Character of Person Is Shaped By Religion He Practice

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Published on : August 26, 2017

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Character of Person Is Shaped By Religion He Practice

Religion is an invisible force that binds a community of persons together. Human life is uncertain. He struggles for his survival amidst the uncertainties, insecurities and dangers, Some-times he feels helpless. It is the religion which consoles and encourages him in all such time of crisis. Religion gives right shelter to him. He gets mental peace and emotional support. It encourages him to face his life and problems. Religion not only reflects the worship of lord but also reflects different roles that it possess and which tends a human being to develop oneself.

Religion comes to origin as early from the birth of human beings on earth. Some of the people of various tribes that existed on earth made a discovery by developing a relationship with the nature. They found that there is a pre-existence of all the basic amenities that a human being require for its survival and as they keep on developing they found out that the reason behind the existence of such resources and the reason of their dependency on such resource is not merely a coincidence but is all a creation of divine power that has made the whole earth. As the human race developed these people preached the existence of such power to their future generation and they developed various outcomes out of it. Some of them wrote about such power that has a human like figure and with great magical power, who teaches human being their righteous reason for existence, who acts as a guide, parent, blesses them, serve them in their need and comes when there is a reign of evils powers on the human race as a protector and called him/her GOD.

Humans started believing in its existence based on what is told to them by their ancestors. Different human have different meaning of god which lead to rise of conflicts among them. This lead to the development of different colonies of people having common interest of beliefs of god. Human started differentiating each other on the basis of their beliefs for god and the practices they follow due to such beliefs. This practice that came to existence was known as Polytheism. Religion came out of it as a universal term that describes the notion of belief and worship of god or a superhuman controlling power. People started writing their own meaning of god and described what god wants and believes human to do. Some ancient records were discovered which lead to the birth of holy books of different religion. People started praising these holy books and made themselves cover in the preaching and practices that are mentioned in such books. They called themselves as a follower or believer of the religion of whose beliefs and practices they believed in and followed.

In my opinion religion has not only been just as tool for connection with the almighty but has also made human developed themselves internally and externally. By this I mean that the religion not only plays a solo role of spirituality but also aims at socio-cultural development of human beings. This can only be achieved by correct interpretation of the teachings of one’s religion and that is the most important aspects of religion as a whole, a person will only absorb what he is being taught in his religion and that shapes an individual character. If a person is being taught of eating non vegetarian as a part of religious principle then he will never oppose the killing of those animals that he eat. A person’s way of attitude towards others religion is often developed due to owns religion.

The religion in life of human being plays different role as to my opinion which develops his/her character for example religion act as a Guide to human conscience i.e. a person’s inner self of determining what is right what is wrong which can be influenced by the religion he practice. There may be some cases where a person’s conscience tell him that his act is religiously right then he would perform it which might be unaccepted by the person following different religion.

It promotes various social virtue like truth, honesty, non-violence, service, love, discipline which later on adopted by an individual becomes his character.

Time and days religion has been making human to find inner peace in oneself and those who have found it have helped other understand the true meaning of it.

A character of a person often reflects the kind of principles, values and ethics that flows in him. Religion has being playing a major role in the development of all these aspects in an individual. Person tend to follow those principle and values that he find is being preached by his religion and that develops a character of that person. But to this people may say what about terrorism is that also being taught by religion to those who practice it. The character of such people is not developed by religion but is developed by the hunger for dominance in the society. Such things are never taught by any religion but are in itself a creation of human being. Religion develops a thinking in individual mind that makes him react to different situations. Such reaction determines the character of an individual. Most important is the fact that the moral character that an individual have can only be molded by the religious teaching that make individual have characteristics like courage , honesty, good behavior etc. Such qualities are developed by religion that act as source of humanitarian rights and societal values that make an individual serves oneself and the society at large which is in itself categorized as a distinctive characteristic of a person.

Religion have made the people so much sensitive that they cannot withstand anything against it and that is becoming an alarming situation in the human psychology. Researches have find out that religion can be used to incite a person to become aggressive and that has now become a character of individual. Religion has always taught human to be a peace keeping and serving.

People do possess characteristics that they extract from surroundings & society or what their culture and tradition deal with but a person’s actual development is done by the process of religious teachings he get. It makes him sometimes reasonable and sometimes unreasonable but contributes in the development of his character. There are many religions practiced and consecutively there are followers of them and you can sometime differentiate them from the way they think, act & talk.

Hitherto we have talked about how religion has contributed in development of character of a person but do we see whether that development is right or wrong. For example let us take the case of practice of Sati that was being performed in India as a religious practice which involves the incineration of female along with his dead male spouse. This practiced was followed by Hindu religion and the followers were fine with such practice as they feel it right since their religion has taught them. They developed a character that made them see it as a religious ceremony but which in reality it was an evil practice that has to be stopped and was. It was unreasonable and baseless in eyes of those who are actually reasonable person. This character of being unreasonable is often shaped by religion. It is not only what religion teaches matter, what matter is whether such teaching are actually realistic or not i.e. if an individual absorbs such teachings whether he be righteous in performing those or not. Religion has always helped a person to understand what is right and what is wrong but sometimes it is misinterpreted by individuals and creates havoc in the society.

Our history is a witness of such acts where the character of people have been changed drastically due to religion’s wrong interpretation that has resulted in mass killing. Such acts are a disgrace to the human race who are provided with the ability to think and talk. Misuse of religion principles and teaching has made people become not only aggressive but also destructive. Catastrophic results have come out whenever such a thing has happened.

We need to understand that the religion we follow shows the kind of community to which an individual belong to the whole world. Our character is shaped and should be shaped by those teachings of religion that deal with service, honesty, truthfulness, peace keeping and other things like that, not by those that has no meaning in the current era. Religion has to be understood in the most appropriate manner as only then we will become reasonable person with good moral character. Character is not only shaped by religion but it is also nourished by it.

“True Charcter Arises From A Deeper Well Than Religion” -E.O.Wilson