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Company Law
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Corporate Criminal Liability - Doctrine of Identification
Published : January 06, 2011 | Author : nmeihra | Rating :
Total Views : 14714
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The concept of Doctrine of Identification finds its roots in the English Law. The growth of this doctrine has helped in the implication and prosecution of the criminal activities of directors / managers of many companies....
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Prevention of oppression & mismanagement
Published : December 28, 2010 | Author : sujay_ilnu | Rating :
Total Views : 45574
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it is related to the oppression and missmanagement and how they are checked by the shareholders and various agencies in the company law...
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Understanding the Concept of Corporate Governance in the Light of Companies Bill 2009
Published : December 12, 2010 | Author : sabaha | Unrated
Total Views : 8262
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My article basically highlights the Bill which replaces the 1956 Act and consolidates a number of its provisions. It allows for a number of issues, currently specified in the Act, or its schedules, to be specified in the rules. On a range of issues, it shifts the onus of regulation and oversight over management away from the government and towards shareholders...
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special Economic Zones Act, 2005
Published : November 13, 2010 | Author : mohanbrao | Rating :
Total Views : 22476
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The SEZs. are given several relaxations of customs and other duties including anti dumping duty[3]. These are more liberal regimes in respect of other levies, foreign investments and other transactions...
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Which employees do not fall under the ambit of Industrial Dispute Act, 1947
Published : November 09, 2010 | Author : shuchi.lawstudent | Rating :
Total Views : 63117
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on the basis of case laws the scope of section 2(s) of the I D Act has been discussed
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Demerger under Company Law
Published : November 08, 2010 | Author : samridha | Rating :
Total Views : 54926
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Companies often reorganize and restructure their operations to carry out various business activities in more focused manner. The operational reorganization or restructuring may be done for various reasons and may have various objectives...
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Indian Corporate Law
Published : October 26, 2010 | Author : Rajgopal | Unrated
Total Views : 6457
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In this paper, the author will be dealing with three topics, which though seemingly distinct, are in certain ways mutually related and having significant effects on the evolution of corporate India. The first part of the paper deals with Supreme Court verdict on the tribunalisation of company law in India. The second part of the paper deals with independent directors with regards to the companies bill, 2009. And the final part of the paper deals with the actual position of Statutory Auditors in a Company.
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Incorporation of Company
Published : October 25, 2010 | Author : ripsbanna | Rating :
Total Views : 15067
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This article tell us how company can be incorporated in India and what are the advantages and diadvantages of incorporation. And it also tells about the effects of Pre-incorporation Contracts...
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Partners under Limited liability partnership Act 2008
Published : October 24, 2010 | Author : manoranjan ayilyath | Rating :
Total Views : 6220
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Partners, their rights, duties and extent of liabilities under Limited liability partnership Act 2008...
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Merging a company
Published : October 08, 2010 | Author : shuchi.lawstudent | Rating :
Total Views : 27844
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this article deals with the laws relating to mergers and acquisitions in india...
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Financial Markets
Published : September 21, 2010 | Author : kawaljitbhatia | Rating :
Total Views : 3872
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Whenever we think about markets, a picture that flashes across our minds is of a place which is very busy, with buyers and sellers, some sellers, shouting at the top of their voice, trying to convince customers to buy their wares....
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Reconstruction & Amalgamation
Published : September 17, 2010 | Author : nishantarora | Unrated
Total Views : 13704
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The company wished to avoid being wound up and negotiated a scheme in which the existing shareholdings in the company would be transferred to a new company which would take over the company's undertaking and assets as well as its debts. This was to be effected by a scheme for reconstruction which would result in the old company's shareholders holding four per cent of the shares in the new company
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Limited Liability Partnership
Published : August 22, 2010 | Author : Marina | Unrated
Total Views : 6144
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A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has the best of both partnership and company. It has the features of a partnership, vis--vis, agreement...
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Position of Directors In A Company
Published : August 22, 2010 | Author : adv.vishnus | Rating :
Total Views : 37574
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A Director is an agent of the Company for the conduct of the business of the company. Directors of a company have fiduciary relationship with the company as well as the shareholders when he acts as an agent or officers of a company....
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Underwriting contract at the time of issue of securities
Published : August 11, 2010 | Author : modhura.roy | Rating :
Total Views : 21556
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Underwriting is the nature of an insurance against the adverse situation in the timing of the public issue. This paper deals with the different aspects of the concept of underwriting, which can be availed of, the difficulties of the system and how the same can be improved in India.
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Published : July 27, 2010 | Author : drpremnath | Unrated
Total Views : 3802
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When most people think of globalization they think of the rapid expansion of trade, finance markets and corporate activity, and perhaps the associated decline in government power that has occurred in the last decade or two...
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SEZ Act 2005
Published : July 12, 2010 | Author : nishantarora | Rating :
Total Views : 12447
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In the context of the widespread discontent that the SEZ policy has generated among the people of this country, the scheme itself should be abandoned. Forcible acquisition of land should be done away with...
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Negotiation-Mode Of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Published : July 07, 2010 | Author : ranganathvg@legalserviceindia.com | Rating :
Total Views : 22566
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Negotiation is self counseling between the parties to resolve their dispute. The word "negotiation" is from the Latin expression, "negotiatus", past participle of negotiare which means...
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Is your company's name legal?
Published : June 28, 2010 | Author : nehu117 | Rating :
Total Views : 6666
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The core of naming a business lies in understanding trademark law. Trademarks help consumers identify the makers of good or services. Often, the name of your company may also be used as a trademark...
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Why Mergers and Acquisitions fail?
Published : June 22, 2010 | Author : gautamahuja | Rating :
Total Views : 10577
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Mergers and acquisitions are at a all time high and so is their rate of failure.What are the reasons behind this?
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