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Articles on various other law topics listed here

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Utility of WhatsApp a Major Risk
Published : December 15, 2017 | Author : shreya.mazumdar | Rating :
Total Views : 167
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It was again on this 20th of November 2017 when a news was published about an eighteen year old Zakir Ali Tyagi, a Muzaffarnagar teen who has spent 42 days in jail due to his comments and posts on Facebook. He was picked up by the police and booked under Section 420
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Notice of A Contract To Transfer of An Immovable Property
Published : December 14, 2017 | Author : Astha | Unrated
Total Views : 116
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This article analyses the legal consequences of a Notice, of a previous agreement to transfer an immovable property to a subsequent transferee under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882.
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International Franchising Technology Transfer
Published : December 14, 2017 | Author : Aravind Prasanna | Rating :
Total Views : 126
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A critical analysis on the legal challenges existing in India, in the absence of a specific legislation, which fails to promote technology transfer in the country through international franchising.
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The Law Against Sexual Harassment
Published : December 14, 2017 | Author : Ruchira Baruah | Unrated
Total Views : 104
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A critical analysis of the laws available in India against sexual harassment at workplace.
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Impacts of information technology in insurance industry
Published : December 13, 2017 | Author : Preethikumar | Rating :
Total Views : 171
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impacts of information technology in insurance industry, We are in a transition from an industrial to an information society. In the present scenario, Information Technology has become the backbone of every industry, especially for the insurance industries
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Advertising in Legal Profession
Published : December 12, 2017 | Author : Dheeraj verma | Unrated
Total Views : 98
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Despite having a thousand lawyers enrolled with bar council every year, neither law professionals nor the law firms have the right to advertise their profession. Lawyers are prohibited from doing anything that might influence prospective client.
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Evolution of Moral Rights in India: Revisiting Amarnath Sehgal v. Union of India
Published : December 07, 2017 | Author : siddhantsharma | Unrated
Total Views : 96
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Amarnath Sehgal v. Union of India and Anr was the first case involving the issue of moral rights in India. The case was first filed on 29th May, 1992 before Jaspal Singh, J. wherein an interim injunction was awarded in favour of the petitioner. The case was then prolonged for 13 years before a single bench judgement by Pradeep Nandrajog J. conclusively disposed the matter on 21st February, 2005. The case is regarded among the legal luminaries for the fact that it laid down the foundation stone of the jurisprudence of moral rights in India. The case was filed at a time when there was no real clarity on the ambit and scope of moral rights, that is to say, no precedents. The Delhi High Court, thus, exercised its discretion and broaden the ambit of moral rights existing under Section 57 of the Indian Copyright Act 1957, thereby setting a landmark precedent.
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Administration of Central Vigilance Commission
Published : December 06, 2017 | Author : Aravind Prasanna | Rating :
Total Views : 105
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This article aims to make a critical analysis on the administration of Central Vigilance Commission
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Evolution of Corporate Criminal Liability In India
Published : December 06, 2017 | Author : Aravind Prasanna | Rating :
Total Views : 102
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This paper aims to analyse, in depth, the landmark case laws which developed the concept of corporate criminal liability in India.
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Easy Steps to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate India
Published : December 06, 2017 | Author : semlovelysharma | Unrated
Total Views : 103
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Police clearance certificate PCC authenticates that the immigrant has no criminal background. He/she is 16 and has been carrying more than 6 months old passport.
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A Study on Public Interest Litigation In Full Concept
Published : December 01, 2017 | Author : Pooja | Rating :
Total Views : 383
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What PIL means and is has been deeply surveyed, explored and explained not only by various Judicial pronouncements in many countries, but also by eminent Judges, Jurists, activist Lawyers, outstanding scholars, Journalists and Social scientists, etc.
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Transitioning Families of India
Published : November 27, 2017 | Author : parulyadav | Rating :
Total Views : 158
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acceptance of Indian Society towards transgenders as part of family.
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Steps To Get CENOMAR From India In The Us For Marriage
Published : November 27, 2017 | Author : Abhishek Puri | Unrated
Total Views : 95
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Importance of CENOMAR and how we can get that.
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All Roads Should Not Lead To The Supreme Court
Published : November 24, 2017 | Author : Astha | Unrated
Total Views : 97
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The problem of pending cases before the apex court of the country. the problem of indiscriminate filing and acceptance of SLP's by the Supreme Court and role tribunals can play in curbing the menace.
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Recording The Statement of Rape Victim - Section 164(5A)(a) of CrPC
Published : November 24, 2017 | Author : Astha | Unrated
Total Views : 314
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This Article analyses the provisions related to recording of the statement of the rape victim u/s. 164(5A)(a) of CrPC.
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Concept of Law of Nations and Its Sources
Published : November 23, 2017 | Author : Varun Kumar | Rating :
Total Views : 265
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This research paper tends to explain the concept of Law of Nations.
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Concept of Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Sources
Published : November 22, 2017 | Author : garima pawse | Rating :
Total Views : 369
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The origin of PSNR can be traced back to numerous resolutions which passed in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). While in general recommendations taken by the UNGA have no binding effect on the member states (with decisions taken in budgetary, elective or admissive matters (internal workings) being an exception), there nevertheless have been many instances in which UNGA Resolutions have considerably contributed to the formation of customary international law in one or another way. This has also found evidence in several judgments of the International Court of Justice, as well as of other judicial bodies
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Legality of US Missile on Syria
Published : November 19, 2017 | Author : kshirjaagarwal | Unrated
Total Views : 184
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This article aims to critically appraise the attacks carried out by USA on Syria in response of Syria conducting chemical attacks on its own citizens.
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Status of Prostitution and Related Crimes In India
Published : November 19, 2017 | Author : sunitabachchhav | Rating :
Total Views : 247
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Prostitution is one of the oldest professions. In India, it was practiced extensively, so much so that Kautilya mentions it in his master piece Arthashastra written around the 4th and 3rd century before Christ.
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Right to Information and Impact on Administration
Published : November 17, 2017 | Author : Prashant Rao Mulik | Rating :
Total Views : 334
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The Right to Information implies the participation of people in the process of governance and administration which becomes inevitable. The Right to Information is the only rightful law in India. This is most popular, citizen centric and change oriented law in Indian administrative history. The Right to Information (RTI) Act influences the people and impact on Indian Administration in greater transparency in functioning of public authorities; disclosure of information regarding government rules, regulations and decisions, every public authority is mandated to maintain all records duly cataloged and indexed in a manner and the form which facilitates the information right under the act.
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