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Juvenile Laws
Juvenile Laws and laws related to minors are listed here...

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Juvenile Delinquency Rehabilitation or Punishment, The Route To Reform
Published : April 01, 2017 | Author : orcinus31 | Rating :
Total Views : 2720
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Juvenile delinquency is an aspect of society that has started demanding greater attention in the recent years. The very many changes in societal standards, the increase in awareness among youth as compared to the youth of yesteryears, the access to multitudes of information
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Guidelines for Child Porn Sentences on a Federal Level
Published : September 08, 2016 | Author : PRASHANTI UPADHYAY | Unrated
Total Views : 1493
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The increasing crimes of owning, creating and distributing child pornography are difficult for the federal government to keep up with. Despite the harsh penalties for conviction of these crimes, the number of offenders has been increasing for years.
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Organized Vs. Un Organized Child Laborers
Published : September 02, 2016 | Author : PRASHANTI UPADHYAY | Rating :
Total Views : 1476
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We are guilty of many errors and many faults but our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the fountain of life, many of the things we need can wait, The Child cannot. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made and his senses are being developed, to him we cannot answer tomorrow his name is today
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Surveillance in India and its Legalities
Published : August 30, 2016 | Author : PRASHANTI UPADHYAY | Rating :
Total Views : 3033
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Surveillance means close observation of a person or group especially the one who are under suspicion or the act or observing or the condition of being observed. Being a developing country, India has brought several changes into its policies on Information Technology and still a lot more changes needs to be done.
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Juvenile Justice Act, 2015
Published : July 30, 2016 | Author : Tamanna pankaj | Rating :
Total Views : 8567
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this article basically deals with the new juvenile act of 2015 and if this reduction of juvenile age by judiciary is justified or not.
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A socio-legal analysis of child labor-child rights in India
Published : April 13, 2016 | Author : Prashanti | Rating :
Total Views : 2764
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Child labor is a global phenomenon. In India it existed in one form or the other such as slaves, domestic servants, etc. since time immemorial.
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Juvenile Delinquency in India, U.K. and U.S.A
Published : March 16, 2016 | Author : Manmeet Singh | Rating :
Total Views : 4845
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The Juvenile Delinquency problem involves millions of youth. It has been estimated that maximum number of all our youths have engaged in Juvenile Delinquency behavior at one time or another. Of course, many youths are never processed through the Juvenile Justice system, but this does not diminish the importance or impact of the problem.
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Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act, 2015
Published : February 04, 2016 | Author : aniketsml | Rating :
Total Views : 23390
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Juvenile can be defined as a child who has not attained a certain age at which he, like an adult person under the law of the land, can be held liable for his criminal acts. The juvenile is a child who is alleged to have committed /violated some law which declares the act or omission on the part of the child as an offence.
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Factors Negatively Influencing Psychology of Juveniles
Published : November 30, 2015 | Author : surpreet | Rating :
Total Views : 3366
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The recent statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, give out an alarming increase in the number of crime rates by the juveniles.
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Crusading against child sexual abuse through law, introspecting the POSCO
Published : September 21, 2015 | Author : Divyalakshmi | Rating :
Total Views : 4625
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The POSCO Act is gender neutral Consent of the child is irrelevant in cases under the POSCO Act, The POSCO Act is only applicable to child survivors and adult offenders
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Changes in Child Labour and Related Laws
Published : June 29, 2015 | Author : Karan Guleria | Rating :
Total Views : 5447
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Child labour is the practice of having children engage in economic activity, on part or full-time basis. The practice deprives children of their childhood, and is harmful to their physical and mental development. Poverty, lack of good schools and growth of informal economy are considered as the important causes of child labour in India.
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Are Reforms Really Needed in the Juvenile Justice
Published : August 08, 2014 | Author : Rohit Singh | Rating :
Total Views : 11335
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The article is about that whether reducing the age of juvenile to 16 from 18 is a solution to the problem of juvenile crimes in India or not
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Compulsory Voting In India A Step Towards Real Democracy
Published : January 03, 2014 | Author : tanvibabita | Rating :
Total Views : 14458
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The constitution sets up in India a Democratic Republic. It means government by the people. Democracy may properly be defined as that form of Government in the administration of which the mass of adult population has some direct or indirect share
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Criminal Jurisprudence Challenging the Traditional Perspective on Juveniles in conflict with the Constitutional Guarantees.
Published : December 10, 2013 | Author : shovonita | Rating :
Total Views : 12464
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the age range in respect of which a juvenile can be held responsible in a criminal accord in respect to constitutional guarantees and its state policy. Age of majority is the threshold of adulthood and this concept has been recognized by law itself.
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Importance of domestic enquiries
Published : October 02, 2013 | Author : groverindia@legalservice.com | Rating :
Total Views : 14852
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discusses the importance and need of domestic enquiries
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Juvenile Justice post the Delhi Gang Rape case
Published : September 02, 2013 | Author : ashoknigam | Rating :
Total Views : 5729
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In light of recent judgement on the Delhi Gang rape case, the article suggests critical reform measures in Juvenile laws to strike a middle path between reformist and deterence views on juvenile justice while locating existing Indian laws in an international context.
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Laws in India
Published : August 21, 2013 | Author : admin | Unrated
Total Views : 1216
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Female Juvenile: Law and Society
Published : March 10, 2013 | Author : shayan | Rating :
Total Views : 6035
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The Juvenile justice system in India contemplates the legal response with respect to two categories of children, namely those who are in conflict with law as they have committed a crime and those who are in need of care and protection for the children who are deprived and marginalized sections of society. The primary framework which deals with juvenile justice is The Juvenile Justice Act, 1986, Section 2(h) defines that ‘Juvenile’ means a boy who has not attained the age of sixteen years or a girl who has not attained the age of eighteen years. This act thus provides for a special approach towards the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and provides a framework for protection, treatment and rehabilitation of children in the purview of the juvenile justice system. This system does keep both the male and female child under consideration, equally...
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Salient Features of Juvenile Justice Act,2006
Published : February 01, 2013 | Author : schatterjee | Rating :
Total Views : 46102
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There are certain important features of the Juvenile Justice Legislation in India that needs special concern...
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Situational offender in the light of physical abuse of a child
Published : October 23, 2012 | Author : ruchit | Rating :
Total Views : 10473
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Situational child molesters generally are socially inadequate, inhibited, and introverted individuals with low self-esteem. They frequently have a substance abuse problem and will deny any involvement in the molestation...
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