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Cyber Law
With the opening up of cyberspace came the construction of the roads on which people would henceforth travel. The Internet, which once started out as a military tool has become a global phenomenon and brought the world closer together. At a certain cost, however.

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Internet Censorship
Published : December 16, 2011 | Author : raagyapzadu | Rating :
Total Views : 6988
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Is the freedom of speech and expression being misused or is internet the new platform to stage the views of the world’s largest democracy...
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Importance of Open Source Software for better E-Governance
Published : September 15, 2011 | Author : bharatcharan | Rating :
Total Views : 5163
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Open Source Software opens many door for any country specially it helps in the acceleration of developed countries or under-developed countries because it is freely available on the internet...
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Keyword Trademark Infringement - A Countrywise Analysis
Published : August 15, 2011 | Author : shashankshekhar333 | Rating :
Total Views : 9152
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An insight into the current problem of trademark infringement by the use of marks as keywords in search engines, and the legal position in different countries....
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Offences & Penalties under the IT Act, 2000
Published : November 17, 2010 | Author : pradnya | Rating :
Total Views : 104220
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he introduction of the internet has brought the tremendous changes in our lives. People of all fields are increasingly using the computers to create, transmit and store information in the electronic form instead of the traditional papers, documents...
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Historical Perspective of Terrorism & Cyber Terrorism
Published : October 05, 2010 | Author : shobhna | Rating :
Total Views : 13581
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Terrorism is an organized system of intimidation. It is broadly defined as “violent behavior designed to generate fear in the community, or a substantial segment of it, for political purposes”.and cyber is a modern mean to seek information to achieve illegal goals...
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Cyber Crime - Issues Threats and Management
Published : September 14, 2010 | Author : nikhilb09 | Rating :
Total Views : 11457
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Cyber Crime – Issue threats and management is a masterwork by Atul Jain. Atul Jain has been a brilliant student in engineering from Delhi and Nagpur Universities. His two volume work deals with a variety of subjects related to Cyber Crime...
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Software Licensing Agreement
Published : August 13, 2010 | Author : parikshitsingh | Rating :
Total Views : 21882
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It is a general overview of software licensing agreement and its applicability in India...
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Virtual Worlds-A Real Problem
Published : August 07, 2010 | Author : medhavikram | Unrated
Total Views : 6813
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this article deals with the various legal issues that arise out of crimes committed in virtual worlds...
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White Collar Crimes - cyber crimes
Published : July 22, 2010 | Author : akshatk.90 | Rating :
Total Views : 16335
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cyber crimes in India have been increasing with a great pace. this article deals with the different types of cyber crimes and their prevention. the author has also analyzed the provisions of the IT Act...
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Perspective of Information Technology
Published : June 15, 2010 | Author : ranganathvg@legalserviceindia.com | Unrated
Total Views : 8750
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Recently, some criminal elements of cyber society reminded the world of their existence by laying siege on live IT Corporations, Government websites in different countries. Hacking into sensitive computer sites, fraudulent manipulation of bank accounts and credit cards, peddling to pornographic material, unauthorized access to defence secrets and so on, are causing grave concern today.
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Email Privacy & Anti-spam Law
Published : April 28, 2010 | Author : sudhiriiita | Rating :
Total Views : 22111
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The paper attempts to enquire into the issues of ever-growing challenges of Email privacy and find preventive measures to get rid of spams. In present era, spam is a grown up as a serious security concern, social web sites have become significant factors of the Web....
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Online Copyright Infringement & Liability of Search Engines
Published : April 22, 2010 | Author : abhishekk | Rating :
Total Views : 35930
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As the use of technologies over the years got increased several legal issues were set forth before the copyright laws which were unattended, new and challenging. Amongst these issues, the most fascinating issue these days is holding a search engine liable for copyright infringement....
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Cyber Crime
Published : April 09, 2010 | Author : adv.choudhury | Rating :
Total Views : 4190
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The word cyber and its relative dot.com are probably the most commonly used terminologies of the modern era. In the information age the rapid development of computers, telecommunications and other technologies has led to the evolution of new forms of trans-national crimes known as “cyber crimes”.
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