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Constitutional Law
Constitutional law is a body of law dealing with the distribution & exercise of government power. Constitutional laws may often be considered second order rulemaking or rules about making rules to exercise power. It governs the relationships between the judiciary, the legislature & the executive with the bodies under its authority. One of the key tasks of constitutions within this context is to indicate hierarchies & relationships of power.

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Separation of Powers and Its Development with Special Reference to India
Published : January 05, 2014 | Author : Preeti Bhardwaj | Rating :
Total Views : 7638
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The doctrine of separation of powers has emerged in several forms at different periods. Its origin is traceable is Plato and Aristotle, in the 16th and 17th centuries, French philosopher John Bodin and British politician Locke expressed their views about the theory of separation of powers
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Electoral Reforms Towards Decriminalizing Politics
Published : December 28, 2013 | Author : nidhibeniwal | Rating :
Total Views : 7718
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Democracy has not been a free gift for most of the present democratic nations including India. India earned its independence and democracy after a long freedom struggle.
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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, The Father of Indian Constitution
Published : December 12, 2013 | Author : kavitakait | Rating :
Total Views : 178465
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The third thing we must do is not be content with mere political democracy. We must note that our political democracy can not last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy.
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Role of A Trial Judge Under Constitution
Published : November 29, 2013 | Author : drkcrath | Rating :
Total Views : 4794
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The expression 'Trial Judge' requires a little bit of conceptual analysis where from its practical implication may be derived.
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The Concept of Secularism in India
Published : November 15, 2013 | Author : bhartialka | Rating :
Total Views : 17655
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The terms Socialist and Secular were added to it by the 42nd amendment. The whole constitution is summarized in the preamble. It is the mirror to the spirit of the constitution
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Judicial Review of Administrative Actions in India
Published : October 16, 2013 | Author : Manoj.Bhushan | Rating :
Total Views : 31899
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Judicial review may be defined as a†Courtís power to review the actions of others branches of government, especially the Courtís power to invalidate legislative and executive actions as being unconstitutional
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Power of pardon
Published : September 06, 2013 | Author : vishalcnlu | Rating :
Total Views : 5668
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Mercy is Godís grace, a gift to the mankind which gives all an equal chance to mend ways and to correct a deviant behaviour.
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Justice: Bargaining with its very own ardor
Published : July 10, 2013 | Author : ksumit | Rating :
Total Views : 4309
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Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are regarded as the three pillars on which democracy stands on. Any of those pillars not acting in a prudent manner would definitely affect the very essence and working of democracy.
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Stifling expression of art and artists-the re-emergence of an intolerant political ideology
Published : July 05, 2013 | Author : malavika | Rating :
Total Views : 5354
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The interpretation of freedom of speech and expression is prone to public resistance especially in the field of art and literature.
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Protective Discrimination
Published : June 09, 2013 | Author : himanshikapoor | Rating :
Total Views : 8876
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protective discrimination and equality in India, eaker section of society is not behind the curtains for anyone.
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Exceptions To The Principles of Natural Justice
Published : June 01, 2013 | Author : Shivashk100@legalserviceindia.com | Rating :
Total Views : 35894
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Principles of Natural Justice are ultimately weighed in the balance of fairness and hence the Courts have been circumspect in extending principles of natural justice to situations.
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Origin and Development of Principles of Natural Justice
Published : May 31, 2013 | Author : Shivashk100@legalserviceindia.com | Rating :
Total Views : 18328
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Natural Justice: natural justice apart from fairness also implies reasonableness, equity and equality. They are neither cast in a rigid mould nor can they be put in legal straitjacket.
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Position of Fundamental Rights In The World of Privatization, Globalization and Industrialization
Published : May 30, 2013 | Author : anubha.nliu | Rating :
Total Views : 12844
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Constitution: Globalization, Free Market and World Economy, a move has been initiated to encourage privatization which has raised several questions of constitutional importance generally and exercise of Fundamental Rights, their violations and the claim relating infringement of Fundamental Rights...
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Caste and Conversion in India
Published : May 19, 2013 | Author : vasundhara163 | Rating :
Total Views : 18307
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The article deals with the issue of caste and conversion in the lives of Christian Dalits in India, supported by leading supreme court Judgments....
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Principles of Natural Justice In Indian Constitution
Published : May 09, 2013 | Author : shivaraj | Rating :
Total Views : 111012
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In India, the principles of natural justice are firmly grounded in Article 14 & 21 of the Constitution. With the introduction of concept of substantive and procedural due process in Article 21, all that fairness which is included in the principles of natural justice can be read into Art. 21.
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Strict Scrutiny Test in Constitutional Adjudication: Indian Experience
Published : April 23, 2013 | Author : abhishekpandey | Rating :
Total Views : 7612
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Constitutional Law: need of the judicial interpretation has ever existed and persisted in every legal system of the world. Initially the judges in their eagerness to avoid the blasphemy of judicial legislation bounded themselves with the rule of literal interpretation....
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Indian Constitutionalism
Published : March 06, 2013 | Author : preeti goyal | Rating :
Total Views : 18686
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Position of Constitutionalism in India,Concept of Constitutionalism in India,Doctrine of Constitutionalism in India,Article on Constitutionalism in India...
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Remedial and Penal Statutes
Published : March 02, 2013 | Author : ronilgoger | Rating :
Total Views : 29623
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The term interpretation means ďTo give meaning toĒ. Governmental power has been divided into three wings namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary....
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In search of True Alternative to existing Justice Dispensing System in India
Published : February 27, 2013 | Author : shivaraj | Rating :
Total Views : 5621
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This articles aims to critically evaluate the contribution of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems in comparison to traditional dispute resolution mechanisms in India....
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u.c.c based Indian civil code
Published : February 20, 2013 | Author : jayan | Rating :
Total Views : 5358
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U.C.C based Indian civil code for spreading secular throughout India irrespective of personal laws for authentic India...
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