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Supreme Court Judgments

Supreme Court Judgments
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Supreme Court Judgments

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# State (NCT Of Delhi) Vs Ahmed Jaan - Condonation of Delay in case of Appeals
# Rights Of Second Wife
# Landmark judgments on Gift deed

# Sexual harrasment

Customary payments, gifts not dowry
Requirements for a Foreign Divorce be valid in India

# Crime against woman Judgments
# A.K Kraipak v. Union of India
# Transfer of Petition
Sumita Singh vs Kumar Sanjay And Anr
* S. Khushboo vs. Kanniammal & Anr

# Duties of the Police and the Courts

Supreme Court Judgments latest Updates

Property laws Judgments
# Narinder Singh Rao vs Avm Mahinder Singh Rao & Ors - A Will has to be attested by two witnesses to be valid and in case of transfer of Property Will registration is a Must (Supreme court Judgment: 22 March, 2013)
# Suraj Lamp and Industries (P) vs State Of Haryana & Anr - GPA cannot be used to transfer immovable property

Supreme Court judgments - May 2013

# Deepak Gulati vs State of Haryana - Sections 365 and 376 of the Indian Penal Code
# Samrendra Beura vs U.O.I. & Ors - Article 32, Section 39(a) of The Air Force Act, 1950
# Markio Tado vs Takam Sorang - Section 116A of the Representation of the People’s Act
# Arun Kumar Agrawal vs Union Of India & Ors
# P.A. Inamdar & Ors vs State Of Maharashtra & Ors - state's policy on reservation in private institutions
# Bal patil and Anr v. Union of India - Minority as understood from constitutional scheme

Important Copyright Judgments

Eastern Book company v Navin J.Desai

# Godrej Soaps (P) Ltd v Dora Cosmetics Co
# Caterpillar Inc v Kailash Nichani
# Lachhman Das Behari Lal v Padam Trading Co
# Exphar SA & Anr v Eupharma Laboratories Ltd & Anr
# David Pon Pandian v State
# Shree Devendra Somabhai Naik v Accurate Transheet Pvt Ltd
# Ushodaya Enterprises Ltd v T.V. Venugopal
# Khajanchi Film Exchange v state of MP
# Jolen Inc v Shoban Lal Jain
# Lal Babu Priyadarshi v Badshah Industries

Appellate Jurisdiction of Supreme Court
Kailas & Ors. v/s State of Maharashtra and Taluka P.S

# S. Nagaraj And Ors. vs State Of Karnataka And Anr: seniority and recruitment

The following are some examples in which NGO take an action in court for protecting human right:

# Vishaka & Ors vs State of Rajasthan & Ors
Peoples’ Union For Democratic Rights V. State Of Bihar & Ors
Bandhua Mukti Morcha vs Union Of India & Ors
Saheli V/S Commissioner Of Police
People’s Union for Democratic Rights V/s Police commissioner Delhi, head quarters

Maintenance for wife and children: final and interim:
1) Shail Kumari Devi & Anr vs Kishun B. Pathak

# Transfer of Petition in favour of Husband - Dipankar Ghosh Vs Moukhi Dutta (Ghosh)

* Juvenile Supreme Court Judgments:
Om Prakash v/s State Of Rajasthan - Rape of Minor Girl

* Transfer of Petition:
# Sumita Singh vs Kumar Sanjay And Anr

# S. Khushboo vs. Kanniammal & Anr - Actress Khusboo allegedly endorsed pre-marital sex

SC Judgments on IPC- 498a:
1) G. Raj Mallaiah and Another v. State of Andhra Pradesh
Smt. Mayadevi Vs. Jagdish Prasad
Rajkumar v. State of Madhya Pradesh
Ruchi Agarwal vs Amit Kumar Agrawal & Others
Satyajit Banerjee and others v. State of West Bengal and others

6) Sakatar Singh & Ors Vs State Of Haryana
7) The State of Andhra Pradesh vs Raj Gopal Asawa And Anr
8) Hans Raj vs State Of Haryana
9) Baburam vs State Of Madhya Pradesh
10) Y. Abraham Ajith & Ors Vs Inspector Of Police, Chennai & Anr

11) Nallam Veera Stayanandam & Ors vs The Public Prosecutor, High Court

# Duties of the Police and the Courts - Sheela Barse vs State Of Maharashtra
# Delhi Judicial Service Association, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi vs State of Gujarat and others:
In this ruling, the Apex Court held that in view of' the paramount necessity of preserving the independence of judiciary and at the same time ensuring that infractions of law are' properly investigated

# Denying sex to spouse a ground for divorce - Smt. Shashi Bala vs Shri Rajiv Arora

landmark Judgments on FIR:
# State of U.P. vs Krishna Master & Ors
State of Haryana vs Sher Singh & Ors
Pedda Narayana & Ors vs State of Andhra Pradesh
Emperor vs Khwaja Nazir Ahmed
Ravinder Kumar And Anr vs State of Punjab
Ram Kumar Pande vs The State of Madhya Pradesh
Malkiat Singh vs State of Punjab And Ors
Ram Jag And Others vs The State Of U.P
Sarwan Singh vs The State of Punjab
State of Karnataka vs. Moin Patel and others
Thulia Kali vs The State of Tamil Nadu
Apren Joseph alias Current Kunjukunju & others vs. The State of Kerala
Dharma Rama Bhagare vs The State of Maharashtra
Vikram & Ors vs State of Maharashtra
Supreme court Judgments on:
# Landmark judgments on Gift deed
# Sexual harrasment

# Woman has no right to eye her mother-in-law's property for maintenance
Police and court cannot impound passport but can seize it for at most 4 weeks
Quash of 498a filed 10 years after customary divorce and alimony
Husband gets divorce on grounds of cruelty
Quash of 498a citing abuse of court process (NRI)
Customary payments, gifts not dowry
Requirements for a Foreign Divorce be valid in India

# Crime against woman Judgments
# A.K Kraipak v. Union of India

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