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Legal articles submitted / written by some of the best legal thinkers in India during the period 2012-2013 are listed here

Electoral Reforms Towards Decriminalizing Politics: Democracy has not been a free gift for most of the present democratic nations including India. India earned its independence and democracy after a long freedom struggle - Nidhi Beniwal - Posted: 2013/12/28

Is Poverty A Cause of Corruption: Popular belief suggests that corruption and poverty are closely related to developing country. Corruption has been a constant obstacle for countries trying to bring out the political, economic and social changes desired for their development - Babita Pabbi - Posted: 2013/12/26

Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the heated concepts in today’s world. It is what business does over and above the statutory requirement for the benefit of the society - Harshini Jhothiraman - Posted: 2013/12/23

Criminal Jurisprudence Challenging the Traditional Perspective on Juveniles in conflict with the Constitutional Guarantees: A Child is a wet clay, one can mould them in any shape or in any forms. It is clay in a potter's hand. From the time immemorial, the concept of 'Age' - Shovonita Acharya - Posted: 2013/12/23

Judicial System Before 1947: The judges , in pre-independence India, were the symbol of imperial power. Hardly after 20 years of Ranjit Singh's death, the whole continent of India had passed into the hands of East India Company - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/23

Duty of The Public Prosecutor in The Criminal Justice System: An ideal Prosecutor must consider herself/himself as an agent of justice. In India, we have a public prosecutor who acts in accordance with the directions of the judge. Normally, the control of entire trial is in the hands of the trial judge - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/23

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Role In Women Empowerment: Ambedkar’s view on women's oppression, social democracy, caste and Hindu social order and philoshopy, significant to modern Indian feminist thinking - Kavita Kait - Posted: 2013/12/18

Disposal of Civil Cases: Perestroika: According to recent reports over three million cases are pending in India's 21 high courts, and an astounding 26.3 million cases are pending in subordinate courts across the country - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/18

Non-Examination of Investigation Officer: The only duty cast on the investigation is to maintain a diary of his investigation, which is known as ``Case Diary'' under s. 172 of the Code - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/18

A Clarion Call To BPOs In India: the role and status of BPOs and does an brief analysis of the same in the light of the defintion of 'intermediaries and network service providers' under the Information Technology Act - Ahmed Junaid - Posted: 2013/12/18

ASEAN As A Regional Organization: Association of South Eastern Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a Geo-Political and economic organization. It consists of ten member countries of South East Asia. It was formed on 8 Aug, 1967 - Suresh Khadav - Posted: 2013/12/18

Khap Panchyats, Adjudicating Cultural Dishonour: Khap Panchayats, the self proclaimed courts of caste lords in a village, enjoy full legitimacy and authority among the section of their caste as custodian of honour - manbir bhinder - Posted: 2013/12/14

Importance of Consideration in Contract: Section 2 (d) of the Contact Act 1872 defines contract as When at the desire of the promissory, the promise or any other person has done or abstained from doing or does or abstains from doing or promise to do or abstain from doing. Something such act or abstinence or promise - Aditya.Ashu - Posted: 2013/12/14

Importance of IPR in Business World: Explaining importance of IPR, How will you feel , if your idea is used by someone else and is taking all the credit for it’ - Nermeenqaz - Posted: 2013/12/14

Judicial Accountability: My poignant thesis may well be set down in the beginning itself. Judicial accountability is now a catchphrase in many countries. The word ‘ Judicial’ , as defined in the Black’s Law Dictionary, means ‘belonging to the office of a judge’ - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/14

Basic Principles and Rules of Law of Evidence: Our Law of Evidence is totally based on The English Law of Evidence. The great mass of rules and principles of the English Law of Evidence are codified. In the case, Parasram vs Mewa Kunwar - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/14

Can the doctrine of lis pendens prevail over the rule of res judicata: Lis pendens and res judicata are the Latin terms. It can be abbreviated as '' Lis pend'' . ''Lis'' means an action or a suit. ''pendens'' means is continuing or pending - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/14

Guidelines on Arrest of Women And Judicial Officers: Chapter V of Criminal Procedure Code,1973 deals with ''Arrest of persons''. To know about guidelines to be followed before arrest, it is essential to refer the ruling Joginder Kumar vs State of Utter Pradesh - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/14

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, The Father of Indian Constitution: The third thing we must do is not be content with mere political democracy. We must note that our political democracy can not last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy - Kavita Kait - Posted: 2013/12/12

Role of A Trial Judge Under Constitution: The expression 'Trial Judge' requires a little bit of conceptual analysis where from its practical implication may be derived - Dr. Krushna Chandra Rath - Posted: 2013/12/12

Release of Vehicles by Magistrate In Excise and Forest Cases: Only when the vehicle involving in a forest offence is seized by the police authorities and is produced before the Magistrate and no confiscation proceeding is pending then and then only the Magistrate would have jurisdiction to pass any order in exercise of power u/S. 457, Cr. P.C - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/05

Word History of Mortgage in India: It seemed to Sir Edward that it had to do with the doubtfulness of whether or not the mortgagor will pay the debt. When there is a dubiety of whether or not the person will pay the debt , there must be a condition - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/01

Law and Social Change in India: social change evinces dimension of some of the characteristics of a group of people. If any action which affects a group of people who shared values or characteristics can also be said as social change - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/01

Sale of Immovable Property: Adjudicatory bodies ensue the law, equity, principles of natural justice and good conscious. The word '' Execution'' is not defined in Code of Civil Procedure,1908 - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/12/01

Promissory Note in India: The sum of money promised to be paid must be certain and definite amount. The law relating to ‘Negotiable Instruments’ in a Bills of Exchange Act - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/11/19

Basic Principles of Law of Injunctions in India: During 14th century, England had two distinct court systems. These are well known as ‘ Law Courts’ and ‘Equity Courts’. America's court system drew heavily on its English origins - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/11/19

Suit For Specific Performance of Contract: Specific performance is a remedy developed by principle of equity. A party to a contract who is damaged because the contract is breached by another party has the option to file a suit for specific performance compelling to perform his part of contract - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/11/19

Reformation Would Reduce Pressure: The object of Criminal Law is more to reform the offender than to punish him . Instead of keeping an accused with hardened criminals in a prison, Court can order personal freedom on promise of good behavior, and can also order a period of supervision over an offender - Srinivasa Rao - Posted: 2013/11/15

The Concept of Secularism in India: The terms Socialist and Secular were added to it by the 42nd amendment. The whole constitution is summarized in the preamble. It is the mirror to the spirit of the constitution....Alka Bharti - Posted: 2013/11/15

Expert’s Opinion and its admissibility and relevancy: An Analysis in view of Law of Evidence: Sec. 45 to Sec.51 under Chapter-II of the Indian Evidence Act provide relevancy of opinion of third persons, which is commonly called in our day to day practice as expert’s opinion - Debaditya Roy - Posted: 2013/11/1

Judicial Review of Administrative Actions in India: Judicial review has acquired different nuances during the course of its evolution in UK, USA, and India. Its origins can be traced to UK which has no written Constitution - Manoj Bhushan - Posted: 2013/10/16

Duel Listing of Companies: There are 23 stock exchange in India, the first being the Bombay stock Exchange, which began formal trading in 1875, making it one of the oldest in Asia - Vishal - Posted: 2013/10/13

Importance of domestic enquiries: The principles of natural justice are the rules laid down by the courts as being the minimum protection of the rights of the individual against the arbitrary procedure that may be adopted by a judicial or quasi-judicial authority while making an order affecting those rights - Grover - Posted: 2013/10/02

FIR, Indian Evidence Act, 1872: Evidentiary value of FIR or Value of an FIR under the law of Evidence - Debaditya Roy - Posted: 2013/10/02

VTB Capital PLC V. Nutritek International Corp & Ors: company is nothing but an association of persons, who are its beneficiaries, governed by the directors and shareholders of the company - M Hassan - Posted: 2013/9/22

Tax Implications on Business Reorganization Schemes: a corporate reorganization could take place but let us first look into the reasons as to why a corporation would go for such a change - M Hassan - Posted: 2013/9/22

Consumer Protection in the age of E-Commerce: laws governing Consumer Protection in the age of E-Commerce, its implication and far reaching effects - Vishal Chaturvedi - Posted: 2013/9/10

Power of pardon: pardon as of today is not an act of grace but is a constitutional scheme which when granted is determination of the ultimate authority that the public welfare will be served by inflicting less - Vishal Chaturvedi - Posted: 2013/9/10

Mergers and Acquisitions: In corporate capital scheme, there are two ways for a company to raise its capital, through loan and equity. A company can raise its capital by issuing shares - Vishal Chaturvedi - Posted: 2013/9/10

How Mediation Can Benefit The Business Community: ADR. Mediation is most helpful in case of disputes. The name itself signifies that it is an alternative option to some kind of proceeding. And this proceeding is known as litigation. In mediation the disputes are resolved outside the court Kacheri - Stuti Raibagkar - Posted: 2013/9/4

Can mere fine compensate the wrongs done under the name of Corporations: Framework of corporate criminal liability and sentencing. The Indian courts have only restricted themselves to imposing fine which merely encourages the corporations to commit fraud and settle by paying fines - Devarshi Desai & Mishika Shah - Posted: 2013/9/4

Juvenile Justice post the Delhi Gang Rape case: In light of recent judgement on the Delhi Gang rape case, the article suggests critical reform measures in Juvenile laws to strike a middle path between reformist - Ashok Nigam - Posted: 2013/9/3

Government Procurement under GATT: Government procurement is the purchase of goods, construction services and other services required by government bodies that accounts for a substantial proportion of GDP - Ysuchi_11 - Posted: 2013/9/1

General Anti Avoidance Rule GAAR: Internationally, tax avoidance has been recognized as an area of concern and several countries have expressed concern over tax evasion and avoidance - Yuvraj Thakore & Ashani Shah - Posted: 2013/8/12

Anti Competitive Agreements and whether Consumers can be a Party to such Agreements: Ideal market is the one in which various market participants are independent and act as competitive restrain on each other. This economic liberty of market participants is sine qua non for preserving free and unfettered competition in any market - Tilotma - Posted: 2013/7/31

Protection of the interest of the investor: Investors are the backbone of the securities market. They not only determine the level of activity in the securities market but also the level of activity in the economy. The growth in the numbers of investors in India is encouraging - Abhayagnihotri - Posted: 2013/7/31

Mrinal Kanti Ghosh v UOI: Calcutta High Court Judgment on transfer of a government position - Subhadra - Posted: 2013/7/25

Homosexuality is it natural and normal: The American Psychological Association has called up on psychologists to take the lead in removing the stigma of mental illness that have long been associated with lesbian, gay - Subhadra - Posted: 2013/7/25

The unanswered Social and Legal Issues Relating To Differently abled Persons in India: Over the time as the disability rights movement has emerged, the concept of disability shifted from individual impairment - Dr. L. Lakshmi - Posted: 2013/7/25

Justice: Bargaining with its very own ardor: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are regarded as the three pillars on which democracy stands on. Any of those pillars not acting in a prudent manner would definitely affect the very essence and working of democracy - kumar sumit - Posted: 2013/7/18

Confession under Indian Evidence Act: A confession must either admit in terms the offence or at any rate substantially all the facts which constitute the offence. An admission of a gravely incriminating fact, even a conclusively incriminating fact is not in itself a confession - Shraddha chaudhri - Posted: 2013/7/11

Enabling Statute: Rules of Interpretation: Interpretation of Statues is one of the chief source of law in legislation. Amidst it, enabling statute plays a crucial in its formulation. Therefore, this article portfolios the yardstick of enabling statues in the sphere of interpretation in modern India - Shovonita Acharya - Posted: 2013/7/10

Stifling expression of art and artists-the re-emergence of an intolerant political ideology: The interpretation of freedom of speech and expression is prone to public resistance especially in the field of art and literature - Malavika - Posted: 2013/7/9

Confidentiality, An Emerging Tort In India: The Black’s Law Dictionary defines confidentiality as secrecy or the state of having the dissemination of certain information restricted - Nitin kumar - Posted: 2013/7/9

Educational scenario of India: India has always cherished a glorious heritage in sphere of education. Universities such as Nalanda, Taxila have never had second options and any amount of homage paid to their literary and scholarly products such as Vaskaracharyya, Arya Bhatta - Nitin kumar - Posted: 2013/7/9

Difference between Article III.2 and Article III.4 of GATT: In this Article the author has tried to explain the differences between Article III.2 and Article III.4 of GATT - priyank mangal - Posted: 2013/7/8

Manufacturers Liability, Case Developments in UK, USA and India: It refers to the claims against any parties along the chain of manufacture designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products which have defects that harm consumers causing injury or loss - Surath Bhattacharjee - Posted: 2013/7/7

The Real Estate (Regulation And Development) Bill-The First Step Towards Real Estate Reform: The growth of any country can be measured by the growth of its real estate sector. However this sector in India is far from transparency, disclosure and commitment - Vineet Sahay - Posted: 2013/6/28

Strategic outsourcing - the key affair in all sectors: Outsourcing with time has evolved into an elaborate industry of its own. The increasing growth of this industry due to cost effectiveness in recession hit world is undeniable - Chunis - Posted: 2013/6/24

Minority Rights on Oppression and Mismanagement Under Companies Act, 1956 And Companies Bill, 2011: A comparative analysis as to what changes have been adopted in the Companies Bill, 2011 - Anar Parikh - Posted: 2013/6/21

Protective Discrimination: protective discrimination and equality in India, eaker section of society is not behind the curtains for anyone - Himanshi Kapoor - Posted: 2013/6/10

Condonation of Delay in case of Appeals: the concept of condonation of delay in case of appeal. Section 5 Limitation Act, with reference to State (NCT of Delhi) Vs Ahmed Jaan - Nitish Banka - Posted: 2013/6/7

Exceptions To The Principles of Natural Justice: Principles of Natural Justice are ultimately weighed in the balance of fairness and hence the Courts have been circumspect in extending principles of natural justice - Shivaraj S. H, Kavita S. B - Posted: 2013/6/7

Origin and Development of Principles of Natural Justice: natural justice apart from fairness also implies reasonableness, equity and equality. They are neither cast in a rigid mould nor can they be put in legal straitjacket - Shivaraj S. H, Kavita S. B - Posted: 2013/6/7

Indian Legal Metrology System: Legal Metrology Act, 2009: Establish the standards of Weights & Measures, regulate trade and commerce - Vineet Sahay - Posted: 2013/6/7

Position Finder of Goods under Indian Contract Act: A person who finds goods belonging to another, and takes them into his custody, is subject to the same responsibility as that of a bailee - Anubha Shrivastava - Posted: 2013/6/7

Position of Fundamental Rights In The World of Privatization, Globalization and Industrialization: Constitution: Constitution: Globalization, Free Market and World Economy, a move has been initiated to encourage privatization which has raised several questions of constitutional importance generally and exercise of Fundamental Rights - Anubha Shrivastava - Posted: 2013/6/4

Legal Protection available to the accused during a criminal trial: legal rights of the accused specifically during a criminal trial under the Criminal laws and the Constitution of India also considering the scenario - Anubha Shrivastava - Posted: 2013/5/30

Amendment of 2013 of The Securitization And Reconstruction of Financial Assets And Enforcement Of Security Interest Act, 2002: The Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (SARFAESI) is an Act which lays down a relatively simple procedure for banks and other financial institutions to recover their debts from borrowers - Kironjit Bandhu Majumder - Posted: 2013/5/24

Deemed Sale: Government needs funds for various purposes and State Value Added Tax/Central Sales Tax is one of the important indirect tax and major source of revenue to State Governments - Nehab - Posted: 2013/5/20

Caste and Conversion in India: the issue of caste and conversion in the lives of Christian Dalits in India, supported by leading supreme court Judgments - Vasundhara Rastogi - Posted: 2013/5/20

IPO Scam: With Special Referance To NSDL V. SEBI Case: This case is basically related to IPO scam which came to light during 2003-06. SEBI found number of fake DEMAT holders and alleged NSDL for non performance - Monika - Posted: 2013/5/20

Remedies Outside The Court System In India: Past And Present: ADRs is alternative to existing formal legal system which reduces the burden of cases in law Courts. To get out of this maze of litigation, courts and lawyers’ chambers, most of the countries encourage alternative methods of dispute resolution - Kavita S. B & Shivaraj S.H - Posted: 2013/5/10

Principles of Natural Justice In Indian Constitution: In India, the principles of natural justice are firmly grounded in Article 14 & 21 of the Constitution. With the introduction of concept of substantive and procedural due process in Article 21, all that fairness which is included in the principles of natural justice can be read into Art. 21 - Kavita S. B & Shivaraj S.H - Posted: 2013/5/10

Women Rights As Human Rights: Women’s Rights are Human Rights was first used at the UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993.Though the slogan human rights are women's rights - Mohit Mishra - Posted: 2013/5/01

Gandhi The Great: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi well known as the Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of Indian Independence at the time of British Regime. Gandhi played a vital role in Indian - Suresh Khadav- Posted: 2013/4/27

Role of India In Mali: MNLA group protesting for the want of independence of Azawad as a separate state, ultimately resulted into them taking charge of the region and declaring it as an independent state - Priyanka Prasad- Posted: 2013/4/23

Order 37, CPC, Summary Suits: Civil litigation, especially recovery suits generally termed to be a long drawn battle and regarded as something best avoided, is not so. The general belief that by filing - Akshat Kulshrestha- Posted: 2013/4/23

Social Media Governance In India: Social media can well be termed as a tool of divulgence and convergence of information. But such tool is more or less used by individuals and few organizations - Abhishek Kumar Pandey - Posted: 2013/4/23

Strict Scrutiny Test in Constitutional Adjudication: Need of the judicial interpretation has ever existed and persisted in every legal system of the world. Initially the judges in their eagerness to avoid the blasphemy of judicial legislation bounded themselves with the rule of literal interpretation - Abhishek Kumar Pandey - Posted: 2013/4/23

Rape Law In India, Problems In Prosecution Due To Loopholes In The Law: Section 375 and Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code as the base, the article moves towards numerous aspects - Siddharth Mehta - Posted: 2013/4/16

Right to Clean Environment: A basic Human Right: The concept of human rights in general emerged after the Second World War, but the right to a healthy environment, as one of those human rights, was never a priority - Aditi Singh - Posted: 2013/4/16

Science and Technology in human rights: An Indian perspective: THE myth of the technology fix is currently in the making. Corruption, inefficiency and ‘leakages’ are persuasive reasons for replacing - Aditi Singh - Posted: 2013/4/13

Assam, Explanation Needed: The recent clashes between Bodos and Muslims in the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous District (BTAD) of Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa and Dhubri claimed around 100 lives - Dhananjay Kashyap - Posted: 2013/4/08

Criminal trial: Substantive law tells about the rights and liabilities of a particular person ,while procedural law tells about the mechanism by which we can implement the substantive law - Akanksha sharma - Posted: 2013/4/07

E-Governance is an archetype of development in developing countries: E-governance is a key for an effective government in developing nations. The developing nations are in a constant struggle - Shashank Pathak - Posted: 2013/4/05

Squeeze out of minority shareholders: he law relating to reduction of share capital can be found in Section 100 to 105 of the Companies Act, 1956. The recent judgments in Elpro and Sanvik Asia - Anandita Thass - Posted: 2013/4/02

Comparables and Transfer Pricing: Transfer pricing is a profit allocation method used to attribute a corporation’s net profit or loss before tax to tax jurisdictions. Sections 92 to 92F of the Income Tax Act, 196 - Anandita Thass - Posted: 2013/4/02

Res Judicata: its evolvement from the English Common Law system, being derived from the overriding concept of judicial economy, consistency, and finality. From the common law, it got included in the CPC - Arnav Raj Chakravorty - Posted: 2013/3/26

Karta of a Family / Hindu Law: Karta means manager of joint family and joint family properties. He is the person who takes care of day to day expenses of the family looks after the family and protects the joint family properties - Arnav Raj Chakravorty - Posted: 2013/3/26

International war crimes: War crimes under International Criminal statute are divided into four categories. War crimes in international arm conflicts are covered by article 8(2)(a) - Chitvan Bakshi - Posted: 2013/3/26

Female Juvenile: Law and Society: The Juvenile justice system in India contemplates the legal response with respect to two categories of children, namely those who are in conflict with law as they have committed a crime and those who are in need of care and protection for the children - Shayan Ghosh - Posted: 2013/3/26

Contra Proferentem - My Piece of cake: The evolvement of the said bilateral participation has resulted in several situations that have given invitations to new set of legal battles. Contra Proferentem is a rule of construction which interprets an ambiguous contract - Adv.Priyank Srivastava - Posted: 2013/3/26

U.C.C based Indian civil code: uniform civil code and it’s importance for modern society, then how it works on society. My strong thought to implement u.c.c based Indian Civil Code - J.Jayan - Posted: 2013/3/23

Indian Constitutionalism: Position of Constitutionalism in India, Concept of Constitutionalism in India, Doctrine of Constitutionalism in India, Article on Constitutionalism in India - Preeti goyal - Posted: 2013/3/19

Appointment, Disqualification And Liabilities of Directors of A Company: A Legal Perspective: On incorporation, a company becomes a legal artificial person but it cannot act by itself and consequently it has to depend upon some human agency to act in its name - P.Naga Sudha Reddy - Posted: 2013/3/13

Companies Act 1956 and Company Bill 2011: In view of changes in the national and international corporate environment and growth of economy of our developing country, the Central Government - shashank tyagi - Posted: 2013/3/12

A benchmark in history of the Indian Constitutional Law: The existence of a remote judicial control may only act as a brake against hasty and unreasonable legislative and executive action and as a form of guarantee to the public against instability. The stability of the Constitution stabilizes the State - shashank tyagi - Posted: 2013/3/12

Sexual Harassment at work place: In India Sexual harassment has been termed as "Eve teasing" and is described as: unwelcome sexual gesture or behavior whether directly or indirectly as sexually colored remarks; physical contact and advances; showing pornography; a demand or request for sexual favors - Megha Harshwal - Posted: 2013/3/12

FDI in Retail Sector: One of the most striking developments in the last two decades has been in the FDI in the global economic landscape. FDI provides a win-win situation both to the host as well - Megha Harshwal - Posted: 2013/3/12

Indra Sawhney & Others Vs.Union of India: When our own Constitution was framed the framer of the constitution made a special provision with intention to provide equal opportunity in the public employment - shashank tyagi - Posted: 2013/3/09

Problems and Challenges before Law Teachers in India: There is a general feeling that legal education is in peril and law teachers have failed to focus on adequately preparing the students for the practice of law - Dr. Rajendrakumar Hittanagi - Posted: 2013/3/06

Constitutional vires of laws relating to Organized Crime: State of Maharashtra v. Bharat Shantilal Shah and Ors: Criminal Writ Petitions were filed before the Bombay High Court by three persons aggrieved by arrest and registration challenging the constitutional validity of the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act, 1999 - Udit Nikhil Vyas - Posted: 2013/3/06

A Legal Perspective on Public Private Partnerships in India: Infrastructure development is crucial in fostering economic growth of a nation. With increase in globalization certain infrastructure availability has essentially become more of a public amenity which the government seeks to endure for its citizens. In the nation stages - Udit Nikhil Vyas - Posted: 2013/3/06

Delimitation of continental shelf: Under Article 1 of Geneva convention on law of sea’ the continental shelf is the sea bed and sub soil of the submarine areas adjacent to the coast - Gayathri Sankaran - Posted: 2013/3/06

Remedial and Penal Statutes: The term interpretation means "To give meaning to". Governmental power has been divided into three wings namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary - ronilgoger - Posted: 2013/3/05

In search of True Alternative to existing Justice Dispensing System in India: With the adoption of the Constitution guaranteeing freedoms to the citizens and the establishment of an independent and powerful judiciary, coupled with power of judicial review - Shivaraj S. - Posted: 2013/3/05

Genocide In Modern Times: The world has witnessed gross human rights violations over the past decades. Certain crimes were of such nature and magnitude that it caught the attention of the international - Meera Mathew - Posted: 2013/3/05

Legal Protection of Consumers' Choice From Deceptive Advertising: The growing interdependence of the world economy and international character of many business practices have contributed to the development of universal emphasis on consumer rights protection and promotion - Falakyar Askari & Aditya Mishra - Posted: 2013/3/05

Married woman's right over spousal property: Among Hindu marriage is a necessary "samaskar", a holy sacramental union, even emphasized by modern statutory law - G - Posted: 2013/3/05

Study of Contractual Documents Involved In Yamuna Expressway Project: Jaypee group to construct the 6-lane access controlled expressway extendable upto 8-lane from Noida to Agra in the state of UP - Gaurav Sharma - Posted: 2013/2/22

Implementation of Corporate E-Governance: This project of the ministry of company affairs (MCA) is expected to provide 21st century services to business, government and the citizens of India - Gaurav Sharma - Posted: 2013/2/22

Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: Confronting Paradigms: he issue of the Competition law and its clash with domain of Intellectual Property Rights and what are the possible ways of arriving at a comfort zone between Competition law and Intellectual Property Rights - Aviral Saxena - Posted: 2013/2/22

Interpretation of taxing statute as strict construction and exemption: Taxation is statutory filed. No tax can be levied and collected except according to the authority of law. There is fiscal legislation every year - NikhilP - Posted: 2013/2/22

Perspectives on Contract Labour Act: Liberalization of Indian economy and increasing globalization and foreign companies interested in Investment in India , Global market uncertainty - Aniruddh Shastree - Posted: 2013/2/18

Salient Features of Juvenile Justice Act, 2006: The first central legislation on Juvenile Justice was passed in 1986, by the Union Parliament, providing a uniform law on juvenile justice for the entire country - Shrabana Chattopadhyay - Posted: 2013/2/2

The Role of Education Sector in Removing Gender Inequality: We observe many differences among boys and girls in the family, the street, inside the classroom, in the play field. For instance, in general, boys are active, playful, confident, bold, loud, and difficult to control - Rajendrakumar Hittanagi - Posted: 2013/2/1

Women’s Right to Property with Emphasis on Land Rights and Its Role in empowering Women: There is always link between status of a person and his/her property. Law confers the right to property on person subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. Earlier there were inherent inequalities in the inheritance laws - Rajendra kumar Hittanagi - Posted: 2013/2/1

Universal Copyright Convention: The developments in Latin America explain the need perceived in the mid 1940’s for another multilateral treaty on author’s rights in addition to the Berne Convention - Dhruv Grover - Posted: 2013/1/29

Violation of Easementary Rights: he three topics in the project come within the ambit of Easement rights. An easement is a right which the owner or occupier of a certain land possess, as such for the beneficial enjoyment of that land to do something, or to prevent and continue to prevent something being done - Ronilgoger - Posted: 2013/1/29

Government Companies: Company means an association of person for fulfillment of some object in order to earn some profits. In this article the government company is explained, its features, legal status - Naiana Jain - Posted: 2013/1/29

Pre-Requisites and Process of Collective Bargaining: The term collective bargaining simply means negotiation. It provides an opportunity to the workers to achieve industrial democracy. It is applied in different levels starting from craft-level to national level - Ronil Goger - Posted: 2013/1/24

Changes In The Laws of Arrest: The laws of arrests, its need. It also includes opinion of judiciary and the guidelines given by Supreme Court in various judgments along with amendments done in arrest laws and incorporation of some of the provision of arrest law - Naiana Jain - Posted: 2013/1/24

Reservation for Women in the Board of Directors: The introduction of the reservation for women in the company boards was received with a lot of hue and cry. The concept of women directors, since then, has been an issue of debate. Conceived in the Companies Bill 2003 - Deboshree ritambhara banerji - Posted: 2013/1/17

Emergence of Article 31 A, B and C and its validity: The Constitution (Forty-Fourth Amendment) Act, 1978, signifies the demise of the fundamental Right to Property. Before 1978, there were mainly two articles to protect private property, Arts. 19(1) (f) and 31, but they were repealed by constitutional amendments - Laxman Singh Dudi - Posted: 2013/1/17

Administration of Wakf in India: wakf has a range of beneficiaries. Thus, the founder makes arrangements beforehand by appointing an administrator and lays down the rules - Ankita Paul - Posted: 2013/1/16

Feasibility of GAAR for removing the practice of Tax Avoidance: Internationally, tax avoidance has been recognized as an area of concern and several countries have expressed concern over tax evasion and avoidance - Jayant Kumar - Posted: 2013/1/16

Notion of Doctrine of Public Trust In India: The Public Trust Doctrine is the principle that certain resources are preserved for public use, and that the government is required to maintain them for the public's reasonable use - Jayant Kumar - Posted: 2013/1/16

Amendment to Pleadings and the approach of the Judiciary: The most challenging problem facing the administration of justice in India is the backlog and resulting delay in criminal and civil cases at every level - Arindam Ghosh - Posted: 2013/1/16

Mediation In Divorce: New methods of dispute resolution such as ADR facilitate parties to deal with the underlying issues in dispute in a more cost-effective manner and with increased efficacy - Anushtha Saxena - Posted: 2013/1/16

Reconstruction and Amalgamation: The company wished to avoid being wound up and negotiated a scheme in which the existing shareholdings in the company would be transferred to a new company which would take over the company’s undertaking and assets - Prerna Chopra - Posted: 2013/1/16

Insider trading laws in India: Insider trading denotes dealing in a company’s securities on the basis of confidential information relating to the company which is not published or not - Prerna Chopra - Posted: 2013/1/16

Fundamental Breach of Contract: Contract is made between the parties who are intended to bind together in a legal obligation i.e .to serve the interest of both the parties - Chandrashekhar Sharma - Posted: 2013/1/15

Right to Sleep The Apex Courts Lullaby for the People: Ram Leela Maidan incident has led to a historic judgment thro' suo motu proceedings initiated by the Apex Court of India as a Guarantor - Dr.Mohan Rao Bolla - Posted: 2013/1/15

Human Cloning and Ethics: Cloning is a very interesting and new concept developed with the huge technological advancements made in the field of science. The cloning of the animals is becoming common. Dolly, a cloned sheep was the first cloned animal - Sunita Saran - Posted: 2013/1/14

Changes in Indian legal System with the introduction of Public Interest Litigation: The emergency of 1976 marked not just a political watershed in this country, but a judicial one as well. In the euphoria of the return - Sunita Saran - Posted: 2013/1/08

Concept of Marz-ul-Maut in Muslim Law: In India Muslims are allowed to follow their own personal civil law. This is a legacy of the British Raj which allowed all religions to have their own personal civil laws - Sunita Saran - Posted: 2013/1/08

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