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Law - lawyers & legal Profession
A lawyer is a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law. Law is the system of rules of conduct established by the sovereign government of a society to correct wrongs, maintain the stability of political and social authority, and deliver justice.

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The Inherent Powers of the Court
Published : November 20, 2014 | Author : umangraj | Rating :
Total Views : 7006
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The abuse of the process of the court must be prevented by court as an inherent duty of the court. The Code of Civil Procedure is not exhaustive
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Natural Law Theory
Published : September 10, 2014 | Author : Sugandha.ch | Rating :
Total Views : 6822
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Natural Law School, Jurisprudence, Moral law
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Judges of Supreme Court and High Court can be Impeach - A Controversy
Published : August 08, 2014 | Author : vishalcnlu | Rating :
Total Views : 35073
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Impeachment controversy of Supreme Court and High Court Judges in India
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Professional misconduct of lawyers in india
Published : June 06, 2014 | Author : elbepeter | Rating :
Total Views : 84104
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An article regarding the professional misconduct of lawyers in India, with landmark judgments on professional misconduct
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Professional Misconduct by lawyers in India
Published : January 14, 2014 | Author : ekta.saini | Rating :
Total Views : 91752
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misconduct has not been defined in the Advocates Act, 1966 but misconduct envisages breach of discipline, although it would not be possible to lay down exhaustively as to what would constitute misconduct and indiscipline which, however, is wide enough to include wrongful omission or commission, whether done or omitted to be done intentionally or unintentionally
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Basic Principles and Rules of Law of Evidence
Published : November 16, 2013 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 4408
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Our Law of Evidence is totally based on The English Law of Evidence. The great mass of rules and principles of the English Law of Evidence are codified. In the case, Parasram vs Mewa Kunwar, it was held that '' Rules of Evidence are retrospective in their operation.'' That too, another view observed in Gardner's case is that '' the Law of Evidence is law of mere procedure and does not affect substantive rights and therefore '' alteration in form of procedure are always retrospective, unless there is some good reason or other why they should not be''
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Law and Social Change in India
Published : November 16, 2013 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 20901
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social change evinces dimension of some of the characteristics of a group of people. If any action which affects a group of people who shared values or characteristics can also be said as social change
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Contra Proferentem - My Piece of cake
Published : March 08, 2013 | Author : Priyank | Rating :
Total Views : 5740
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The evolvement of the said bilateral participation has resulted in several situations that have given invitations to new set of legal battles.] Contra Proferentem is a rule of construction which interprets an ambiguous contract against its drafter...
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The Legal system in ancient India
Published : December 05, 2012 | Author : Shivaraj S.Huchhanavar | Rating :
Total Views : 52565
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This article involves jurisprudential analysis of ancient legal system and critical evaluation of existing legal system in India...
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Judicial review on arbital awards in india
Published : November 22, 2012 | Author : nalirupa | Unrated
Total Views : 6233
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With the explosive globalization of trade and investment, there has been a corresponding increase in commercial disputes between parties across national boundaries. International arbitration is being increasingly sought after as the best mode of alternative dispute resolution in such commercial disputes...
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Higher Education and Research bill: Implications on Legal Education
Published : October 21, 2012 | Author : Chanduilnu | Unrated
Total Views : 5275
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the article states about the scope and consequences of the higher education and research bill on legal profession....
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Theory of Unjust Enrichment
Published : October 17, 2012 | Author : saranshkothari92 | Rating :
Total Views : 23785
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Unjust can be defined as something which is not in accordance with the accepted standards of fairness or justice and which is also unfair....
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Published : September 17, 2012 | Author : Ritwik Sneha & Rishab Garg | Rating :
Total Views : 22284
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The concept of is one of the fundamental juristic concepts common to all systems of law. This concept has been discussed by most of the writers before that of possession...
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SP's note Lawyer's Bar Consultant
Published : August 09, 2012 | Author : SP Singh Chawla | Rating :
Total Views : 2851
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In a recent Meeting of Society of Indian Law Firms ("SILF"), they have decided to ask all the management and accounting firms including Big fours, to stop providing legal advice and opinion to their clients...
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Access To Justice Civil Law & Common Law
Published : June 17, 2012 | Author : anantgupta93 | Unrated
Total Views : 3553
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The two major legal systems, which I am going to compare, are, Civil Law legal system & Common Law legal system....
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The Trial Judge: His Power
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 3818
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We all know that the trial judge is really on trial. there is, of course, no doubt that as a matter of law if the appraisal of the evidence by the trial court suffers from a material irregularity or is based on inadmissible evidence or on a misreading of the evidence or on conjectures and surmises the appellate court is entitled to interfere with the finding of fact . in jagdish singh vs madhuri devi, decided on 28 april, 2008...
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Basic Principles & Rules of Law of Evidence
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : YSRAO JUDGE | Rating :
Total Views : 60839
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Judge should decide a case only on accepted principles of law. The precepts of law is to live honorably, not to injure another. According to Spencer's formula of justice, The liberty of each limited only by the like liberties of all. Wards formula is The satisfaction everyone's wants so far as they are not outweighed by other's wants...
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UTOPIA - A reality or a myth
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : shivam goel | Unrated
Total Views : 3586
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If scheme of the Indian constitution is studied with open mindedness it points towards the dream of the constituent assembly,1949 of creating India an Utopian state, a country par excellence- signifying principal regality on paper and systematic complacency in reality - rise and fall of India in achieving this over ambitious dream...
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A Sense Of Justice
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : shivam goel | Rating :
Total Views : 5537
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natural justice: substantive and procedural law in consonance with natural justice, relation b/w natural justice and latin legal maxims and natural justice phenomena as creator of the three basic human rights namely- natural rights, civil rights and neutral rights....
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The Code of Hammurabi
Published : June 13, 2012 | Author : shivam goel | Unrated
Total Views : 4521
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The spirit of criminal jurisprudence lies some of the most regal and timeless principles of presumption of innocence of the accused, placing of evidence to corroborate the facts. doctrine of proportionality , victimology and the list goes endless. have we ever wondered what is the legal premise onto which these regal principles stand. this paper is an attempt to resolve this cacophony...
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Principles of Natural Justice are ultimately weighed in the balance of fairness and hence the Courts have been circumspect in extending principles of natural justice to situations.

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