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Torts Law
Torts is defined as A wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) leading to legal liability. Listed below are Articles written by experts on Tort laws...

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Torts Against Secular Communal Group: A study of Communal violence in India
Published : May 28, 2017 | Author : ashank40 | Rating :
Total Views : 1215
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Communal violence is a form of violence that is perpetrated across ethnic or communal lines, the violent parties feel solidarity for their respective groups, and victims are chosen based upon group membership. The term includes conflicts, riots and other forms of violence between communities of different religious faith or ethnic origins.
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False Imprisonment-of the Defences
Published : August 20, 2016 | Author : shramanadwibedi | Rating :
Total Views : 4301
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A full depth study of False Imprisonment under Torts Law
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Strict and Absolute Liability
Published : August 20, 2016 | Author : shramanadwibedi | Rating :
Total Views : 37257
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A full depth understanding of Strict and Absolute Liability with reference to case laws.
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Applicability of Volenti Non Fit Injuria In Sports
Published : April 13, 2016 | Author : Prashanti | Rating :
Total Views : 6667
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Volenti non fit injuria is one of the major defences in the Law of Torts. This phrase is derived from a latin term which states to a willing person, injury is not done
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Liability of State In Contract And In Torts
Published : March 10, 2016 | Author : Prashanti | Rating :
Total Views : 16684
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Article 298 provides that the executive power of the Union and of each State shall extend to the carrying on of any trade or business and to the acquisition holding and disposal property and the making of contracts for any purpose.
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Published : September 23, 2015 | Author : nehamalhotra | Rating :
Total Views : 15141
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Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken , that harms a persons reputation decreases the respect, regard or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person is known as defamation
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Malicious Prosecution
Published : July 05, 2015 | Author : Sugandha.ch | Rating :
Total Views : 8027
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Origin, definition and essentials of malicious prosecution with case laws.
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Libel - An estimation of Damages
Published : February 22, 2015 | Author : Pallavi Verma | Rating :
Total Views : 5246
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Defamation law and its practice have attracted widespread hatred, ridicule and contempt about its uncertainty and complexities. Libel is a well-established part of Common Law under the Tort of Defamation. In this Article, I would like to develop an understanding of how the damages are estimated in cases of defamation where libel has been committed.
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Pigeon Hole Theory: Aspects of Criticism
Published : October 26, 2014 | Author : Niloybagchi | Rating :
Total Views : 25513
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This article is to propose aspects of criticism against the Salmond's Pigeon Hole Theory and to establish American theory of Prima facie tort in support of Windfield's concept of tort.
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Personal Capacity of husband & wife, alien enemy and corporation in Torts
Published : October 18, 2014 | Author : Sugandha.ch | Rating :
Total Views : 11715
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Personal Capacity of husband & wife, alien enemy and corporation to sue and be sued in Torts
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Administrative and other Possible Solutions to Settlement of Mass Tort Claims
Published : May 27, 2014 | Author : Sonali Khatri | Rating :
Total Views : 3931
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The Possible Solutions to Mass Tort Settlements.
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Vicarious Liability in India
Published : January 30, 2014 | Author : preetisingh | Rating :
Total Views : 69848
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Generally, a person is liable for his own wrongful acts and one does not incur any liability for the acts done by others. In certain cases, however, vicarious liability, that is the liability of one person for the act of another person, may arise. In order that the liability of A for the act done by B can arise, it is necessary that there should be certain kind of relationship between A and B, and the wrongful act should be, in certain way, connected with that relationship.
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Confidentiality, An Emerging Tort In India
Published : July 05, 2013 | Author : Nitin kumar | Rating :
Total Views : 14496
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It has been the endeavour of the author to project the formation of confidentiality as a tort in India. After examination of various case laws in different fields of law relating to confidentiality the researchers have found that the tort has emerged from the right to privacy enshrined in our constitution in Article 21 which talks about the right to life.
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Negligence As A Tort: Meaning Essentials And Defences
Published : October 02, 2012 | Author : Rajibhassan | Rating :
Total Views : 59737
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The tort of negligence has been explained in a very lucid manner taking into consideration its meaning, essentials, denences and relevant case laws...
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Malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance in Tort Law
Published : September 08, 2012 | Author : ankitapaul | Rating :
Total Views : 26937
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This article starts off with the concept of what a law of tort is all about including its meaning and definition and the law of torts in the Indian scenario as an introduction to this project. Further proceeded with the nature of a tort and its essential elements where the three elements have been briefly discussed....
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Is It Law of Tort or Law of Torts
Published : August 31, 2012 | Author : Rajibhassan | Rating :
Total Views : 38993
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There are two competing theories as to whether there is law of tort or law of torts, one providing for a general principle of liability and the other a definite number of torts...
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Concept of Trespass To Person
Published : March 21, 2012 | Author : swati shanker | Rating :
Total Views : 24349
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Trespass to person is a tort which is frequently committed in everyday life. It is basically unreasonable interference with body of a person which can be committed either by causing actual harm or by just causing an apprehension of force....
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Sports & Torts: Legal Liability in Professional Athletics
Published : November 27, 2011 | Author : TapanshuGehlot | Unrated
Total Views : 7849
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The transparency and efficiency of governmental sports federations in India has been questionable at the best of times. The question marks about financial impropriety that have arisen during the third edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), have eased the task of explaining why indeed there must be a structured Sports Law regime in India....
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Nuisance: A Tort
Published : September 15, 2011 | Author : tanya.das | Rating :
Total Views : 59390
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This article forays into the wide dimensions of the tort of nuisance. This is not a codified law, hence there is great need to do in depth research into this law and its various aspects and how it has been interpreted by the courts from time to time.
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Law of Tort And Sports Litigation
Published : July 08, 2011 | Author : vagisha | Unrated
Total Views : 15046
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It deals with the practical application of law of torts in sports
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