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Divorce laws in India: Topics discussed on family laws are mentioned here in details they are as follows:
# Hindu Marriage Act # Judicial Separation # Nullity of Marriage # Restitution of Conjugal Rights # Maintenance and Residence of Female Child # How Can A Hindu Marry from other Religion # Procedure followed in Matrimonial Petitions # Maintenance Pendente Lite and Expenses of Proceedings # Maintenance for wife, children and parents - Section 125 CrPC # What should an Aggrieved Person do in case of Domestic Violence

Latest Law Articles

Cruelty - as a ground for Divorce
Sexual Harassment of women at work
Role of Judiciary In Strengthening PIL
Right To Maintenance Section 125 crpc
Killer Provsions of The Companies Act, 2013
Equality in India – Social and Political Scenario
The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2015

Human Rights laws in India:
focuses on the topics related to laws protecting Human Dignity in India

Supreme Court Judgments

Given below are some of the latest additions
# Legal Rights of Second Wife
# First Information Report
# Human Rights
# Will - Codicils and Succession

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Bare Acts in India
# The Transplantation of Human Organ Act 1994
# The Foreign Marriage Act, 1969
# Transfer of Property Act 1882
# The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937
# The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
# Copyright Act of 1957
# The Emigration Act, 1983

Banking and Finance laws: Report on Security Interest Act, NI act, banking issues etc has been discussed here

Case Laws: Landmark judgments of India have been critically analyzed and discussed

Civil Laws: CPC, and various aspect to civil side of practice has been elaborately discusses

Company Law : The ROC, Company's act in India, duties and rights of directors of a company, company's legal rights and liabilities are mentioned

Constitutional Law : Indian Constitution is the lengthiest in the world, an indept understanding of it has been exhaustly mentioned here

Consumer laws : Consumer rights, various consumer courts such as national and state commission, its functions are researched here

Contracts laws : Meaning of Contract, consideration, acceptance, binding nature, valid contract, as par Contract act of India

Criminal law : Crpc, IPC, evidence act, Prison laws, various statutes related to criminal laws have all been mentioned here in great lenght

Environmental Law: Environmental pollution a growing concern to the very existence of mankind under threat, the various laws being enacted to safeguard the environment has been discussed here

Insurance / Accident Claim: motor vehicles claim, Insurance to third party claim, the court procedure in obtaining insurance, lok adalats role in these matter has all been mentioned here.

Immigration laws: Visa, POA, Citizenship laws, immigration laws in US etc

Download law forms in India

Legal Profession: The bar council rules, Advocate act, the laws governing lawyers their duties and rights as officers of the court

Online Legal Advice

Consult Our legal Experts, all issues related Marriage, Divorce, Separation, Adoption, Wills etc - Get your solution within 48hrs - To avail Our professional service.
Supreme Court Judgments - 2014
# Just because someone is poor, the State cannot allow him to die Delhi HC landmark Judgment
# Deepak Gulati vs State of Haryana - Sections 365 and 376 of the Indian Penal Code
# Samrendra Beura vs U.O.I. & Ors - Article 32, Section 39(a) of The Air Force Act, 1950
# Markio Tado vs Takam Sorang - Section 116A of the Representation of the People’s Act
# Arun Kumar Agrawal vs Union of India & Ors

Property laws Judgments
# Narinder Singh Rao vs Avm Mahinder Singh Rao & Ors - A Will has to be attested by two witnesses to be valid and in case of transfer of Property Will registration is a Must (Supreme court Judgment: 22 March, 2013)
# Suraj Lamp and Industries (P) vs State Of Haryana & Anr - GPA cannot be used to transfer immovable property

Family law: Marriage, Divorce, adoption, maintenance, Child custody related laws

Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademark, patent, Industrial laws, there various aspects have been discussed here

International Law: International war crimes, International court of Justice in relation to its impact on Indian laws

Juvenile Laws: laws related to Children, Juvenile custody etc

Legal outsourcing: With the advent of internet legal Outsourcing has become a huge marketplace, its impact in the legal profession etc

Media laws: Press laws, Advertisement laws, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Prasar Bharati act etc

Medico legal: A report of Forensic laws, post mortem, Medical Jurisprudence, Autopsy, Clinical Trials, Foreign Drugs, Organ Transplantation

Real estate laws: property laws, sale agreement, property loan, property registration deed laws.

Tax Laws: Indian Tax laws is probably the most complicated statute in India, a detailed study has been reported here

Torts Law: Torts is the least implemented law in India, never the less it holds a significant place of importance

Workplace Equality and Non-Discrimination: laws governing Sexual harassment in work place, sex workers, domestic maids etc.

Human Rights laws : Child labour, human trafficking, Dalit atrocities, Genocide, honour killings, gender inequality etc

Penalty Imposed under section 12 of Companies Act 2013

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Human Rights Violations- An Anathema To Society - Violence against women - Advance Ruling Under Vat Acts - Corruption - Torture, Terrorism and Police - Rights of Second Wife - Evaluating Trade Secrets Under The IPR Paradigm - Tape Recorded Conversation - Are Trade, Commerce and Intercourse Free - Internet telephony - Taxation for E-Commerce - Spam law - Austianinan Concept of Sovereignty - Supreme Court the Final Pedestal of Justice - Right to Information - Corporal Punishment - Privatization of the Oil Sector - Originality under Copyright Law - Environmental Justice right to Water -Ganesh Idol Immersion and Water Pollution - Succession, property of a Hindu Male - Right to marry - Special legislation on live-in-relationship - Whether Section 324 of IPC is Bailable or Non-Bailable

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