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Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir

Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir
He is President of the Republic of the Sudan and led an Islamic fundamentalist revolution in the Sudan

Strategy it used in attacking the USS Cole in October 2000, and what has been learned from the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the U.S

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The Trail Of Evidence & The Warnings charred remains of the world trade center

Examining the links, or suspected links
between Bin Laden's international 
terrorist network and attacks on the
U.S. during the 1990s and, most
recently, the September 11, 2001
bombings of the World Trade Center
and Pentagon

Interview with Judith Miller:
A correspondent for The New York Times since 1977, she has covered Osama bin Laden since 1993. In this interview, conducted September 12, 2001, Miller discusses what was learned about bin Laden's network from the trials of the 1998 U.S. embassy terrorists and from the failed series of terrorist attacks planned to coincide with the millennium celebrations. She also discusses the warnings prior to the September 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon and destruction of the World Trade Center.

Interview with James Risen:
Risen is a New York Times reporter who covers U.S. intelligence. In this interview, conducted September 12, 2001, he discusses what's been learned about bin Laden's organization, the strategy it used in attacking the USS Cole in October 2000, and what has been learned from the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the U.S.

The U.S.  Embassy Bombing Trials - A Summary
This trial, which began in January 2001 and concluded in May 2001, offers a revealing glimpse into bin Laden's Al Qaeda terrorist network and how it operated in planning the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings. Included here are excerpts from the testimony of key U.S. government witnesses who provided crucial information about the workings of bin Laden's network.

The FBI's Declassified Summary On The 1998 Embassy Bombings
This outlines the FBI's early theories about the bombings and who was responsible. Intelligence sources say the theories have changed somewhat since this document was written in November 1998, but the key facts remain the same. The document clearly outlines the basis for the U.S. government's case against bin Laden and the other suspects in the 1998 bombings.

Notes On The Interrogation Of One Suspect
On the day the U.S. embassies were bombed (August 7, 1998), Mohammed Saddiq Odeh was arrested trying to enter Pakistan with a fake Yemeni passport. Interrogated by Pakistani officials, he eventually admitted being part of the bomb plot. These Pakistani authorities' notes on Odeh's interrogation were used by the FBI to develop their early theories on the bombings. Odeh clearly makes the connection to Osama bin Laden and admits being a member of a bin Laden group in East Africa.

Warnings To The FBI: Could The Bombings Have Been Prevented?
The FRONTLINE and New York Times investigation into Osama bin Laden uncovered a series of warnings about bin Laden's network in Africa. These warnings were received by U.S. officials in the year prior to the embassy bombings.

Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir:
He is President of the Republic of the Sudan and led an Islamic fundamentalist revolution in the Sudan which created an Islamic state. Bashir knew and respected bin Laden when he lived in the Sudan, but eventually asked bin Laden to leave because of US and Saudi pressure. Bashir has called for an international investigation into the US strike against the Sudan pharmaceutical plant

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