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law  Why Must Human Rights Be Protected By The Rule Of Law: Human Rights are inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, residence, language, origin, sex, color and any other status.....By Pallavi ghorpade Posted: 2011/2/16

law Judicial approach towards departmental bias: departmental bias is something which is inherent in the administrative process, and if it is not effectively checked, it may negate the very concept of fairness.....By Saarth Dhingra Posted: 2011/2/16

law The Liability of Psychiatric Damages in Indian and Foreign Jurisdictions: Psychiatric Injury- which is also known as Nervous Shock is a pretty new area, has gained much importance. It is used.........By Arman Das Posted: 2011/2/16

law Role of Customs in Islamic Law: Custom is that which is established in a woman’s mind by virtue of logic and the sound mind accepts it.........By Arman Das Posted: 2011/2/12

law Legal Rights: The term ‘right’ has been used in different ways. In its strict sense it has been used as correlative of legal duties. In legal terms a right is an interest recognized and protected by the State........By Laksheyender Kumar Posted: 2011/2/12

law Natural Law: It is basically a priori method different from empirical method, the forms, accepts things or conclusions in relation to a subject as they are without any need or enquiry or observation........By Laksheyender Kumar Posted: 2011/2/12

law Juvenile Delinquency: Juvenile Delinquency continues to confound the society world over. Therefore the study of the causes of juvenile delinquency and their remedies.........By Shweta Joshi Posted: 2011/2/10

law Prospective Vs. Retrospective: In general every statute is prospective unless it is expressed in the statute that it has retrospective operation. This article lays emphasis on retrospective......By Laasya Priya Ponnada Posted: 2011/2/10

law The blind mother: Related to women issues & legal rights - Tempted away from grey complexity to the drama of stark contrast one could title our land as the historical volumes of sexual discrimination......By abhigyan Posted: 2011/2/10

law Adverse Possession & its applicability in Lease & License: Adverse Possession as a title arises out of a hostile possession against the rights of the true owner. Hence, it is of great significance......By Radhika Jagta Posted: 2011/2/10

law Childish Behaviour & Tort Law: But the law of torts does not purport to provide an exhaustive catalogue of the entitlements or obligations of children......By Neelabh Shreesh Posted: 2011/2/10

law Punishments: Origin & Jurisprudence: We live in a society. Our action may be prolific to us or may avail benefit to us but at the same time those very actions may be detrimental to the other. So, in order......By Anshumaan Bahadur Posted: 2011/2/4

law Domestic & International Arbitration: Domestic Arbitration takes place in India when the arbitration proceedings, the subject matter of the contract and the merits of the dispute are all governed......
By Agnes K Varkeychan Posted: 2011/2/4

law Protection against eviction and fixation of fair rent: All transactions in Indian real estate sector are governed by various laws enacted by the Central Government of India and respective State governments.......
By Shraddha Ojha Posted: 2011/2/4

law facts admitted by the party need not be proved: This section conveys the principle that what is admitted need not be proved. The court has to try the questions on which the parties are at issue......


law Internet Censorship: Is the freedom of speech and expression being misused or is internet the new platform to stage the views of the world’s largest democracy........By Raagya Priya Zadu Posted: 2011/12/18

law Child Labour in India: We can easily recognize the importance of the Child. The above statement has wide scope for interpretation. Child is very important for the development of the society at...
.By Sandip Balasaheb Satbhai Posted: 2011/12/18

law Medical Negligence in India: Man is the only animal who believes in keeping order in his world. This was one of the reasons that he invented the concept of law. Law helped every man who......By Vasuprabhat Shukla Posted: 2011/12/18

law Specific performance of Contracts: Specific performance is equitable relief, given by the court to enforce against a defendant, the duty of doing what he agreed by contract to do......By Sparsh Prasad Posted: 2011/12/18

law Enforcement of Foreign Awards: Under Indian law, foreign awards passed in New York Convention countries, to, inter alia, Singapore and England are capable of enforcement in India......By Sparsh Prasad Posted: 2011/12/18

law Evidentiary Value of FIR: The statements made to the police are if three categories- a) A statement which has been recorded as an First Information Report......By Sparsh Prasad Posted: 2011/12/18

law Implications to Securitization Act: The Bank and Financial Institutions should exercise Caution while dealing with running units of the borrowers. Law has no Color. A single wrong step can......By V.G.Ranganath Posted: 2011/12/18

law Instances of Disingenuous Advertisements & Consumers: Misleading and false advertisements are not just unscrupulous; they warp competition and of course, consumer choice. False and misleading..
....By V.G.Ranganath Posted: 2011/12/18

law We Want Sarv Shiksha Not Sarv Bhiksha: It is disappointing to note that among the 200 million children in the age group of 6-14 years, around half do not complete elementary education...
....By Mini Gautam & Anshuman Chanda Posted: 2011/12/18

law Reprography Regulatory Mechanisms: Today’s world is being confronted by a phenomenon which has the potential of taking away the incentives of many authors and publishers to write.
....By Mini Gautam & Anshuman Chanda Posted: 2011/12/14

law Product Patent & Exclusive Marketing Rights: Product Patent is the granting of patent to the ‘final’ product irrespective of the process used for obtaining the product. Once you obtain a patent,.
....By Mini Gautam & Anshuman Chanda Posted: 2011/12/14

law Vodafone Case: This recent case which has come to the limelight deals with transfer of shares of an Indian Company held by a foreign company to another foreign company. Transfer of Capital Assets in India..
....By suyash.upes Posted: 2011/12/5

law Improvements to mortgaged property as embodied under Section 63-A was introduced by the Amending Act of 1929. Before this amendment, the Act, i.e., the Transfer of Property Act...........By Utsav Gandhi Posted: 2011/12/5

law Surrogacy, Concept of Renting a Womb: The word ‘surrogate’ has its origin from a Latin word ‘surrogatus’, meaning a substitute, that is, a person appointed to act in the place of another. ........By Priya Pareek Posted: 2011/12/5

law Children In Armed Conflict: What the horrors of war are, no one can imagine they are not wounds and blood and fever, spotted and low, or dysentery, chronic and acute,....
....By suyash.upes Posted: 2011/12/5

law Privileges of Parliament: This article critically analyses the concept of Parliamentary privileges enshrined under Article 105 of the Constitution of India along with various judicial pronouncement.......
....By Tapanshu Gehlot Posted: 2011/12/5

law Impact of Securitization Act, 2002 on the Mortgage Transactions: As the mortgage is regulated by Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and the procedure for recovery of mortgage money is through the ordinary..........By Manish Yadav  Posted: 2011/11/30

law Competition Law & Its Impact on Airline Industry: If one goes by popular perceptions and natural expectations, every law ought to have its roots in, a felt need. The inadequacy or vacuum in the....
....By Tapanshu Gehlot Posted: 2011/11/27

law Sports & Torts: Legal Liability in Professional Athletics: The transparency and efficiency of governmental sports federations in India has been questionable at the best of times. The question ....
....By Tapanshu Gehlot Posted: 2011/11/27

law Jurisdiction of Courts ought to be introduced under the RTI Act, 2005 for full compliance: this article aims at highlighting the points that RTI, Act cannot be considered as a proper legislation when analyzed....
....By akberahmad.als Posted: 2011/11/26

law Accomplice Witness & its admissibility as Evidence: In the basic sense Accomplice Witness mean a witness to a crime who, either as principal, Accomplice, or Accessory, was connected with the crime.
....By Ayush Yadav Posted: 2011/11/26

law Sedition Law & Freedom of Expression: With the recent unrest in society, Peoples Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) has launched a nationwide signature campaign against the Sedition Act, whose....
....By Kajeev Kumar Posted: 2011/11/26

law Competition Law vis-a-vis IPR rights: Technology backed enterprises are based on information and knowledge. Starting from Ford Cars to Microsoft Software are the product of knowledge..
....By Sehaj Sunderlal Posted: 2011/11/26

law Section 65 of the Indian Contract Act: A brief critique on the implications of Section 65 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and its inadequacies with respect to eradicating ‘unjust enrichment’ in....
....By Christopher Vijay Rao Posted: 2011/11/26

law The Art of Giving - Corporate Social Responsibility in India: The article is a careful analysis of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives taken by prominent Indian corporate houses..
..By Mini Gautam Posted: 2011/11/25

law Unit-Linked Insurance Plans: Life insurance is usually bought to transfer risk from an individual to a pool to protect against untoward incidents and to provide for monetary compensation to his family...
..By Mini Gautam Posted: 2011/11/25

law Changing definition of Rape in India: Rape is one of the most heinous crime to the social environment. With the passage time, this issue has created lot of distorted effect and seems that Law......
..By Manjeet Kumar Sahu Posted: 2011/11/25

law Post Decisional Hearing: Post decisional hearing is a hearing which takes place after a provisional decision is reached. This principle was laid down in Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India....
..By Hitesh Agrawal Posted: 2011/11/25

law Critically Analysis of Broadcasting Right & Control: Broadcasting media is the emerging market in the television broadcasting media there for it competition is increase...
..By Mahesh Ram Halde & Riya S. Dhanokar Posted: 2011/11/25

law Indian Copyright Software: In India, the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of computer software is covered under the Copyright Law. Accordingly, the copyright of computer software is protected under....
..By Bharat Charan Posted: 2011/11/25

law Tribal Laws & Customs in India: India’s population includes nearly one hundred million tribal people. These numbers are matched only by the remarkable diversity of India’s tribes....
..By Srabanee Ghosh Posted: 2011/11/25

law Protective Discrimination: Our society has always been full of inequalities. It was a caste ridden, stratified hierarchical society, and a particular segment of the society had been denied the bare....
..By Srabanee Ghosh Posted: 2011/11/25

law Review of National Education Policy from Student’s Mental Health Perspective: Peaceful and Healthy mind is a good recipient of Knowledge. Therefore Health of Mind defines the health of student....
..By Prof. Ravishankar Mor Posted: 2011/11/25

law Corruption in Governance: Human Rights Dimensions: Corruption threatens the rule of law, democracy and human rights; undermines good Governance, fairness and social justice; distorts competition.....
..By Ashish Kumar Gill Posted: 2011/11/25

law Government of the People, by the People, for the People: Freedom will be bereft of all effectiveness if the people have no access to information. Access to information is basic to the democratic way of life.....
..By Ashish Kumar Gill Posted: 2011/11/25

law Differences between Justification & Excuses And Mistakes, Necessity & Accidents as Defenses: This article covers the distinction between two closely related aspects of the Indian Penal code.....
..By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpad Posted: 2011/11/24

law Controversies on Euthanasia: ‘Euthanasia’ is the word for ‘mercy killing’ or ‘to end the life’. If a person is suffering from any chronic disease since 30 years or 40 years and if he or she wants to end up his or her...
..By Mudit Sahai Posted: 2011/11/24

law Role of Indian Judiciary in Environmental Protection: Judicial and Quasi Judicial Bodies for Environmental Protection are the Courts or Authorities established under various environmental Protection....
..By Prof. Ravishankar Mor Posted: 2011/11/24

law National Security & Preventive detention: Many believe that stringent laws are required to counter terrorism. This belief is inspired by the logic that such laws will deter terrorists from indulging in acts.....
..By Prof. Ravishankar Mor Posted: 2011/11/24

law Mens Rea in Statutory Offences : In the field of law, it is important to understand each and every cause of each and every act. Only then can a sound judgment be given in a case....
..By Shashank Shekhar Posted: 2011/11/24

law Live in Relationships in Indian Societal Context: Live in relationship is a new concept in India. Though the ‘unmarried couple’ status existed, it was not popular and the term ‘Live in relationship’ ....
..By Bindu Doddahatti Posted: 2011/11/23

law Importance of Open Source Software for better E-Governance: Open source software is computer software. It is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. Open source software ...
..By Bharat Charan Posted: 2011/11/23

law Social Security: The International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines Social Security as "the security that society furnishes through appropriate organization against certain risks....
..By tanya das Posted: 2011/11/23

law  Nuisance - A Tort: The word nuisance is derived from the French word nuire, which means to do hurt, or to annoy. One in possession of a property is entitled as per law to..
..By tanya das Posted: 2011/11/23

law Interest rate structure & it genuineness in India: What might one conclude from the observation that longer-term bonds usually offer higher yields to maturity? One possibility is that longer-term bonds...
..By Prateek Sharma Posted: 2011/11/23

law Gagan Kanojia And Anr. Vs. State Of Punjab: This case comment will highlight to us the value of circumstantial evidence in a criminal case. In today's times where crime has become so flawless and where...
..By tanya das Posted: 2011/11/21

law Workmen Of Dimakuchi Tea Estate V. The Management of Dimakuchi Tea Estate: This case comment helps us understand the scope as to who is a workmen and what is the nature....
..By tanya das Posted: 2011/11/21

law Utilitarianism: This principle of utilitarianism speaks of greatest good of the greatest number. The legal controversy as to whether a private interest can be sacrificed for the public interest at large is founded......By tanya das Posted: 2011/11/12

law Scope of the Payment of Gratuity Act: The payment of Gratuity Act, came into existence on 21st August, 1972. The Act applied to only certain establishments prior to its amendment....
..By Bharat Charan Posted: 2011/11/12

law Author's moral Right: When an artist creates, he expresses an opinion. Whether it is in the form of a painting, a photograph, a motion picture or in any written form, that opinion is of the artist, by the artist....
..By Alok Kumar yadav Posted: 2011/9/29

law Open Texture of Law & Hard Cases: Law is a set of rules which governs and guides human conduct. Law is said to have an Open texture. By referring law to have an Open texture, it is meant that law......
..By Amol Khanna Posted: 2011/9/29

law  Bajaj Auto Limited’s Case: The primary object of this article is to explain the importance of the judgment given in the case of Bajaj Auto Limited v. TVS Motor Company Limited and how it will be beneficial .......
..By Esha Tyagi Posted: 2011/9/29

law Mergers & Acquisitions in Aviation Sector: This paper makes an attempt to give a brief overview of the meaning of M&A, and the regulations dealing with the same in India; it then tries to comprehensively deal....
..By Esha Tyagi Posted: 2011/9/11

law E-waste management in India: Electronic waste, e-waste, e-scrap or waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) describes loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete; or broken electrical or electronic.....
..By Bharat Charan Posted: 2011/9/11

law Section.8(1)(j) of the RTI Act: RTI Act, 2005 was set up to create transparency in the governance of the country but sometimes people use it as a tool for unwarranted invasion of privacy....
..By Manjeet Kumar Sahu Posted: 2011/8/31

law India’s Foreign policy from Constitutional Perspective: Constitution of India constitutes India into a Sovereign Socialist, Sovereign and Democratic, republic Nation. Socialist Nation is a Nation which allows ..
....By Ravishankar Mor Posted: 2011/8/31

law The Role of Indian Judiciary with Special Reference to Global IP Regime: Intellectual Property pertains to invention/creation/innovation of any artistic, literary, scientific creation, concept etc......
.By Aniket Pandey Posted: 2011/8/31

law IPR protection in outer space activities: Despite the fact that space technology is always one of the most advanced technical area, and outer space activities are, in fact, the fruit of intellectual ....
....By Krishanu Das Posted: 2011/8/31

law Validity of foreign arbitral awards in India: With the expansion of international trade in recent years, the business world has been increasingly reluctant to litigate in courts of law for differences arising from.
....By Swati Nargotra Posted: 2011/8/31

law Euthanasia in India: From the moment of his birth, a person is clothed with basic human rights. Right to life is one of the basic as well as fundamental right without which all rights cannot..
....By Krishanu Das Posted: 2011/8/31

law Can a Legislature supplement the powers of Courts given by a written Constitution, through a Sub-Constitutional Legislation: Under a written Constitution the powers of Executive, Legislature and Judiciary are fully described and under the principle of supremacy of Constitution, all the three organs of a State..
....By Sh. Usman Karim-ud-Din Posted: 2011/8/31

law Needs of Corporate Governance: Globalization has been accepted as new economic mantra for the world economic progress. Globalization not only heightens the business risks, but also..
....By Paramita Bhattacharayya Posted: 2011/8/31

law Scope of Mamlatdar Court Act,1906: his article gives a clear description of the scope and object of Mamlatdar court act and jurisdiction of the court as well as functions and power of Mamlatdar Court ....
....By Shraddha ojha Posted: 2011/8/31

law Retrenchment under Industrial Dispute Act, 1947: When a company or government goes through retrenchment, it reduces outgoing money or expenditures or redirects focus in an attempt to become ....
....By Shraddha ojha Posted: 2011/8/31

law Hart’s View on Legal Enforcement of Morals: this article gives an overview on the concept of Hart's view on legal enforcement of morals and describe the primary rules of obligation and secondary....
....By Shraddha ojha Posted: 2011/8/24

law Implementation of the Costal Zone Management Policy in State of Gujarat: this article in its first half give a brief introduction about coastal resources of gujarat and deals with the notification and legal regime...
....By Shraddha ojha Posted: 2011/8/24

law The Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Its long time since that heart rending aftermath and havoc took place. Even heart trembles recapturing those memories of the past as 40 tons of the deadly methyl isocyanate
....By Aniket Pandey Posted: 2011/8/24

law Arbitration An Analysis: History of Arbitration Law , How Christianity , The Bible were the Base for the Law , what the Lord Jesus Christ said about it, Papal Arbitration , Indian Prelegal era etc...
....By Dr. R. Stephen Louie Posted: 2011/8/24

law Gender Justice and Indian Labour: Women constitute half the population of the society and it is presumed that best creation belong to the women. But it is a harsh reality that women have been ill-treated
....By irwin cheema Posted: 2011/8/24

law So you think 433 (e) of the Companies Act,1956 can be taken for a ride: if you are one of those corporate individuals who know that court can not be taken for a ride, please don't read this article...
....By Isha Mehta Posted: 2011/8/24

law Future scope of fuel free bikes and automobiles in India: Currently, in India, air pollution is widespread in urban areas where vehicles are the major contributors and in a few other areas with a high.....
....By Saarth Dhingra Posted: 2011/8/24

law Urgent Need of Privacy Laws In India: It is indeed very important for any individual to safeguard his personal life and issues which ought to be a secret in his life. The Indian government should..
....By Shivangi Raman Posted: 2011/8/24

law Doctrine Of Priority In Property Law: The determination of the relative rights and priorities of successive assignees of the same or overlapping rights has been a serious problem for the Courts ..
....By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade Posted: 2011/8/24

law Abuse of Administrative Discretion: Discretion in layman’s language means choosing from amongst the various available alternatives without reference to any predetermined criterion, no matter how fanciful
...By Laksheyender Kumar Posted: 2011/8/24

law Fundamental Principles of Environmental Protection: The concept of sustainable use of earth’s resource is an ancient one. Without the principles of sustainability as a way of life, humans would not have
...By Laksheyender Kumar Posted: 2011/8/24

law Keyword Trademark Infringement - A Country wise Analysis: An insight into the current problem of trademark infringement by the use of marks as keywords in search engines...
....By Shashank Shekhar Posted: 2011/8/23

law Sea Piracy - The Legal lacunae that exist: Sea Piracy, in its original and strict meaning, is ever unauthorized act of violence committed by a private vessel against another vessel with intent to plunder
....By Aditya Dutta Posted: 2011/8/23

law Assessment of Income From House Property: Income from house property is one of the important heads of income under the Income Tax Act. The tax payers have been, in particular, keen to know about
....By Laksheyender Kumar Posted: 2011/8/23

law FDI Retail in India: India has kept its retail sector closed from foreign investment for quite a few years, the reason being that the retail trade in India generates employment
....By ijbjbKasturi Verma Posted: 2011/8/23

law Women's Education In India: Woman's education in India has been one of the major issues of concern of the Government of India as well as the society at large...
....By Amola Darekar Posted: 2011/8/23

law Wheels of Progress in Society - Law, Justice & Common Man: This article deals with need and importance of time element in litigation. This article refers to the problem faced by the...
....By Vagisha Pragya Vacaknavi Posted: 2011/8/23

law Category-wise Analysis of Awarded Cases related to compensation to the Bhopal Gas Victims: he present article deals with various categories on basis of which compensation was disbursed
....By Ankur Shrivastava Posted: 2011/8/23

law Anti-Terrorism Laws: t is the ‘great right of self defence  from which the moral justification to all anti-terrorism laws is derived. The term terrorism comes from the French word
....By Rishabh Juneja Posted: 2011/8/15

law Water Rights: is without doubt the most important common resource of the people. A major constituent of all living matter, it is indispensable for survival
....By kazim ibrahim Posted: 2011/8/15

law Mergers & Acquisitions in Aviation Sector: his paper makes an attempt to give a brief overview of the meaning of Mergers and Acquisitions, and the regulations dealing with the same in India; it then tries to
....By Esha Tyagi Posted: 2011/8/15

law Sterlite Industries Ltd's Buyout of Asarco LLC: Through this paper the author would try to analyze the whole case of Sterlite Industries Ltd's buyout of Asarco LLC and deal with the US Bankruptcy procedure for asset
....By Esha Tyagi Posted: 2011/8/15

law Law of Tort And Sports Litigation: The word tort has been derived from the Latin term tortum, which means to twist. It means and includes those conducts which are not straight or lawful, but twisted, crooked
....By Vagisha P. Vacaknavi Posted: 2011/8/15

law Infrastructure Project Financing: he availability of infrastructure facilities is a necessity for the overall development of our country. Today, there is a need to focus on enhancing the quantity as well.
....By Meghna Bhaskar Posted: 2011/8/15

law MAT - Its Relevance in Corporate Restructuring: In today’s world of growing economies and fast paced globalization , major companies across the globe, both domestic and international...
....By Meghna Bhaskar Posted: 2011/8/15

law Unmanned drones - Whether justified under IHL: Questions arise as to whether the use of unmanned drones in armed attack is justified under principles of International Humanitarian Law.
....By Smita Rajmohan Posted: 2011/8/12

law Natural Basis of Family Rights: Family law in India is no way a monolithic legal system. The term denotes mainly the law governing the two major communities and all moves
.....By Mohammad Saeed Husain Posted: 2011/8/12

law Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility is day by day becoming an important activity to business whether national or international. These corporations have progressively
.....By Pooja Pareek Posted: 2011/8/12

law The Calculation of Damages in EPC Contracts in India: The engineering & construction industry, especially that in India, is dynamic and highly volatile, making it susceptible to tremendous amounts of litigation
.....By Aniruddha Ghosh Posted: 2011/8/12

law Are the Indian Disability Laws just a sham: he article examines the requirement for a new Indian Disability law. It delves deeper into the need for a new disability law in India and comparison.....
By Sankalp Kapoor Posted: 2011/8/3

law Jurisprudence: The word jurisprudence is derived from a latin word jurisprudentia which in its widest sense, means knowledge of law.....By Anupom chakraborty Posted: 2011/8/3

law Abuse of Dominant Position: Dominant position as being created when one or more undertakings in a particular market use their position in that market to determine economic parameters such as price, supply.....By Shilpi Posted: 2011/8/3

law The Employees Deposit-linked Insurance Fund Scheme: The EPF & MP Act, 1952 provided for a provident fund and a family pension scheme for employees from 1971 onwards. However it was felt that problems....By S Posted: 2011/8/3

law Austin, Hart and Kelson on Sanction as an integral part of law: The term "sanction" is derived from Roman law. Sanction was originally that part of the statute which established a penalty or made other provisions.....
By Sujay Dixit  Posted: 2011/8/3

law His Holiness Keshvananda Bharti vs State Of Kerala with reference to Agrarian Reforms in India:  is a landmark decision of the Supreme Court of India. It is the basis for the power of the Indian judiciary to review.....
By Sujay Dixit Posted: 2011/8/3

law Principles & Procedure of conciliation under Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996: it is the short study of the principles and procedures of conciliation under Arbitration and Conciliation act 1996.....
By Sujay Dixit Posted: 2011/7/21

law SEBI: Consent Orders & Compounding Of Offences: SEBI refers to Securities Exchange Board of India which was first established in the year 1988 as a non-statutory body for regulating....
By Shagun Singhal Posted: 2011/7/21

law A Misinterpretation & Un-Called Construction Of Section 114 Of Evidence Act: Live-In-Relationship: This Article discusses the judgments of the Honourable Supreme Court of India whereby it has been mandated.....
By inb1989 Posted: 2011/7/19

law Judgment on Admissions: An analysis on Order XII Rule 6 of C.P.C, 1908........
By Upasana Kawat Posted: 2011/7/19

law Maneka Gandhi’s Case and Personal Liberty: Maneka Gandhi’s case is not only a landmark case for the interpretation of Article 21 but it also gave an entirely new viewpoint to look at the Chapter III.....
By Surya Bhan Singh Billawria Posted: 2011/7/18

law Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Sexual harassment is a common problem affecting all women in this world irrespective of the profession that they are in, but legal system is sleeping and so they........
By Anshul Agrawal Posted: 2011/7/18

law When does right to hearing transform into right to fair hearing: Generally people get confused between right to hearing and right to fair hearing. Through this article an attempt has been made to clearly depict.....
By Rajib Hassan Posted: 2011/7/18

law Do We Need Gender Biased Laws: DVAct: India has always been portrayed as a fine mosaic of culture and tradition. An integral part of this image has been the respectable status of women. Vedic era......
By Sanjana Posted: 2011/7/18

law Cultural Crimes: Rise in the cultural crimes has of lately been a matter of immense consideration at both national and international level. One of the most barbaric of such crimes is the honor killing.....
By Sanjana Mittal Posted: 2011/7/18

law Forming of Company In India: The Companies Act of 1956 sets down rules for the establishment of both public and private companies. The most commonly used corporate form is the limited ....
By Arnav Posted: 2011/7/18

law LML Piaggio Case: The case study focuses on the breakup of the joint venture agreement between LML Ltd., and the Italian automobile major, Piaggio. The case deals with the various developments.....
By Ankit Rajgarhia Posted: 2011/7/18

law Anti Dilution Protection: Anti Dilution Protection to the existing investors during the second round of financing at a lower rate than the first round of financing.....
By Yamini Khurana Posted: 2011/7/18

law Pious obligation of Daughters the Modern Perspective: Feminist movements have questioned ‘male-stream’ thinking in ways that have struck at discriminatory status quo in politics, society as well as the.....
By Anshumaan Bahadur Posted: 2011/6/24

law Liberalisation of the Law relating to Foreign Institutional Investment and its Impact on Economic Development: In recent years particularly in developing countries including India, there has been increased.....By Rashmi perumal Posted: 2011/6/24

law Schedule X of our Indian Constitution-a myth or a reality: this article deals with the anti-defection law mentioned under schedule X of our Indian Constitution. this law was added into our Constitution after.....By Akshay Goel Posted: 2011/6/24

law Attaining Competitiveness through Competition: A competitive nature is as necessary to human well-being as is food, sleep & exercise. It is the driving force that situations us to generate......
By Aniket Pandey Posted: 2011/6/24

law Federalism in India: The constitutional law consists both of legal in the strict sense and of usages , commonly called as conventions, which without being enacted are accepted as binding by all.....By Arnav Raj Chakravorty Posted: 2011/6/24

law Evolving Facets of National Security: The interplay of the economic and technological concerns in the process of globalization, and the proliferation of low cost wars, through terror groups.......By Bhavya Solanki Posted: 2011/6/24

law Over-crowding of Civil Jails: this article describes the situation of civil jails in India which are over crowded due to pending cases......By Bhavya Solanki Posted: 2011/6/24

law Section 25 of The Trade Marks Act, 1999: The present paper deals with the nature of the sending of notice by the Registrar under section 25 of the TM Act, 1999 enacted by the Parliament of India........
By Paramjeet Singh Berwal Posted: 2011/6/24

law Health Care During Armed Conflict: The meaning of armed conflict is to open and declared conflict between the armed forces of two or more states or nations. There are mainly two types of armed conflict......
By Reema Roy Posted: 2011/6/24

law Laws Relating to Mines & Minerals in India: The essence of federalism lies in the sharing of legal sovereignty by the Union and the federating units. And, in general, the most precise way of demarcating.....
By Sachin Saurabh Posted: 2011/6/24

law Clinical Trial Regulation In India: Drug development is a process that calls for utmost care. An error can cause fatal result. Clinical trials are developed in such a way that it not only helps the discovery.....
By deepak balakrishnan nair Posted: 2011/6/24

law Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage: The Law Commission of India as well as judiciary demands the inclusion of irretrievable break down as marriage as a special ground for divorce.....
By Shishir Shrivastava Posted: 2011/6/24

law Section 91(1) CrPc: An analysis of Constitutional Validity: The entire procedure specified in the Code of criminal procedure, 1973 is based on principle of justice and fairness......
By Shishir Shrivastava Posted: 2011/6/24

law Laws related to waiver of forfeiture & waiver of notice to quit: Sec 111 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882(herein after referred as Act) talks about determination of lease. For example, by efflux......
By Saifur rahman faridi Posted: 2011/5/27

law Arbitration & Public International Law: In the long march of mankind from cave to the computer a central role has always been played by the id ea of law.......
By Nupur Kumar Posted: 2011/5/16

law Ethics- Professional Vs Personal, Law Ethics, Intellectual Property: This article is written on legal ethics and the ethical code of conduct of the lawyers. It also talks about the Intellectual property.......By Vividh Sharad Tandon Posted: 2011/5/16

law Plea-Bargaining: Present Status in India: This is a bit new concept under Indian Law which was introduced after the amendment Act of 2005 in Code of Criminal Procedure. it is showing the present.......By Hitesh Agrawal Posted: 2011/5/13

law Regionalism & Regional Trade Regulation: Regionalism is playing and important role the development of a region. Though it is criticized that it is hindering the development of the multilateral trading.......
By kaushik dhar Posted: 2011/5/12

law Should Women Be Given Coparcenary Rights: Since time immemorial the framing of all property laws have been exclusively for the benefit of man, and woman has been treated as subservient .......
By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade Posted: 2011/5/11

law Development Of Laws Relating To Marine Insurance In India: Marine Insurance is not of recent origin. Its existence can be traced back to several centuries. Questions concerning it have naturally been.......
By Ruturaj Shinde Posted: 2011/5/10

law Goods & Services Tax - Feasibilty in India: Goods and Services Tax is a tax on goods and services, which will be levied at each point of sale or provision of service.......
By Navreet kaur Posted: 2011/5/5

law Micro Finance & The Indian Economy: Micro Finance is an emerging concept which plays a vital role in the development of the low-income groups. It acts as building block of our economy. .......
By Shipra Bhosle Posted: 2011/5/5

law Private Nuisance in Tort Law: The imprecise boundaries of what exactly constitutes private nuisance makes the task of providing an exhaustive definition of the tort almost impossible........By Vineet Bhalla Posted: 2011/5/5

law Liability for Psychiatric Injury: The issue of recovery of damages for negligently inflicted psychiatric harm is widely regarded as not only highly ridiculous and illogical,.......By Vineet Bhalla Posted: 2011/5/5

law Anti-Terrorism Laws: Terrorism has immensely affected India. The reasons for terrorism in India may vary vastly from religious to geographical to caste to history........By Aditi Singh Posted: 2011/5/5

law Case Comment on Priyadarshini Matoo case: This shocking statement of the Additional Sessions Judge, G.P. Thareja in Ms. Priyadarshini Mattoo case, while acquitting the accused reflects the........By Richa Srivastava Posted: 2011/5/5

law Administrative law: According to the definition of Sir Ivon Jennings Administrative Law can be defined as a law relating to administration. It determines the organization, powers and duties of administrative.......By Chitwan Sethi Posted: 2011/5/5

law Taxing Foreign Income of Company: Taxation of foreign income entails the taxation by one country of income that its residents earn in another country. Tax incidence of an individual solely depends........By Karandeep Kaur Posted: 2011/5/5

law Human Rights dimension of a healthy environment: Man and nature have, since the inception of mankind, shared a symbiotic relationship. Each individual is entitled to a healthy environment.........By Vera Shrivastav Posted: 2011/5/5

law Gender Justice: A Comparative Study of U.K., U.S.A., E.U. & India: Over the centuries, as traditional patriarchal customs and laws became more deeply entrenched, women’s lives........By Vera Shrivastav Posted: 2011/5/5

law Politicians, Police & Criminal nexus: Rule of law is the cornerstone of a democratic country. It is the cement of the Indian society to make it function in an ideal manner.........
By Srideep Mishra Posted: 2011/5/5

law Is Capitalism dead: its about the theories of capitalism and whether the current need of today's time is capitalism or any other economic system.....By Sujay Dixit Posted: 2011/5/5

law Honour Killing A Bane Or A Boon: Honour Killing refers to the killing of family members, mainly females, in order to keep up the family pride, which they are said to harm by doing any shameful act.......By Arnav Posted: 2011/5/5

law Juvenile delinquency: Juvenile delinquency refers to the antisocial or criminal activity of the child (below 16 years of age for boys and 18 years for girls) which violates the law.....
By Arnav Posted: 2011/5/5

law Judicial Accountability of Grameen Banks: he hypothesis of this research article is that the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh has successfully used both formal and informal participatory methods........
By Shishir Akhouri Posted: 2011/5/5

law Restorative Justice & Weaker Sections: Restorative Justice is a problem-solving approach to crime which involves the parties themselves, and the community generally, in an active........
By Shubhneet Inderjit & Kaur Karandeep Kaur Posted: 2011/5/5

law Writs in Indian society & its execution: In India Article 32 and 226 of the Constitution gives power to the Supreme Court and High Court to issue writs in case of breach of Fundamental rights of any citizen........
By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade Posted: 2011/5/5

law How to Control Increasing Corruption: Corruption means lack of integrity. Some advantages, inconsistent with official duty & the rights of others. It is not only about bribery, it also relates to the abuse........
By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade Posted: 2011/5/5

law Trade Secrets as an Intellectual Property Right Under Indian Law: Virtually any useful information can qualify as a trade secret. It need not rise to the dignity of an invention; a discovery is enough, even........
By Praveen kumar Posted: 2011/5/5

law Dimensions of Law as a Systematic Device: This paper is a jurisprudential analysis of the different dimensions of Law. The objective is to determine the nature of Law; its structural character....
By Suman Dash Bhattamishra Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Organ Transplantation: We believe that the God is creator of the world and also human beings are the creation of God. Life and death thus resume being......
By Ms. Jayshri P. Khandare Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Jurisdiction of civil court: The Jurisdiction of Civil Court may be regulated by the competent legislature, but there are certain exceptions to this principle.........
By Sh. Usman Karim-ud-Din Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Regulation of Contract Labour: Contract Labour is one of the acute form of unorganized labour. Under the system of contract labour workers may be employed through contractor on the contract basis.......
By Prachi Shah Posted: 2011/4 /19

law RTI a Tool for Good Governnce: The Article throws light on RTI being a Fundamental and Human Right. Every citizen should use the RTI Act. It provides an illustration how people have successfully......
By Ranjana Ferrao Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Corporate Lobbying: Do We Need a Law to Regulate Whistle Blowing: Lobbying is the intention of influencing decisions made by legislators and officials in the government by individuals, other......
By Priyadarshini Singh Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Corporate Social Responsibility: In recent years Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained growing recognition as a new and emerging form of governance in business. ......
By Sonal chhablani Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Constitutionality of the right to die: An article on the great debate whether euthanasia or mercy killing should be legalized or not. It is written more from the Indian perspective.......
By Sudakshina Kundu Posted: 2011/4 /19

law A Cry Still Unheard: The Menace Of Female Foeticide In India: Female foeticide is a heinous act and an indicator of violence against women. Still after many years of the making and imposing of......
By Shubhneet Inderjit Kaur Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Copyright Amendment Bill 2010: Copyright is a form of intellectual property whose importance has increased enormously in the recent times due to rapid technological development ......
By Madhvi Datta Posted: 2011/4 /19

law Comparative Advertisement & Infringement of Trademark: Its all about the comparative advertisement done by the media and what is its effect on the consumers and up to which extent comparative......
By Sujay Dixit Posted: 2011/4 /15

law Competition & Corporate Governance: Competitive business environment and appropriate good corporate governance have a nexus, the former fuelling, influencing and impacting the latter.....
By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade Posted: 2011/4 /15

law Forensic Science: Forensic science is defined as the application of science in answering questions that are of legal interest. More specifically, forensic scientists employ techniques ......
By Sri Krishna Kumar Posted: 2011/4 /14

law Law Justice and Common Man: The Research paper aims at analyzing the vitality and consequences of “Rule of Law and Justice in life of a common man or "aam admi" through the decades strictly .....
By Krishna Pal  Posted: 2011/4 /14

law How lucrative is international sales of goods act 1980: this article discusses the international sales of goods act 1980(CISG) concentrating on the why it is not that lucrative a choice......
By Shachi Pandey Posted: 2011/4 /14

law Adultery- the need for change in IPC: This articles raises various issues with refernce to Section 497 of IPC i.e adultery. It also suggests changes for the same........
By Payal agarwal Posted: 2011/4 /14

law Extent to which immoral trafficking is addressed: The most comprehensive definition of trafficking is the one adopted by the UN Office of Drugs and Crime in 2000, known as the UN Protocol to Prevent.....
By Akhila gangadhar Posted: 2011/4 /14

law Copyright Wars: The copyright amendment bill 2010 aims to bridge the gap between our copyright laws and the international treaties........
By Sumbul Farooquee Posted: 2011/4 /14

law Analysis Of Writ Of Mandamus: In India Article 32 and 226 of the Constitution gives power to the Supreme Court and High Court to issue writs in case of breach of Fundamental rights of any citizen by......
By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade- Posted: 2011/4 /14

law Position of Fundamental Rights during Emergency: since ADM jabalpur till today, the situation with reference to the position of FR's during emergency has seen a complete change, this article will.....
By Harshit Khare Posted: 2011/4 /13

law Legislation & Common Law : Indian Legal System: First question which arise by listening legal system in mind is, what is law? In general, a rule of being or of conduct, established by an authority....
By Abhijeet Kumar Posted: 2011/4 /13

law Interpretation of Section 8 (1) (b) of The Right to Information Act, 2005: information which has been expressly forbidden to be published by any court of law or tribunal or the disclosure of which may constitute.....
By Abhijeet Kumar Posted: 2011/4 /13

law A critique on the Right to Education Act: What happens when a country of the size of India has over 3 million children living on the streets? Or has over 150 million children working as bonded labourers?.....
By Sugyata Prakash Choudhary Posted: 2011/4 /13

law ONGC v Saw Pipes: The dispute arose out of the failure of the Respondent in supplying the said equipment as per schedule, due to labour problems........
By Udita Kanwar Posted: 2011/4 /13

law Significance of Lok Adalats in present scenario: The topic of the assignment paper is "Significance of Lok Adalats in present scenario" and it deals with the very question of the applicability of Lok Adalats.......
By Kirti Dashora Posted: 2011/4 /13

law Culpable Homicide: In general the term ‘Culpable Homicide’ means unlawful killing which is not classified as murder due to the guilty intention or ‘mens rea’ being absent.......
By Udita Kanwar Posted: 2011/4 /13

law The 377 Debate: In the wake of the Naz Foundation Judgment this article looks at the struggle which lead to the decriminalization of homosexuality in a decision by the Delhi High Court......
By Prarthana Vaidya Posted: 2011/4 /13

law Vicarious Liability of State in Sovereign Functions: The article traces and analyses the concept of vicarious liability of the state in performance of its sovereign functions, through case law - both ......
By Prarthana Vaidya Posted: 2011/4 /13

law Challenges Faced by Power Purchase Agreement: The power purchase agreements vary a lot in different states and for different kinds of energy, some of the agreements are meticulously drafted....
By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade Posted: 2011/4 /12

law Directors & Their Liabilities: A corporation is an artificial being existing only in contemplation of law. It has neither a mind nor a body of its own which it requires to carry out its operations and so here Directors......
By Surabhi Bairathi Posted: 2011/4 /12

law Land Reforms & Duty Of State: Changes brought about in the agrarian structure through direct intervention are characterized as land reforms. It incorporates the changing of laws, regulations......By Surabhi Bairathi Posted: 2011/4 /12

law Indian judicial process & its accountability: The first question which often comes in one mind after analyzing the topic is what do you exactly mean by critical analysis of judicial process?......By Pallavi Prithviraj Ghorpade Posted: 2011/4 /12

law Periodic Tenancy: This article is about defining the concept of Periodic Tenancy and and differentiating it with the other types of lease that have been mentioned under the Transfer of Property Act......By Surya Prakash Posted: 2011/4 /12

law Constitutional Right to Speedy Trial: Constitutional Right to Speedy Trial, Factors For Pendency Of The Cases, Delay Leads To Mental Anguish, Article 21 Of The Constitution, Reformative Measures......By Prateek Handa Posted: 2011/4 /12

law Role of Character in Evidence Law: Character means the collective qualities or characteristics especially mental and moral that distinguishes a person or thing. Character is the estimation of a person by......
By Saarth Dhingra-  Posted: 2011/4 /12

law Importance of meetings: Meeting means a gathering or assembly of persons convened for the conducting of business. The meeting is an assembly of persons whose consent is required for anything to decide......
By Saarth Dhingra Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Directors in the Dock: An Analysis In the Light of Maksud Saiyed Case: Indemnity in insurance compensates the beneficiaries of the policies for their actual economic losses, up .....
By praveen kumar Posted: 2011/4 /5

law The Eve Teasing Malaise: under Section 298 A and Section 298 B of the Indian Penal Code, a man who is found guilty of making a female the target of obscene gestures, remarks, songs or recitation......
By Aounkar Anand Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Easy Exist Scheme 2011: With a view to provide simplified liquidation opportunity to the non-operating and defunct companies for getting their names struck off from the records of the Ministry of.......
By Rajat Dosi Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Consequences of Over-population in India: Overpopulation is one of the hazards & serious problem, which creates a great obstacle in the way of national development. It has direct effect upon......By Nazneen Abdulsamad Fakir Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Prior Restraint On Media: The taking of legal action before an anticipated wrongdoing. Remedies to prevent a threatened illegality from taking place include the use of injunction or prohibition and declaration.......By Akshay Goel Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Salient features of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955: Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 has reformed Hindu law of Marriage. It is a landmark in the history of social legislation. It has not simply codified the Hindu law.......
By Laksheyender Kumar Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Charter Act of 1813: The Charter Act, 1833 was the result of certain changed circumstances both in England and India. Policies of Warren Hastings and Wellesley created expansion......By Nazneen Abdulsamad Fakir Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Indian Judiciary on environment vs. Development conflict: In recent times the conflict between environment and development has become quite intense and the judiciary in India has been.......By Vijay Chandrakant Oak Posted: 2011/4 /5

law Role of Intention in Fixation of Tortuous Liability: It is very important to understand the meaning of tortuous liability or rather the nature of tort law in order to...

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