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Criminal law
The term criminal law, sometimes called penal law, refers to any of various bodies of rules in different jurisdictions whose common characteristic is the potential for unique and often severe impositions as punishment for failure to comply.

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Framing of Charge In Criminal Cases
Published : May 22, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 39815
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There is some criticism in some trial courts that the important task of framing charge is being entrusted to stenos by the trial judges. A fortiori, inasmuch as the Supreme Court laid down that the purpose of framing a charge is to give intimation to the accused of clear, unambiguous and precise notice of the nature of accusation that the accused is called upon to meet in the course of a trial, it is primary duty of a judicial officer to remove such criticism from the minds of litigant public. This article may be helpful to newly recruited Junior Civil Judges as to this aspect.
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The Period Of Limitation In Seeds Cases
Published : May 22, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 5602
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The period of limitation in seeds cases is very important aspect. the seed inspector must not forget the procedure contemplated under section 468 of Cr.P.C
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Crime of Attempt to commit Suicide
Published : April 03, 2012 | Author : neeraj90 | Rating :
Total Views : 12658
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The above section has been the subject of controversy in many cases, especially over the last two decades. Most notably, the subject was under scrutiny in the cases of P. Rathinam v. Union of India and Smt. Gian Kaur v. State of Punjab...
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The Inherent Powers of the High Court
Published : March 06, 2012 | Author : raabia | Rating :
Total Views : 38337
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The essential object of criminal law is to protect society against criminals and law- breakers. For this purpose, the law holds out threats of punishments to prospective lawbreakers...
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Evidentiary Value of FIR
Published : December 12, 2011 | Author : sprshprsd | Rating :
Total Views : 36645
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The general principle, is that a FIR cannot be depended upon a substantive piece of evidence.The article discusses the general priciple, along with exceptions to it....
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Accomplice Witness & its admissibility as Evidence
Published : November 21, 2011 | Author : yadavayush | Rating :
Total Views : 19247
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In the basic sense Accomplice Witness mean a witness to a crime who, either as principal, Accomplice, or Accessory, was connected with the crime by unlawful act or omission...
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Change in definition of Rape in India
Published : October 31, 2011 | Author : manjeetsahu381 | Rating :
Total Views : 62233
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Rape is one of the most heinous crime to the social environment. With the passage time, this issue has created lot of distorted effect and seems that Law have provided unclear picture to the society...
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Differences between Justification & Excuses And Mistakes, Necessity & Accidents as Defenses
Published : September 24, 2011 | Author : pallavi ghorpade | Rating :
Total Views : 12013
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This article covers the distinction between two closely related aspects of the Indian Penal code, general or affirmative defenses of, justification and excuses. In the context of the criminal law, justification and excuse are touchstones for prescribing and proscribing conduct generally and for assigning guilt or innocence in the particular...
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Controversies on Euthanasia
Published : September 22, 2011 | Author : muditsahai | Unrated
Total Views : 6022
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Euthanasia the most booming and fire throwing topic as it has become the most controversial topic for all members in the law field that whether it should be legalized or not this is the topic of discussion...
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National Security & Preventive detention
Published : September 21, 2011 | Author : ravimor | Rating :
Total Views : 7192
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Many believe that stringent laws are required to counter terrorism. This belief is inspired by the logic that such laws will deter terrorists from indulging in acts of terrorism. Those who advocate for a stringent law to counter terrorism also believe that it will make it easier for the police and the prosecution to investigate prosecute and make perpetrators accountable for acts of terrorism....
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Mens Rea in Statutory Offences
Published : September 18, 2011 | Author : shashankshekhar333 | Rating :
Total Views : 56228
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A probe into presumption that requires mens rea as an element of crime and whether or not it should be used in cases of Statutory Offences....
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Narco Analysis
Published : September 13, 2011 | Author : prakash_als | Rating :
Total Views : 4232
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Article 20 (3) of Constitution of India and Narco Analysis – Blending the much awaited...
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Sea Piracy - The Legal lacunae that exist
Published : August 14, 2011 | Author : adityadutta215 | Unrated
Total Views : 7210
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Sea Piracy, in its original and strict meaning, is every unauthorized act of violence committed by a private vessel against another vessel with intent to plunder...
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Cultural Crimes
Published : June 14, 2011 | Author : sanjana | Unrated
Total Views : 5868
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Rise in the cultural crimes has of lately been a matter of immense consideration at both national and international level. One of the most barbaric of such crimes is the honor killing. Honor killing is the intentional murder of a family member (generally female members) by other family members due to their belief that the deceased has brought some disgrace to the family...
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Section 91(1) CrPc: An analysis of Constitutional Validity
Published : May 29, 2011 | Author : shishir shrivastava | Rating :
Total Views : 55742
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Article 20(3)states that no person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself....
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Plea-Bargaining: Present Status in India
Published : May 05, 2011 | Author : hitesh050991 | Rating :
Total Views : 30251
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This is a bit new concept under Indian Law which was introduced after the amendment Act of 2005 in Code of Criminal Procedure. it is showing the present position of Plea-Bargaining that at what level judiciary has reached and whether its application is getting successful in India...
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Restorative Justice & Weaker Sections
Published : April 06, 2011 | Author : karanshubh | Rating :
Total Views : 11880
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Restorative Justice is a problem-solving approach to crime which involves the parties themselves, and the community generally, in an active relationship with statutory agencies. Restorative Justice is a way of seeing crime as more than breaking the law in the context of the weaker sections of the society...
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Forensic Science
Published : March 23, 2011 | Author : srikrishna1 | Rating :
Total Views : 20339
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What is forensic science? Scope of forensic science and different methods used in forensic analysis...
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Adultery- the need for change in IPC
Published : March 19, 2011 | Author : payalagarwal.alsn | Rating :
Total Views : 18806
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This articles raises various issues with refernce to Section 497 of IPC i.e adultery. It also suggests changes for the same...
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Culpable Homicide
Published : March 10, 2011 | Author : uditakanwar | Rating :
Total Views : 41881
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In general the term ‘Culpable Homicide’ means unlawful killing which is not classified as murder due to the guilty intention or ‘mens rea’ being absent. It is a term used in Scottish law and amongst several countries where the English Common Law system of Justice is administered. The concept of Culpable Homicide has been discussed with the help of relevant cases...
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