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Environmental Law
Environmental law draws from and is influenced by principles of environmentalism, including ecology, conservation, stewardship, responsibility and sustainability.

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Take Urgent Action To Combat Climate Change And Its Impacts
Published : March 26, 2017 | Author : priyanka_hindu | Rating :
Total Views : 1054
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Human impact on the environment, Encouraging people to switch to renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass can effectively the ever growing global warming, greenhouse effects and thus can combat climate change to a huge extent. Forests must be protected worldwide as forests play a critical role in global warming, they store carbon.
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A Machinery Safeguarding Environment: National Green Tribunal
Published : February 07, 2017 | Author : ChauhanNidhi | Unrated
Total Views : 2086
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It provides a brief about the origin, formation, development and objectives of National Green Tribunals
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Re Evaluation of Forest Rights in India
Published : November 16, 2016 | Author : Priyanka Chakraborty | Rating :
Total Views : 1603
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This article focus on how forest rights can be brought in upfront with the help of religious perspective
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Environmental Laws and Constitutional Provisions In India
Published : October 22, 2015 | Author : advrudra | Rating :
Total Views : 63199
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The various provisions and laws in India relating to protection of environment. We are surviving because of environment and it is our duty to protect it along with maintenance of Sustainable Development.
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection
Published : October 09, 2015 | Author : rohit sharma | Rating :
Total Views : 10558
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The Article tries tries to connect the constitutional duty and the corporate responsibility to protect and improve the environment
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Environment and Sustainable Development
Published : July 01, 2015 | Author : rohit sharma | Rating :
Total Views : 10223
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the paper points out the different principles in practice which are applied by the judiciary in achieving sustainable approach in developmental activities
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Sustainable Development, Guiding Principles And Values
Published : February 16, 2014 | Author : kavitakait | Rating :
Total Views : 20492
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Environmental studies have shown that the environment related problems of developed countries are mainly due to industrial and technological development whereas undeveloped countries have environmental problems because of poverty, over-population and illiteracy
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Developments in Biodiversity Act,2002
Published : February 10, 2014 | Author : sumitpandey | Rating :
Total Views : 4895
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The article talks about the developments in Biodiversity Act 2002 with few judgments which have had happened lately to support the cause !!
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Notion of Doctrine of Public Trust In India
Published : January 11, 2013 | Author : bjayant | Rating :
Total Views : 11801
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The Public Trust Doctrine is the principle that certain resources are preserved for public use, and that the government is required to maintain them for the public's reasonable use...
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Impact of Globalization And Its Effect on Society
Published : December 06, 2012 | Author : Nalini R | Rating :
Total Views : 67836
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Globalization in its basic economic sense refers to the adoption of open and unfettered trading markets through lowering of trade barriers, removal of capital controls, and liberalization of foreign exchange restrictions..,
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The Concept Of Environment And Development In The Era Of Globalisation
Published : December 05, 2012 | Author : Arundhati Kulkarni | Rating :
Total Views : 6658
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Environment and development,global trends in relation to environment and socio-economic development, the challenges society faces today and provides signposts towards sustainable development...
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The role of NGO's in protecting the environment
Published : November 28, 2012 | Author : nalirupa | Rating :
Total Views : 72238
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this article deals with the role of NGO's in preserving our environment and what are the measures thry are taking to preserve the environment...
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The Scope of Bio-Fuels as a clean Energy Resource (Sweet Sorghum)
Published : October 11, 2012 | Author : Akash Shah | Unrated
Total Views : 5586
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Biofuel is a type of fuel whose energy is derived from biological carbon fixation. Biofuels include fuels derived from biomass conversion, as well as solid biomass, liquid fuels...
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Safeguarding River Ganga through the doors of India and Bangladesh
Published : July 30, 2012 | Author : hitesh050991 | Unrated
Total Views : 3869
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The present Article talks about the state of Ganga River in the light of Ganga Action Plan and various other initiatives taken by government from time to time. it throws light about the causes of such desiccation and how this desiccation can be stopped...
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Environmental Justice - Right To Water
Published : February 02, 2012 | Author : rubyplp | Rating :
Total Views : 11955
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Justice is a term which is different from Law. Even though both the words are used in general sense they are not identical to define. Law is specific but justice depends upon the attitude of persons...
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Ganesh Idol Immersion & Water Pollution in the State of Maharashtra: an Action Plan
Published : January 31, 2012 | Author : Yuvraj | Rating :
Total Views : 21741
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Objective 1. To critically analyse the Legislative provision on water pollution in India. 2. To study the Judicial Decisions relating to water pollution 3. To study the problem of Ganesh idol Immersion during Ganesh Festival in Maharashtra rivers & make alternative recommendations
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The Dehradun Valley Litigation
Published : January 23, 2012 | Author : suchi11 | Rating :
Total Views : 17728
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cases are discussed related to the environment with the aspect of mining.
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Decision of Apex Court on Ecology & Air Pollution
Published : January 16, 2012 | Author : rrtehra | Rating :
Total Views : 25266
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In present article various decisions of Hon'ble Supreme Court on environment and air pollution are discussed...
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Will Inadequate Environmental Legislation And Judicial Slumber Allow Future Union Carbides To Get Away With Murder?
Published : January 12, 2012 | Author : snehakarle | Rating :
Total Views : 10435
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Analysis of current environmental laws on the backdrop of the Bhopal gas tragedy and the road ahead.
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Role of Indian Judiciary in Environmental Protection
Published : September 21, 2011 | Author : ravimor | Rating :
Total Views : 17545
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Judicial and Quasi Judicial Bodies for Environmental Protection are the Courts or Authorities established under various environmental Protection Legislations for interpretation and effective implementation of these statutes....
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