs all such acquisitions. Additionally, there are 16 Acts with provisions for acquisition of land in specific sectors such as railways, special economic zones, national highways...
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Who can be a trustee & beneficiary of a trust under Indian Trust Act 1882
Published : February 09, 2012 | Author : sujay_ilnu | Rating :
Total Views : 105817
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Indian Trusts Act 1882 deals with all the matters related to trusts, trustee and beneficiaries, According to section 10 of Indian Trusts Act 1882 states...
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Reinventing India
Published : January 07, 2012 | Author : ankita singh | Rating :
Total Views : 34924
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Reinventing India as an arbitration friendly nation is an arduous but not an impossible mission to aver. The Indian judiciary has begun to take initiative to recuperate the arbitral regime of India. Amidst the string of unfriendly judgment as that of Saw pipes and others, an era of reform has been set in motion....
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Estoppel in Government Domain
Published : December 10, 2011 | Author : veervikrantsingh | Unrated
Total Views : 4897
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Its about the role of estoppel in Government and its influence on its acts....
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Competition Law & Its Impact on Airline Industry
Published : November 27, 2011 | Author : TapanshuGehlot | Unrated
Total Views : 9192
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If one goes by popular perceptions and natural expectations, every law ought to have its roots in, a felt need. The inadequacy or vacuum in the existing system, in meeting the challenges posed by a problem situation, leads to the need to evolve newer laws and more effective tools of implementation....
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Scope of the Payment of Gratuity Act
Published : September 10, 2011 | Author : bharatcharan | Rating :
Total Views : 11432
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Can the service of teacher be entitled to get gratuity under the Payment of Gratuity Act..?? This question has been in the question from so long ..
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