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Criminal law
The term criminal law, sometimes called penal law, refers to any of various bodies of rules in different jurisdictions whose common characteristic is the potential for unique and often severe impositions as punishment for failure to comply.

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Global Terrorism & Major Indian Legislations
Published : August 27, 2010 | Author : arunbabu | Rating :
Total Views : 5941
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This paper has discussed the effectiveness of the provisions of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 in dealing with offences related to global terrorism....
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Honour Killing
Published : August 07, 2010 | Author : radhika.karkhanis | Unrated
Total Views : 7713
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‘Honor crimes are acts of violence, usually murder, committed by male family members against female family members, who are held to have brought dishonor upon the family...
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Right To Anticipatory Bail
Published : June 25, 2010 | Author : drpremnath | Rating :
Total Views : 31707
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The word “Anticipatory Bail” is not found in s. 438 or in its marginal note. In fact “anticipatory bail” is a misnomer as it is not bail presently granted in anticipation of arrest...
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Anti-Terrorism Legislation
Published : June 21, 2010 | Author : sujay_ilnu | Unrated
Total Views : 5767
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antiterrorist legislation in india like pota,tada and nia act difference of power of all these laws...
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Legitimacy of Adultery Laws in India
Published : June 20, 2010 | Author : christopher.vijayrao | Rating :
Total Views : 19806
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the various aspects of Adultery Laws existing in India, which, on analysis would be found to be in want of amendment or change...
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Confiscation & Forfeiture of Property
Published : June 10, 2010 | Author : pushkarthakur | Unrated
Total Views : 15476
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The draft posted is on the code of Criminal Procedure Act, 1973 is “Forfeiture and confiscation of property”. The chapter in the code of Criminal Procedure Act, 1973 is the 34th chapter of the code that is “Disposal of Property”....
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Intoxication as a Defence
Published : June 10, 2010 | Author : pushkarthakur | Rating :
Total Views : 15301
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There is general agreement that causing another person's death with deliberate intent is culpable as one of the most serious offences...
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Legalizing Abortion
Published : May 14, 2010 | Author : dhruvesh1989 | Rating :
Total Views : 8171
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Legalizing abortion in India is a serious topic as our law and sociological condition is concern. Abortion is now a controversial issue because of the conflict of the rights of mother and right of the unborn child....
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Law & Emotions
Published : May 14, 2010 | Author : suyash | Rating :
Total Views : 7036
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Law and Emotions go hand in hand. This relation becomes more intimate in criminal law. The flow of emotions strongly governs your conviction under criminal law....
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Defences Against Culpable Homicide
Published : May 09, 2010 | Author : sauravrmlnlu | Rating :
Total Views : 7777
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this describes all the element regarding self defence and provide very practical description...
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Rights of Arrestee
Published : April 28, 2010 | Author : adikool2006 | Rating :
Total Views : 11275
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Arrest is taking away certain rights of a person by the poce authority, who is apprehended for some danger or threat to the society....
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CPC: Civil litigation, especially recovery suits generally termed to be a long drawn battle and regarded as something best avoided, is not so. The general belief that by filing a recovery Suit against a Debtor...

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