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Articles on various other law topics listed here

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Enforcement of intellectual property rights by foreign companies in China
Published : June 22, 2017 | Author : siddharths794 | Rating :
Total Views : 612
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its for the foreign companies who wish to protect their IPR in china. please do not copy any information without my consent. The whole purpose of this article is for reference and for dept analysis.
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Point of action to be taken to adopt GST
Published : June 22, 2017 | Author : lexcomply | Rating :
Total Views : 624
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GST would turn into a reality and the country could witness changes in the customary methods for working together.
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Suicide or Honor Killing?
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : RUTH DIYA C | Rating :
Total Views : 803
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The question if the death of girl is suicide or honour killing
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Uberrima Fides
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : anant88 | Unrated
Total Views : 842
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Uberrima fidesis a Latin phrase meaning utmost good faith literally, most abundant faith. It is the name of a legal doctrine which governs insurance contracts.
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Attendance of Persons Confined or Detained In Prisons under CRPC
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : Mudit Bohara | Unrated
Total Views : 864
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The accused in India are given certain rights, the most basic of which are found in the Indian Constitution. The broad theory behind these rights is that the government has hugemeans available to it for the prosecution of entities, and individuals therefore are eligible to some protection from misuse of those powers by the government.
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Definition of Space Law
Published : June 19, 2017 | Author : Siri Sakhamuru | Unrated
Total Views : 776
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The term space is indefinite and has never been formalized in legal terms. According to natural science, it is the portion of universe between celestial bodies and particularly the part of the universe lying outside the limit of the earth atmosphere. The question as to what is air space and outer space arises.
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Santhara: A Path To Death
Published : June 18, 2017 | Author : aaksha11sajnani | Rating :
Total Views : 2104
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Santhara refers to the practice of decreasing the intake of food and water gradually in order to end ones life and attain moksha.The Honble Rajasthan high court has banned this practice stating that it is equivalent to attempt to suicide. Apparently supreme court has declared a stay on the judgment.
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Right to Privacy Violated- Aadhaar Card
Published : June 14, 2017 | Author : RUTH DIYA C | Rating :
Total Views : 4405
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The first judgement to be laid down under the Aadhaar card project.
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Supply under the Central Goods and Services Tax CGST Act
Published : June 14, 2017 | Author : sanjeevnanda | Rating :
Total Views : 912
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Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST), supply happens to be the taxable event under intra inter state transfer of either goods and/or services.
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What is GST How is It Beneficial for Citizens and NRIs
Published : June 13, 2017 | Author : semlovelysharma | Rating :
Total Views : 1501
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GST or goods and services tax is likely to execute in the month of October or November in 2018. It is drafted with lots of assurances. Non-residents would be able to enjoy better NRI services, like attestation services, at low cost. Property and business would be cheaper than ever for them.
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Collegium system: darkness Unveiled
Published : June 12, 2017 | Author : Nehavermadme | Rating :
Total Views : 1148
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This article is written on demerits of collegium system of appointment of judges in Indian judiciary.
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Steps Pro and Cons of Getting K3 Visa for Immigration to US
Published : June 06, 2017 | Author : semlovelysharma | Unrated
Total Views : 676
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The foreign countries, especially European nations, are strictly executing their immigration rules presently. However, it used to be challenging to get the US visa.
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Nature and Evolution of Space Law
Published : June 03, 2017 | Author : Siri Sakhamuru | Rating :
Total Views : 1412
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history and development of space law, definition of space law, legislation relating to space law i.e hard law and soft law, commercial aspects of space and Indian scenario on space law
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Maternity Amendment Act
Published : June 02, 2017 | Author : nirali | Rating :
Total Views : 1750
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Maternity Leave is basically the period when a new mother takes off from her work for the birth of the baby. All the female employees are legally entitled to this right and they cannot at any cost be deprived of the same.
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Cow Vigilantes: Abusers of Humanity
Published : May 31, 2017 | Author : Tanu Rathor | Rating :
Total Views : 1381
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Article is about how these cow vigilantes groups are unconstitutional and should be stopped
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Poverty alleviation and the significance of MGNREGA
Published : May 16, 2017 | Author : Pratim Sarkar | Rating :
Total Views : 2932
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Poverty is an unacceptable human condition that should not persist for a long time. In order to develop a country, the first and foremost task is to eliminate poverty and reduce social imbalances.
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Nature And Scope of Public Administration
Published : April 25, 2017 | Author : MD SAHABUDDIN MONDAL | Rating :
Total Views : 4734
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Public Administration is a newly emerged discipline compare to other Social Sciences discipline. Public Administration has gained immense importance since the emergence of Administrative state.
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Freedom of Association
Published : April 10, 2017 | Author : nirali | Rating :
Total Views : 2858
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Man is a social animal .He cannot develop keeping himself aloof from his fellowmates in the community. No man can live and progress in isolation. He needs people around to communicate with in order to survive in the society.
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Alternate Dispute Resolution vis-a-vis allied case laws
Published : February 21, 2017 | Author : csllbmandarrane05 | Rating :
Total Views : 1442
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Alternate Dispute Resolution vis-a-vis allied case laws
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Union Budget 2017-18
Published : February 07, 2017 | Author : Umang Thakar | Rating :
Total Views : 1261
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The word budget is derived from the Middle English word bowgette, which came from bougette which means a lether bag in French. Earlier it was considered that a briefcase was sufficient enough to hold one's wealth.
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