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You should Know Step Before Filing A Consumer Case
Published : July 18, 2017 | Author : Nidhi Verma | Unrated
Total Views : 192
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You are the consumer. You have the power to purchase and consume products and services. But you need to be aware that you always get the proper product or service for the money that you pay. Always ensure the value of your money.
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Gravity of The Offence And Severe The Punishment
Published : July 18, 2017 | Author : Karra kameswara rao(KARRA) | Rating :
Total Views : 705
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the need and urgency to reconsider and relook at the increase in the crime rate alarmingly in India, more so in view of the leniency in awarding punishments.
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Street Children-Human Rights A Socio Legal Issue In India
Published : July 17, 2017 | Author : Karra kameswara rao(KARRA) | Unrated
Total Views : 1080
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Is it not true and correct that street children in India are looked down as inhuman and chattel, for a moment forgetting the fact they are also the creation of God Almighty
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Inventory Problem Faced By Nike
Published : July 13, 2017 | Author : Pooja | Unrated
Total Views : 945
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Nike a leading manufacturer of shoes and other sports equipment in the world faced lots of problems in adopting new software to streamline its supply chain and manufacturing processes in order to reduce gap between its products demand and supply.
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Dissolution of Marriage Under Islamic Law
Published : July 13, 2017 | Author : Pooja | Rating :
Total Views : 1005
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Marriage, while an institution of critical and central importance in the Islamic legal landscape of social relations, was not required or necessarily expected to be a permanent one. Rather, Islamic legal discourses and practices recognized that, upon occasion, marital relations might be better terminated
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Corporate scandals does really endanger the economic progress of the country
Published : July 13, 2017 | Author : AVijayalakshmi | Rating :
Total Views : 805
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In recent past country is witnessing huge number of corporate scandals all over the country. Almost with the frequency of 1 to 2 years, at least one corporate scam is coming to light.
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Procedural Lacuna With Special Reference to Service of Summons
Published : July 13, 2017 | Author : AVijayalakshmi | Unrated
Total Views : 393
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The mechanism of procedural laws is to drive the parties to the court and aiding them to get proper justice from the judiciary through so many procedural provisions. The cpc and crpc are the important piece of legislations framed by our Parliament to meet the requirements of parties whenever they are encountered with violations of their rights.
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Constitutional perspective of uniform civil code
Published : July 02, 2017 | Author : AVijayalakshmi | Rating :
Total Views : 1651
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India a fastest emerging global power in the world but unfortunately half of its population, the women across the country, struggle to live life with human dignity and respect.
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Lifting Up The Corporate Veil
Published : June 30, 2017 | Author : GopalSuthar | Rating :
Total Views : 1390
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A company should be framed for the advantage of human culture. Be that as it may, when the company demonstrations in an alternate way illegal or open strategy then the court will undoubtedly ignore its particular element and lift up the cloak
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Registration under GST in a simplified way
Published : June 29, 2017 | Author : sumitbiswas | Rating :
Total Views : 846
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We all know that whole of India will be going to move into a single taxation mode and hence there arre lot of confusions and at this very moment it is important to know the process of registration.
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Ban on Cattle Slaughter: The Current Debate
Published : June 29, 2017 | Author : nirali | Rating :
Total Views : 1316
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Having a glimpse of the Hindu mythology, we can infer that cow is regarded as very sacred and religious in the eyes of the Hindus. The Hindus have always worshiped the cow as they believe the animal to be quite holy and pure.
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Religion: Nurturing Crime And Ravaging Humanity
Published : June 26, 2017 | Author : Tanu Rathor | Rating :
Total Views : 646
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Article is based on the name of religion. Special emphasis is given on Saharanpur Riots.
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Legal Outsourcing
Published : June 25, 2017 | Author : Sandeep | Unrated
Total Views : 388
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Outsourcing is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization. Almost every organization outsources in some way. Typically, the function being outsourced is considered non-core to the business.
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Incorporation of a Section 8 Company
Published : June 23, 2017 | Author : lexcomply | Unrated
Total Views : 583
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Where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Central Government that a person or an association of persons proposed to be registered under this Act as a limited company
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Enforcement of intellectual property rights by foreign companies in China
Published : June 22, 2017 | Author : siddharths794 | Rating :
Total Views : 467
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its for the foreign companies who wish to protect their IPR in china. please do not copy any information without my consent. The whole purpose of this article is for reference and for dept analysis.
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Point of action to be taken to adopt GST
Published : June 22, 2017 | Author : lexcomply | Rating :
Total Views : 497
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GST would turn into a reality and the country could witness changes in the customary methods for working together.
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Suicide or Honor Killing?
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : RUTH DIYA C | Rating :
Total Views : 624
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The question if the death of girl is suicide or honour killing
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Uberrima Fides
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : anant88 | Unrated
Total Views : 509
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Uberrima fidesis a Latin phrase meaning utmost good faith literally, most abundant faith. It is the name of a legal doctrine which governs insurance contracts.
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Attendance of Persons Confined or Detained In Prisons under CRPC
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : Mudit Bohara | Unrated
Total Views : 625
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The accused in India are given certain rights, the most basic of which are found in the Indian Constitution. The broad theory behind these rights is that the government has hugemeans available to it for the prosecution of entities, and individuals therefore are eligible to some protection from misuse of those powers by the government.
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Definition of Space Law
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : Siri Sakhamuru | Unrated
Total Views : 546
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The term space is indefinite and has never been formalized in legal terms. According to natural science, it is the portion of universe between celestial bodies and particularly the part of the universe lying outside the limit of the earth atmosphere. The question as to what is air space and outer space arises.
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