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Consumer laws
The year 1986 is a

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Unfair Trade Practice in India
Published : July 13, 2015 | Author : Lydia Kerketta | Rating :
Total Views : 25936
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This articles deals with Unfair Trade Practices in India as defined under Consumer Protection Act.
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Advance Pricing Agreement
Published : January 18, 2015 | Author : Gayathrisankaran | Unrated
Total Views : 3230
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Advance Pricing Agreement: Advance pricing agreement (APA) have been introduced by the by finance act, 2012 by inserting section 92CC and 92CD. It came to effect from 1st July 2012. Rules 10G to 10T and 44GA
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Medical Negligence Liability of Hospitals
Published : November 25, 2014 | Author : Radhika Shukla | Rating :
Total Views : 4346
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.All medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers are responsible for the health and safety of their patients and are expected to provide a high level of quality care. Unfortunately, medical professionals and health care providers can fail in this responsibility to their patients by not giving them proper care and attention, acting maliciously, or by providing substandard care, thus causing far-reaching complications like personal injuries, and even death.
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Consumer Protection Law In India
Published : November 24, 2014 | Author : manishkumargoga | Rating :
Total Views : 24116
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The growing interdependence of the world economy and international character of many business practices have contributed to the development of universal emphasis on consumer rights protection and promotion. Consumers, clients and customers world over, are demanding value for money in the form of quality goods and better services. Modern technological developments have no doubt made a great impact on the quality, availability and safety of goods and services
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A Comparative Understanding of Dominant Position
Published : July 21, 2014 | Author : DANISH HASNAIN | Rating :
Total Views : 4079
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An abuse of dominant position in a market can be understood to refer to situations where improper means are used to retain or attain a position of economic strength or market power or where such a position is exploited.
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Consumer Protection in the age of E-Commerce
Published : September 06, 2013 | Author : vishalcnlu | Rating :
Total Views : 10425
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laws governing Consumer Protection in the age of E-Commerce, its implication and far reaching effects
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Legal Protection of Consumers
Published : February 23, 2013 | Author : ASKARI | Rating :
Total Views : 11694
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The growing interdependence of the world economy and international character of many business practices have contributed to the development of universal emphasis on consumer rights protection and promotion. Consumers, clients and customers all over the world...
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Foreign Direct Investment in Retail - the implications of the new regime
Published : October 22, 2012 | Author : varshaaithal | Rating :
Total Views : 4922
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Discusses some of the issues arising due to the recent changes in the foreign direct investment policy in the retail sector in India...
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How brands can save themselves from made in china?
Published : September 12, 2012 | Author : nehsharma | Rating :
Total Views : 7787
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This paper seeks to put across a basic concept of how counterfeit goods better termed as knockoffs is not just a copy of the original, but it also indeed infringes a brands intellectual property rights. But the worse effect of these counterfeits, which turns to have a more deepening and negative impact on the society also which is overtaking the world’s economy in a jiffy and thereby providing criminals a sure shot source of income. We shall focus on what exactly one means by counterfeit goods, in what numbers are they out in the market, which U.S. laws and agencies help prevent this and some controversial cases that were in the spotlight. Sure a penny saved in a penny earned, but not in the case of buying a counterfeit...
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Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act, 2009
Published : June 26, 2012 | Author : mini.anshuman | Unrated
Total Views : 28487
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The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, 2009 is a comprehensive piece of legislation on tobacco control in the US and its provisions can be studied to serve as a guiding light to frame tobacco control laws in other countries as well....
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Packaged by Law
Published : June 24, 2012 | Author : mini.anshuman | Rating :
Total Views : 40253
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The Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules 1977 has been replaced in 2011 by the The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011...
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Medical Negligence
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 6631
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An estimated 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed each year . Women are also habitually subjected to Caesarean operations, despite they do not really need. With an estimated 920,000 Cesarean births performed each year, the Cesarean now-a-days became the...
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Statutory transaction and contract of sale
Published : April 04, 2012 | Author : pratiknliu@legalserviceindia.com | Rating :
Total Views : 8698
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This article deals with statutory transaction which is very important area in business law in this article author has tried to analyze this concept with the help of case laws...
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Competition law and Consumerism
Published : March 17, 2012 | Author : bafna91 | Rating :
Total Views : 5882
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role of Competetion Law in consumer protection
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Judicial Interpretation of Medical Negligence under Consumer Protection
Published : March 08, 2012 | Author : maujhurisahoo | Rating :
Total Views : 15449
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Medical profession is one of the most oldest professions of the world and is the most humanitarian one.But today a decline in the standard of the medical profession can be attributed to increasing number of litigations against doctors for being negligent narrowing down to “medical negligence”. the Supreme Court intervened and pronounced that medical profession and professional could also be tried under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), 1986.
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Consumer the King
Published : February 11, 2012 | Author : mrinalini01 | Rating :
Total Views : 7239
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Consumers are often mislead sometimes because of confusing name, shape, size and description and sometimes due to their own negligence. This article is an attempt to tell the rights and powers which have been given to consumers and recourse available to them if mislead....
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Consumer Protection Act, An analysis of Branch Office
Published : January 22, 2012 | Author : prateekhanda | Rating :
Total Views : 6417
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This Article deals with the meaning of Branch Office as given in Section 11 and Section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act...
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Product Liability: Who is liable?
Published : January 03, 2012 | Author : ashish92 | Rating :
Total Views : 18291
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product liability arises when there is any fault or defect find in product and what are the rights available to consumer and who will be liable if there is any defect in product whether manufacturer or retailer or supplier....
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Instances of Disingenuous Advertisements & Consumers
Published : December 09, 2011 | Author : ranganathvg@legalserviceindia.com | Unrated
Total Views : 7628
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Misleading and false advertisements are not just unscrupulous; they warp competition and of course, consumer choice. False and misleading advertisements in fact violate several basic rights of consumers: the right to information, the right to choice, the right to be protected against unsafe goods and services as well as unfair trade practices...
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Impact of Securitization Act, 2002 on the Mortgage Transactions
Published : November 30, 2011 | Author : manishyadavnliu | Rating :
Total Views : 5384
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The Securitization Act, 2002 has been enacted to ensure speedy recovery of debt through mortgage. As the mortgage is regulated by Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and the procedure for recovery of mortgage money is through the ordinary process of law given in Civil Procedure Code, 1908.Therefore there is a need to make a critical study of the impact of Securitisation Act, 2002 on mortgage transaction vis-a-vis recovery of mortgage money. This article examines as to how far the Law is lender friendly/unfriendly....
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