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Constitutional Law
Constitutional law is a body of law dealing with the distribution & exercise of government power. Constitutional laws may often be considered second order rulemaking or rules about making rules to exercise power. It governs the relationships between the judiciary, the legislature & the executive with the bodies under its authority. One of the key tasks of constitutions within this context is to indicate hierarchies & relationships of power.

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Doctrine of Necessity
Published : May 16, 2012 | Author : shreya | Rating :
Total Views : 20110
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no one should be made a judge in his own cause. It is popularly known as the rule against bias. It is the minimal requirement of the natural justice that the authority giving decision must be composed of impartial persons acting fairly, without prejudice and bias...
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Vulnerable Groups in India - Status, Schemes, Constitution of India
Published : March 30, 2012 | Author : meenakshi | Rating :
Total Views : 64412
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What are vulnerable groups in India- their status. What does the Constitution of India provide for their assistance. What does the Government provide for their upliftment ....
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Various Aspects of Public Interest Litigation In India
Published : March 16, 2012 | Author : sankarshan.biswas | Rating :
Total Views : 24115
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It covers the different aspects of the rise and growth of Public Interest Litigation in India...
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Renovating the Bridge
Published : March 15, 2012 | Author : mrinalini01 | Unrated
Total Views : 3748
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The arbitration bridge for smooth drive i.e. to maintain healthy relationship between parties has gone rough with time. A strong need is being felt to modernize the bridge. The Ministry of Law has circulated a consultation paper for proposed amendment in Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 to comments on proposed amendment....
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Reasonable Classification under article 14
Published : March 14, 2012 | Author : shiksha | Rating :
Total Views : 82718
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this article is related to reasonable classification under Article 14 of Indian Constitution...
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Relation Between Part III And Part IV Of Constitution Of India-Changing Trends
Published : March 13, 2012 | Author : jagadish_at | Rating :
Total Views : 41309
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This article discusses the relation between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy of Constitution of India.
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Scope of Section 8 (1)(j) of The RTI act
Published : March 06, 2012 | Author : pratiknliu@legalserviceindia.com | Rating :
Total Views : 9808
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Section 8 is the most important part of the act and it is very simple for officialdoms to reject the request for information if it falls under any of these long, general and ambiguous clauses of exemptions. This section is general and can be interpreted in either way...
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Ambit of Right to Freedom of Religion
Published : February 28, 2012 | Author : Kirandeep Kaur | Rating :
Total Views : 14632
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Constitutions of many countries guarantee freedom of religion and the laws of most of these countries also circumscribe the scope of the exercise of such right. These rights are mostly restricted on the grounds of ‘general welfare’, ‘morality', ‘health’, ‘public order’, ‘rights of others'...
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Theoretical Perspective of Communalism & Secularism
Published : February 05, 2012 | Author : ishitachatterjee | Rating :
Total Views : 13977
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India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic as system of government. Indian constitution stressed “We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens...
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Exercise of Legislative Powers by the Executive under Art.356
Published : January 09, 2012 | Author : suyash.upes | Unrated
Total Views : 8384
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Article 356 of the Indian Constitution has acquired quite some notoriety due to its alleged misuse. The essence of the Article is that upon the breach of certain defined state of affairs, as ascertained and reported by the Governor...
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Euthanasia-A modern term to provide moksha
Published : December 28, 2011 | Author : akshay.goel10 | Rating :
Total Views : 5652
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Mercy killing is nothing but homicide, whatever the circumstances in which it is affected. Unless it is specifically accepted it cannot be offences. Indian Penal Code further punishes not only abetment of homicide...
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Privy Council
Published : December 23, 2011 | Author : dhanokarpriya | Rating :
Total Views : 22054
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If we overview the history of Indian Legal System, it clearly reveals that the Indian Legal System is more or less based on the English Legal System...
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Judicial Accountability & Democracy
Published : December 14, 2011 | Author : Shalin | Rating :
Total Views : 8934
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A considerable challenge for judicial administration is to ensure that contemporary expectations of accountability and efficiency remain consistent with the imperatives of judicial independence and the maintenance of the quality of justice. In this respect, the measurement of what a court does is a perfectly legitimate and, indeed, desirable activity...
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We Want Sarv Shiksha Not Sarv Bhiksha
Published : December 09, 2011 | Author : mini.anshuman | Rating :
Total Views : 4709
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This Article critically examines the provisions of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009....
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Privileges of Parliament
Published : November 27, 2011 | Author : TapanshuGehlot | Rating :
Total Views : 14701
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This article critically analyses the concept of Parliamentary privileges enshrined under Article 105 of the Constitution of India along with various judicial pronouncement....
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Sedition Law & Freedom of Expression
Published : November 14, 2011 | Author : kajeevkumar | Rating :
Total Views : 8317
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With the recent unrest in society, Peoples Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) has launched a nationwide signature campaign against the Sedition Act, whose provision is attack on the democracy...
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Published : August 20, 2011 | Author : ravimor | Rating :
Total Views : 36730
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Constitution of India constitutes India into a Sovereign Socialist, Sovereign and Democratic, republic Nation. Socialist Nation is a Nation which allows an individual to collect wealth subject to reasonable restrictions with regard to the rights of Wealth less people to have opportunity to develop them. In the very concept of socialism an attempt is made out to strike a judicious balance between the Capitalism and communism....
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Euthanasia in India
Published : August 09, 2011 | Author : krishanu | Rating :
Total Views : 33061
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concept of euthanasia, difference between euthanasia and suicide, kinds of euthanasia, arguments against and for euthanasia and latest SC judgment and suggestion...
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Can a Legislature supplement the powers of Courts given by a written Constitution, through a Sub-Constitutional Legislation.
Published : August 09, 2011 | Author : usman karim | Unrated
Total Views : 4525
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Under a written Constitution the powers of Executive, Legislature and Judiciary are fully described and under the principle of supremacy of Constitution, all the three organs of a State are bound to remain within their vires...
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Published : July 30, 2011 | Author : shraddhaojha | Rating :
Total Views : 44676
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this article gives an overview on the concept of Hart's view on legal enforcement of morals and describe the primary rules of obligation and secondary rules of recognition....
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