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Constitutional Law
Constitutional law is a body of law dealing with the distribution & exercise of government power. Constitutional laws may often be considered second order rulemaking or rules about making rules to exercise power. It governs the relationships between the judiciary, the legislature & the executive with the bodies under its authority. One of the key tasks of constitutions within this context is to indicate hierarchies & relationships of power.

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Abuse of Administrative Discretion
Published : July 21, 2011 | Author : laksheyender@gmail.com | Rating :
Total Views : 35945
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Discretion in layman’s language means choosing from amongst the various available alternatives without reference to any predetermined criterion, no matter how fanciful that choice may be...
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Maneka Gandhi
Published : June 18, 2011 | Author : suryabhansingh | Rating :
Total Views : 56342
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Maneka Gandhi’s case is not only a landmark case for the interpretation of Article 21 but it also gave an entirely new viewpoint to look at the Chapter III of the Constitution. Prior to Maneka Gandhi’s decision, Article 21 guaranteed the right to life and personal liberty...
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Meaning of Section 23 of the RTI Act- Remedies available to an aggrieved party against an order of the Central Information Commission.
Published : June 17, 2011 | Author : sanjana | Rating :
Total Views : 7212
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Right to information act in 2005, ushered an all together a new era of openness, transparency and accountability in administration. The act makes the public authorities owned partially or fully governed by the Government liable to disclose the information accessible by the public authority...
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Schedule X of our Indian Constitution-a myth or a reality?
Published : June 05, 2011 | Author : akshay.goel10 | Unrated
Total Views : 6543
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this article deals with the anti-defection law mentioned under schedule X of our Indian Constitution. this law was added into our Constitution after 52nd amendment in 1985...
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Federalism in India
Published : June 03, 2011 | Author : arnav.upes | Rating :
Total Views : 19000
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The constitutional law consists both of legal in the strict sense and of usages , commonly called as conventions, which without being enacted are accepted as binding by all who are concerned in government...
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Evolving Facets of National Security
Published : June 02, 2011 | Author : bhavya | Unrated
Total Views : 5902
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The interplay of the economic and technological concerns in the process of globalization, and the proliferation of low cost wars, through terror groups and also religious and ethnic conflicts, in and around the borders further enlarged the scope of what are called ‘the global security concerns’ which qualitatively affected the conventional national security ethos....
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Writs in Indian society & its execution
Published : April 06, 2011 | Author : pallavi ghorpade | Rating :
Total Views : 7749
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In India Article 32 and 226 of the Constitution gives power to the Supreme Court and High Court to issue writs in case of breach of Fundamental rights of any citizen by the state. By such writs the Judiciary can control the administrative actions and prevent any kind of arbitrary use of power and discretion...
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RTI a Tool for Good Governnce
Published : April 03, 2011 | Author : vranjana | Unrated
Total Views : 7936
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The Article throws light on rTI being a Fundamental and Human Right. Every citizen should use theRTI Act. It provides an illustration how people have successfully used the RTI Act. It is a guide who those who want t o effectively use the Act.
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Constitutionality of the right to die - a brief analysis
Published : March 26, 2011 | Author : $ud@k$h!n@ | Rating :
Total Views : 6623
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An article on the great debate whether euthanasia or mercy killing should be legalized or not. It is written more from the Indian perspective. It explains what are the advantages and drawbacks of legalizing euthanasia in our country and that euthanasia...
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Analysis Of Writ Of Mandamus
Published : March 15, 2011 | Author : pallavi ghorpade | Rating :
Total Views : 36998
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In India Article 32 and 226 of the Constitution gives power to the Supreme Court and High Court to issue writs in case of breach of Fundamental rights of any citizen by the state. By such writs the Judiciary can control the administrative actions and prevent any kind of arbitrary use of power and discretion...
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Position of Fundamental Rights during Emergency
Published : March 15, 2011 | Author : harshit_khare | Rating :
Total Views : 103798
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since ADM jabalpur till today, the situation with reference to the position of FR's during emergency has seen a complete change, this article will the same issue....
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Constitutional Right to Speedy Trial
Published : March 05, 2011 | Author : prateekhanda | Rating :
Total Views : 25885
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Constitutional Right to Speedy Trial, Factors For Pendency Of The Cases, Delay Leads To Mental Anguish, Article 21 Of The Constitution, Reformative Measures, Some measures which could prevent Delay, Justice delayed is justice denied...
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Creamy Layer: The Mandal Commission View
Published : February 13, 2011 | Author : arkodayroy1 | Rating :
Total Views : 34768
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This is an informative article discussing the Mandal Commission, which was set up for identifying the SEBCs in India came out with the recommendation of excluding the Creamy layer out of any reservation scheme for the SEBCs & OBCs. The rationale behind being that caste was not the sole criterion for such classification in the society and it included economic peripherals as well. National Commission for Backward Classes came out with Persons/Sections excluded from reservation which constitute Creamy Layer of the Society. Thus clearing the air of present day uncertainty related to creamy layer exclusion from the schemes of reservation.
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Judicial approach towards departmental bias
Published : January 31, 2011 | Author : saarth1989 | Rating :
Total Views : 11442
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Departmental bias is something which is inherent in the administrative process, and if it is not effectively checked, it may negate the very concept of fairness in the administrative proceeding...
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Prospective Vs. Retrospective
Published : January 23, 2011 | Author : rubyplp | Rating :
Total Views : 84164
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In general every statute is prospective unless it is expressed in the statute that it has retrospective operation. This article lays emphasis on retrospective and retroactive laws in India.....
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Concept of Welfare State and Its Relevance in Indian Scenario
Published : January 17, 2011 | Author : shraddha ojha | Rating :
Total Views : 74987
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this article helps reader to understand the true meaning of welfare state. also give answer to the question whether India is a welfare state or not.
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Revisional Power vis
Published : January 15, 2011 | Author : shriyaj | Rating :
Total Views : 40819
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The revisional jurisdiction of a court is a part and parcel of its appellate jurisdiction. Revisional jurisdiction is one of the modes of exercising powers conferred by the statute on a superior court. Basically and fundamentally, it is the appellate jurisdiction, which is being invoked and exercised in a wider and larger sense...
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The Judicial Pronouncement Of The Preamble Of Indian Constitution
Published : January 15, 2011 | Author : Bhagwati Dan Charan | Rating :
Total Views : 25688
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it is a critical analysis of the judicial pronouncement of the preamble of the constitution of India with the help of some landmark cases...
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Separation of Power in India & USA
Published : December 29, 2010 | Author : prachishah | Rating :
Total Views : 33336
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The separation of powers is a model for the governance of both democratic and federative states. The model was first developed in ancient Greece and came into widespread...
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Reservation & principle of equality
Published : December 28, 2010 | Author : sujay_ilnu | Rating :
Total Views : 21373
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this is about the Indian concept of reservation and how it is related to the concept of equality in constitution of india...
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It has been the endeavour of the author to project the formation of confidentiality as a tort in India. After examination of various case laws in different fields of law relating to confidentiality the researchers have found that the tort has emerged from the right to privacy enshrined in our constitution in Article 21 which talks about the right to life.

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